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08 October 2014

Another computer down It's a mystery DUN DUN DUH[More:]
The irony of telling a help person you don't want to waste their time when you've been on hold two hours is completely lost on them, but hey, another 12 yr old gets home on time.
"Cody" couldn't wait two minutes for me to properly seat a cable, so the even more querulous "David" took over to do nothing.
I am tempted to void my warranty, but they have those star bolts on there and i paid extra for 3 years.
Look, I just want to watch old QI as i pass into unconsciousness, is that too much to ask?

Today i have wanted to be able to shoot force beams out of my chest more than usual. People have been very weird at me and i know it's not me. When's the last time a line of girls came dancing in a line at you? This is not normal behavior. There seems to be some strange assumption I'm a talent scout or something, because people actually lock my path with little numbers. Please tell me his is a tend I'm unaware of
I mean, it's not unheard of for me, but I never found a tab of acid that good again.
posted by Firas 09 October | 10:24
When a line of girls comes dancing in a line at me I play my pan flute.
posted by jouke 09 October | 12:26
Line of dancing girls.
posted by JanetLand 09 October | 13:49
From a European perspective cheerleaders are very strange. Here we wouldn't cheer on young girls gyrating at a family event.
posted by jouke 09 October | 14:39
Joking aside.
Ethylene, I'm not sure how to put this. I can't quite follow what you're writing. It sounds as if you're not feeling well. Please take care of yourself. And get help if you need to.
posted by jouke 09 October | 15:10
Cripes, auto corrects run amok.

Basically, my newest computer spontaneously freaked out. I've just dropped it off at the local covered fix it place where I repeated the same thing three times, per usual, slower each time. Next I'm going to do different accents each time, because I know everyone in the back is listening.

For some reason, everyone you have to deal with under warranty for service is in the throes of puberty.

So, there's a bit of weirdness in this area because they're very cut off from the rest of the world, so I've, let's say, experimented on them a bit, because their isolation makes them a unique petri dish. Cut to the chase, i've lost control of this experiment and have no idea why people are doing anything at me, except for the fact i stand out. I'm writing everything up for my posthumous work.

You are all frankly disappointing.

Please remember your Halloween bunny love scares on our own this year.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 12:34
Hey Ethylene I hope you're well. Best wishes from another continent.
posted by jouke 10 October | 14:36
I almost wish i knew what you were on about, jouke. That's still slightly disingenuous.

Bork bork bork.

Let's see what posts this time.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 15:01
In defense of jouke, it's not disingenuous. Are you OK? Every now and then you post something, or a string of things, that really do seem disconnected and confusing. I understand that it may be fully intentional, but I also don't think it's out of line for observers to express confusion or concern.
posted by Miko 10 October | 21:51
I meant my remark, not his. I posted quickly without a chance to correct it or see that it needed it. Some people can figure it out while others can't and I'm not really able to care that much about it right now because my computer is fucked and the peoe who have it hostage are seemingly unfit, amongst other things.
QI is a television show. People are odd. I'm not in The mood to parse it further because it doesn't really matter and I feel extremely crap. Besides people seem happy to make up what they like while others with more context can figure things out.
But no one every typos or has grammatical errors on sub functional hardware. That's mad.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 22:19
I have no idea what POK is but always rushing to the assumption someone is insulting someone else you're defending isn't to anyone's advantage either.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 22:23
I didn't think you were insulting him. What I meant to communicate is: "jouke's expression of concern is reasonable." What I am defending is the reasonableness of his concern. THe idea of insult does not enter into it. When someone says stuff like "I'm writing everything up for my posthumous work," it's entirely reasonable for people to say "that sounds concerning. Are you all right?"

It's clear that you feel like hey, those who get it will get it, but this is a place where you're guaranteed that not everyone will get it. Some people will see that sort of statement and not have whatever level of intimacy it would take to understand what's meant, assuming it's not meant seriously, and feel alarmed.

The main thing, as you say, is "I feel extremely crap." So people are saying: yes, we can see that. Sounds like a bad time. And they're responding with, essentially, are you OK? Do you need anything? Might it help to say things like "take care of yourself?" What can they do to help? Is a kind word helpful? Is saying 'hello, I see your stress, I'm saying something supportive" helpful?

It's coming from kind intent.
posted by Miko 10 October | 23:00
Hey Ethylene, I did respond out of kind concern. I'm sorry if I misunderstood you or offended you.

Tx Miko for clarifying my meaning.

Ethylene, I'm sorry you're feeling extremely crap. Again: best wishes. Stay strong.
posted by jouke 11 October | 08:14
It's not like I said I trapped in a well. Despite whatever else is going on, I'm just venting about my computer going kablooey and having to deal with it according to warranty, not steeling myself for self amputation. It sucks as far as I use it for nearly everything, but it's not spreading Ebola. And if it was, virtually "hugs" aren't really going to do much, sorry if that's news.
"I don't know what you said but I assume the worst." I don't know what I'm to make of that but luckily It doesn't matter.

Because I've mentioned repeatedly how most of my work is aliased and I'd leave it sorted after the fact, it's hardly like I was making some type of suicidajl intimation, and if I was losing a limb, I'd hardly bring it up here unless I was showing some bizarre picture or bored in recovery. I think people who pity monger from virtual strangers mostly use Facebook. The fact some people can perfectly understand even with crazy autocorrects makes the people who want to misunderstand extra annoying, much like people who need to have the exact same thing repeated over and over because they aren't ready to take in the only information that needs to be communicated without me emotionally fluffing them for 30 minutes I don't have. Which I guess I have to do know because the idiot child who said I'd get a call yesterday as to what's what also was not quite sure if he was a pretty pony. I just slipped that in to see if he was really listening to my questions.
You know, it's just a thing I've done every time I've had a computer catastrophe because this site is on all my remaining tools. If that's "not done" now, that teaches me. I happened to find it irritating that I can't get simple things done without an unusual level of interference with people literally blocking my way, which is odd enough in incidents that it's wacky stories outside of the really bad timing of it, but I'll spare you all.

Sorry, Janet, I haven't even been able to look at your link yet.

To sum up: venting, irritated, currently trying to blow off steam so I don't verbally eviscerate anyone right off the bat. There's just this spill over of disappointment that hints at the overwhelming tide of ignorance that must be daily beat back in order to get anywhere. If I actually went into any detail about the caravan of brutal stupidity of the last two days, I'm pretty sure the few people who don't have an issue interpreting would find it amusing whe the vocal few would mostly go ashen with horror and confusion. Ooh the world is so unfair. Gee whiz.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 09:56
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