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22 November 2014

Update So there has not really been much new news on the cancer front, hence I have not updated.[More:]

I had my fourth and final infusion of Yervoy (ipilimumab) on Thursday. I thought to have a friend snap a pic of me in the infusion chair. There are about 25 or 30 chairs like this in that room. It is interesting (and scary) to note that each of the four times I have showed up for this infusion, my insurance is charged $53K. Of course the insurance company knocks the price down some, but still.

So now a followup appt. in 3 weeks for more bloodwork (all the bloodwork so far has been fine - they have been doing a check before each successive treatment). then I have to just sit and wait until early February, at the soonest, to get another PET scan to see if this course of treatments is having any effect on the tumors. As I have said often, there is another (newer) drug that they can give me if this has not worked, or worked sufficiently.

I have been feeling OK. Still doing physical therapy to rehab my back, which is improving slowly but steadily. Going to the gym, walking some (although it's been coldish in my little part of the world). I have no idea what the "ideal" is in this situation but I feel like I am doing OK, considering everything. I have been sleeping better lately than I had been immediately after going off narcotics. Thankfully, what pain I have had has been minor and has not needed any sort of medication.

So, some aches and pains and I far from "normal" but I am doing well.

I hope this finds everybody well, also.

(The drowsy look on my face is likely fron the benadryl, one of 3 "pre" drugs that are dripped into me prior to the main one.)
So glad to see your update, they are always a welcome sight. I am glad you continue to see improvements in your back. You look good!
posted by msali 22 November | 19:32
Good to hear things are going as well as you could expect them to. And you look pretty good, if a little zonked out, in your photo.
posted by Senyar 23 November | 05:31
Glad you're holding your own, dan-- Thanks so much for the update!
posted by Pips 23 November | 09:08
Thanks for the update, dan. Good to hear that things are holding steady.
posted by gaspode 23 November | 19:09
Good to hear from you. You look yourself (if a little worn out with it all!) which is great. I am glad you're working your way through it and hope for a good result to your testing.
posted by Miko 24 November | 00:22
This really is grounds to be more thankful this Thanksgiving. Hang in there, danf.
posted by bearwife 24 November | 14:46
It's good to hear from you - hope things continue to go well!
posted by needlegrrl 24 November | 15:25
Sounds so much like two women I am friends with. Peace.
posted by arse_hat 25 November | 03:24
Glad to hear from you, danf.
posted by lysdexic 27 November | 03:36
Sufficiently good news! Hoping for the best!
posted by mightshould 27 November | 05:58
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