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27 December 2014

When I went(during the renovation) there was someone on the spectrum demanding that everyone get out of his way so he could take a picture of The Night Watch.
posted by brujita 28 December | 02:14
Ha, that must have been a bit of a struggle between the crowd and him.

It turned out really well after the renovation btw.

Here's another portrait out of the exactitudes series.

posted by jouke 28 December | 04:30
This reminds me of my high school boyfriend's parents (whom I love).

His dad was a dentist. He likes to golf.

His mom is a dreeeeeeeam counselor!
posted by Madamina 31 December | 17:25
Ha madamina, that kind of recognition is so fun about the whole Exactitudes series. I wonder what shoes the american men were wearing. In my experience that's very distinctive about americans.

Types I recognise:
My retired father f.i. used to wear a vest like this while working in the garden.
And this is a very common type here in NL: middle aged left oriented higher education men.
Type of girl I used to hang out with when I was a student.
Middle aged middle class urban women.
posted by jouke 01 January | 00:07
In the late 90s gay men in Belgium had Tintin haircuts.
posted by brujita 01 January | 03:05
Really? In Utrecht it used to be lesbians who had Tintin haircuts. What are the odds.
In Dutch Tintin is called Kuifje after his haircut. But I've been told that translating that into English sounds rude.

It's really fun to just browse through the types. The 3rd gallery in this pdf shows a series of famous elder Dutch artists and intellectuals. Not the kind of people I'd expect to subordinate their individuality to a concept like this.

Come to think of it I wish there was a bit metafilter gathering. And then I'd get to pick out types for some photo galleries like this. That would be fun.
I definitely have some amalgamate image in my mind of what mefites look like.
posted by jouke 01 January | 05:31
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