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09 November 2014

Triage [More:] My son called me from work and said he had a lot of smoke in his car, and when he opened the window to get some air the window stopped working.

He was just getting into work so he had to leave his car parked at Target with the window rolled down (he told the cart guys so they could keep an eye on it).

He came over after work (he's living an hour away while he goes to grad school) and I had to look at the car. It's a wiring issue with the power windows - the main power feed shorted out against the body or another wire or something. I disassembled the door enough to remove the window motor, raise the window, then put the window motor back in place to hold it for the time being. Now I need to look into a more permanent repair.

Earlier in the day, I was riding my bike today and was crossing the river at a low water crossing. Some water had splashed up onto the path across the river due to windy conditions today. I was really careful at first, but it seemed okay. At the last bit of water though, my wheels slid out from under me as if they were on ice and I executed a perfect belly flop into the river. Amazingly my phone still works, though my pedometer is dead.

It was in the 60s (maybe 10-15C). I continued my ride, wet clothes and all. Even stopped in at my favorite pub for lunch and a couple of brews. I guess because I was working hard pedaling the bike, I didn't get chilled.

So how was your Saturday?
Sounds like you had one of those days that just do not stop. Hope your evening was uneventful.

I still have no water since Monday. I tried replacing/fixing obvious issues but gave up on Wednesday and called in a plumber.

Thought the plumber would get the well pump fixed after the third attempt when he came Saturday afternoon but he gave up too and said the problem may be the well is dry (I checked after he left and it's not,) or maybe the impeller is shot in the pump.

I fiddled more after he left and noticed a pressure drop in the line. Hmmmm. Listened and could hear a pinhole type hiss. Investigated and decided to replace the whole line from well to pump intake. Finished the last glue joint last night at 6 and left it to cure. Went over to neighbors (again) to clean up. Will see if it works this afternoon when I get off work.
posted by mightshould 09 November | 05:20
Mine was quiet. Plans to go into town were thwarted by London Underground carrying out engineering work, so there were no trains on my line. Same thing today.

I had a lazy morning, drinking coffee and reading The Guardian. I went shopping and because I couldn't find a parking space in the area I wanted to shop, I went to a big supermarket I don't normally use. It has a clothing and homewares section, so I had a bit of a wander round. But I only bought some vegetables and too many tins of black beans, which were on special. I got home just before the heavens opened.

I made some roasted squash soup and chilled out with Lucy in front of the TV. Sometimes I feel I spend too much time by myself, but yesterday was nice.

posted by Senyar 09 November | 05:28
We shopped for all of the things! Starting the fast metabolism diet this week (tomorrow), so yesterday was food shopping day, and today is food prep day. Even if the diet itself doesn't work, it will get us out of the microwave meal rut we've been in, and maybe get us in the habit of cooking again.
posted by needlegrrl 09 November | 08:17
My Friday and Saturday plans got cancelled, so since I was in a disappointed mood anyway I spent Saturday cleaning out my flower beds and getting them ready for winter. This is the first year I've had an ipod and it definitely made a difference, having something to listen to while working (in my case, Dragnet episodes from 1951). Later I almost finished the afghan I'm knitting and watched an ESPN documentary about Len Bias.
posted by JanetLand 09 November | 08:21
I HAVE WATER!!!!!!!!

Hot bath soaking is in my future.
posted by mightshould 09 November | 17:54
Quiet weekend, mostly doing errands and chores. I did managed to get in a 5 kilometer run yesterday around the rivers which was nice. I'm just getting back into running after my back surgery last winter after my surgeon said it was OK to start. I am so slow.

Doohickie, my son's bike is almost certainly still somewhere at the bottom of the Ohio river after he ran it right into the water about five years ago. He was lucky that he didn't drown but lost his bike, eyeglasses and cell-phone.
posted by octothorpe 09 November | 19:28
I've had a nice weekend.
Took a bath and went to pilates and went to a birthday dinner where I met a friend's new bf on Saturday.
Today we had brunch with husband's parents and did some major cleaning of the apartment.
Somehow there are tons of those big black flies all of a sudden so we are now on a killing spree. But they are hard to get unless they are paused on a wall and you can smack them with a magazine. I am ushering them towards the wall and my husband is standing on a chair smacking.
posted by rmless2 09 November | 20:46
Yay mightshould!
posted by Doohickie 10 November | 21:47
octothorpe - I was always curious how deep the water was. Turns out it was only about 2 or 3 feet deep. The Trinity River in Fort Worth is an honest-to-goodness river but it's very domesticated since the 1950s when they rechanneled the river to prevent a repeat of major flooding in the 1940s. The low water crossing looked kind of like this, although this isn't the same crossing, and the "high" side of the crossing was closer to the level of the the path (which is why water had splashed up on it).

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Doohickie 10 November | 21:55
Glad you're okay, Doohickie--

Jon and I had a lovely weekend in Baltimore at my nephew's wedding. It was a sweet ceremony, and good to see some family. We stayed right down by the waterfront, so when I felt like napping, Jon had ample opportunities to wander.
posted by Pips 11 November | 12:07
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