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08 December 2014

I'm pregnant with twins! [More:]Excited and nervous over here, just about 14 weeks now and already starting to show.
We were trying for a baby but were very surprised to get 2 at once!
Apparently sometimes it just happens, even without twins in the family or hormone/IVF stuff or anything interesting going on.

Any MeChazens have twins?
I think Stynxno is one, IIRC...
Well that's just double dandy! Congrats!
posted by JanetLand 08 December | 15:23
Mazel tov!
posted by brujita 08 December | 15:26
You're being very productive. :-)
posted by jouke 08 December | 15:57
Well, that's super exciting! Congratulations!
posted by gaspode 08 December | 16:48
I am both delighted and horrified for you.
It must be thrilling/terrifying.
posted by ethylene 08 December | 17:01
Congratulations!!!! So exciting. Keep us posted! Do you know if they're identical? Twice the fun!
posted by Kangaroo 08 December | 17:39
!!! Congrats!
posted by sperose 08 December | 17:45
The way I am carrying them (they each have their own placenta), we don't know if they are identical or fraternal! They could have split very early or they could just be separate eggs.
Obv if we find out the sex and they are different, that will tell us :)
If they are the same sex though, we will just have to wait and see if they look alike!
Once they come out, we could do the cheek swab genetic test to know for sure.
posted by rmless2 08 December | 17:51
That is wonderful news, congratulations rmless2, what a wonderful thing!!! I am so happy and excited for you. Keep us posted!
posted by msali 08 December | 18:03
Double mazel tov!!!
posted by bearwife 08 December | 18:17
Double yippee!

Best wishes for a smooth time.

posted by mightshould 08 December | 18:27
Thanks guys!
posted by rmless2 08 December | 18:28
Wow!! Congrats
posted by Firas 08 December | 19:15
Congratulations!!! So exciting!
posted by amro 08 December | 19:46
Oh my goodness! How terrifically exciting!

Little Joey and I will be thinking happy baby thoughts for all of you.
posted by Madamina 08 December | 21:48
That is amazing! One of my friends had twins and it so touching how much the two love one another.
posted by Miko 08 December | 22:15
So exciting!!!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 December | 22:17
Wow! Warmest congrats, rmless!
posted by danf 08 December | 22:38
Yay! Congrats!!!
posted by bluesapphires 09 December | 06:22
posted by chrismear 09 December | 08:36
posted by needlegrrl 09 December | 10:57
More congratulations!
posted by Obscure Reference 09 December | 14:27

I am here for all your twin related needs.
posted by stynxno 09 December | 15:19
This is such wonderful news. Many, many congratulations to you and Ethan.
posted by Senyar 10 December | 14:57
posted by arse_hat 11 December | 14:01
Congratulations!!! I think this is awesome!!!
posted by redvixen 13 December | 17:49
Congratulations! My brother and his wife had twins. Take care and rest whenever you can.
posted by lysdexic 14 December | 02:36
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