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23 October 2014

Weekend Plans/Status Update/What's New? [More:]

Weekend: The weather, she is rainy and cold and generally FOUL. However, this means I can put off the dreaded leaf raking.

Status: I seriously need a rain hat. Hopefully I can stop myself from buying this one.

What's New: I sort of have a new job. Meaning that I'm still doing the same job, for pretty much the same pay, but I've been moved to a different office with a different immediate boss and will be doing other tasks yet to be determined. This is a good thing because my previous office pretty much ignored me, and that got old.
Buy that hat! It's so cute!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 October | 16:32
Weekend: Leaf vacuuming looms for me. I have a leaf vac which used to be really heavy until I discovered you could buy a wheel to clip onto it (why they don't sell it with this as standard, I'll never know), so it's not such a chore any more. I still hate getting rid of the leaves but it's not so awful as it used to be.

On Saturday I'm going to see The Commitments, if I can get a cut-price ticket from the TKTS booth in Leicester Square. I've seen it once before, but I'm taking a friend who hasn't seen it but who loved the film.

Status: So, so bored with jury service (or lack of). No trial yet. Unlikely to be much action tomorrow. And I have another week of this left. The jurors' lounge is awful - windowless, sweltering or freezing, and very cramped. Once you step through the door at 8.59am, you are only able to leave in two situations - you get selected for a jury or you wait until the end of the day and then they release you until 9.00am the next day.
posted by Senyar 23 October | 17:59
Weekend: not sure. my dad may come up to do some stuff around the house. normal errands with kidlet. avoid cleaning some more.

Status: waiting for kidlet to start wailing again. bedtime w/ separation anxiety sucks.

What's New: kitty died last week :( i picked her up from the cremation place tuesday and the necklace i brought arrived yesterday. and i picked up my new work laptop (hp elitebook) today from the pc place; it's very very nice and so light compared the old one. i almost wish i could convince myself to spend that much on my personal laptop.
posted by bluesapphires 23 October | 18:26
Tomorrow: seeing Dave Chappelle here in town! I mistakenly thought our friend had gotten tickets for a weeknight show 1.5 hours away, so this is much better from a babysitting perspective.

Saturday: working (hosting) the swanky private box with the chancellor at the Homecoming football game.

I had one of those MUST GET HAIRCUT NOW days today, but the only place I could get in was a place nearby where my friends go. Unfortunately, the girl I had was pretty young and inexperienced (I didn't pick her, just went with whoever was available), and she didn't seem to know anything about razor cuts. I have a royal crapton of hair, which needs a LOT of thinning, and I had to tell her to keep going back and cutting more off. The last time she did it, it felt like she was just hacking at it with the scissors. I gave up and left, but my hair (short bob) now looks way too blunt for my taste.

So I really want it fixed, but I don't know when I'll be able to get it done with one of the people who have successfully cut my hair in the past. This cut was half the price of my normal one, and it showed :(
posted by Madamina 23 October | 22:52
Weekend: There's a ton of Halloween events around town (parades and what not); hoping to take the kids to a few. Looks like the weather will be nice; it's been rainy and dreary for the past few days so we could really use a little sun.

Status: Maternity leave for another 6 weeks or so. Already dreading going back. I know I'll be happy to get back in the swing of things but I hate to give up all this sweet baby time :( Plus I have to figure out the whole feeding thing- pumping, formula, some mix of the two? IDK. I also could really use a haircut, but I don't have a person out there yet. Went to the mall salon for my last cut; good price but I didn't quite get what I wanted.

What's New: Our bedroom is finally totally blue! Only took us a month to finish what we started :D
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 October | 09:17
Weekend: Husband will be away at a conference so I am going to try to see more of my friends. Sat I am going to a pilates class and then taking a friend to a comedy show.
Sunday I am trying to see a friend in Brooklyn and make it back in time for a tea party in Manhattan but I have a feeling it won't work out because Brooklyn friend is "laid back" about time.

Status: Kind of miserable at work but trying to remember that I make good money and have a lot of flexibility and I should just ride it out and hopefully it will be better in a few months. These clients, though, mannnn. They are grinding me down and so rude sometimes.

What's new: Booked tickets to go to Art Basel in Miami in December, a yearly tradition with my best friend! Also since my family friends moved to Miami from Buenos Aires last year, I am going early to hang out with them. Very much looking forward to a mini-vacation and seeing friends and art.
posted by rmless2 24 October | 11:29
Change of plans : Tomorrow I'm going to see Lindsay Lohan in Speed The Plow. I'm quite excited - I watched her reality show, where she was a mess. I thought she was rather good in The Canyons, although the behind-the-scenes stories of her misbehaviour were legion. But she's had good reviews for Speed The Plow. It's not the most taxing role for an actress though (case in point, Madonna played the role on Broadway and didn't bomb). So that's my Saturday plan.
posted by Senyar 24 October | 12:26
This weekend is busy as we have a symphony concert tonight, tomorrow must pack (lightly) and drive up to Vancouver BC and pick up my race stuff, and Sunday I run a half marathon there. Then we drive home.

Janetland, please buy that hat! Blueshapphires, so sorry about your kitty.
posted by bearwife 24 October | 14:47
We have a reasonably open weekend, and it's nice to not really have plans for once. Although our reasonably open weekend may look like someone else's Bataan death march, IDK.

Tonight, nothing. Kiddo has girl scouts on Friday evenings, she goes about half the time. Tonight was their halloween carnival, so that was a must go. Tomorrow, nothing much planned. We have friends coming for dinner and kiddo has a friend sleeping over.

Sunday I have a short race in the morning (5 miles, wevs) and then we might all hit a museum or something contemplative in the afternoon. We try to worship at the altar of culture on Sundays, as we are not religious in the slightest. Nice to have a ritual and some downtime/family time though.
posted by gaspode 24 October | 21:31
Weekend: we are going to a wedding two hours away and staying overnight. My in-laws are staying with the kids. While they are great with them and I trust them, I will still be a nervous wreck. Because they are not me. And taking care of a two year old and a five month old for 24 hours is not easy. Especially with my toddler's current sleep regression which involves hysterics at bedtime and waking up multiple times a night.

Status: Under a lot of stress. Really hoping that I can relax and unwind at the wedding reception. Also hoping for a good night's sleep in the hotel, as I won't have to get up every few hours with the kids.

What's new: My boss is retiring. I have a very good situation right now working from home with a lot of autonomy and only going to one court that's close to my house. Very worried about change when he leaves.

So yeah, I'm pretty much a ball of anxiety.
posted by amro 25 October | 06:48
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