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24 September 2014

Haven't made one of these in awhile - Humpday 3 point update [More:]

Hallo, bunnies!

1. It's pissing rain here today. It seems like a fine opportunity to switch out my summer clothes for winter.

2. Our brand new roof has sprung a leak. Luckily, our roofer has already stopped by and will fix it in the morning.

1. exasperated look
2. resigned sigh
3. resolution to get back to the grind and keep on keeping on
posted by Firas 24 September | 14:12
Cool, I'll put mine here:

1. I'm currently waiting on one last set of records to be sent, and SSA will *finally* make a determination on my disability. Any spare good vibes available, please send them my way; this decision is the key to my stability. I feel like I'm waiting in line at the ice cream store in Soviet Russia.

2. I'm working with a really good psychiatrist who is responsive to the rough time I'm having with the meds, but will still say "There's not a better option" when I need to hear it.

3. The brain tumor labs look great, but I'm waiting on consults with an endocrinologist and a neurologist, as I'm having lots of symptoms that I had before when the hormone levels were off. The bizarre neurological episodes that stopped almost two years ago are back as well, so I'm a little concerned about what's going on in the ol' noggin.

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posted by Twiggy 24 September | 14:27
1. We've moved to our new building at work, which is lovely. But there's also been a re-arrangement of our work streams, which has been a bit stressful.

2. I bought some Senneheiser wireless headphones so I can watch my TV in peace without being disturbed by the sound of Hell Neighbour's TV. They are awesome. Wish I'd got some years ago.

3. I had a good evening tonight - I went to see 'Pride' with a friend, and we had Pho before the film. Both were excellent. Now I'm sitting here watching the Bake-Off and eating a bag of Percy Pigs.
posted by Senyar 24 September | 17:00
1. Babby is sleeping eight hours a night on a regular basis! Of course, the nights she doesn't, she is up from like 3:30-6 AM. Still. She's fabulous.

2. My birthday is tomorrow! Our friend/neighbor is taking me out for sushi in a few minutes, and we are going out as a family tomorrow night. Of course, my husband called the restaurant to ask if they minded a two-month-old. They said it was okay, but they only have one high chair :/

3. Now that my gallbladder is GONE GONE GONE, maybe we can go to some concerts, finally. (We had to skip a trip to the Twin Cities for Arcade Fire last March, a trip which was supposed to be a reward for surviving the first trimester but ended up foreshadowing the ick to come.) Stevie Wonder is coming to Chicago in November; Dave Chappelle is coming to Milwaukee next month. Fingers crossed that we can get tickets!
posted by Madamina 24 September | 19:43
1. Baby is 10 days old! He's a very sweet baby. I'm feeling well, too; been taking it easy with the help of my parents who are in town through Sunday night. They are only driving me a little bit crazy. They are (somewhat) helpful with big brother, anyway.
2. Once I feel a bit more recovered, I'm going to seriously start tackling this house. Still have a lot of organizing and decorating to do.
3. Stynxno's big church interview is this weekend! Hoping it goes well.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 September | 20:06
I usually left kidlet in the stroller, Madamina, when she was that age.

1. Kidlet is finally calling me mama. Her newest things are "sit sit" while patting the floor or chair and separation anxiety.

2. Met bff's newborn a couple weekends ago. So sweet. But kind of mind boggling kidlet was that size just 18 months ago.

3. Another reorg at work. I still have the same manager & team so I'm just watching the others try to figure out what they're doing.
posted by bluesapphires 25 September | 06:14
1. Work is stressful and frustrating and next week is going to be ultra-mega-pressure. Very inconvenient that I have the kids all week (school holidays) but can't take time off and don't want to leave them at home all day. Current plan is to work from home for most of the week - if I start working at 5 am, I can be done for the day by noon or so.

2. House auction is in two days so, all things going well, I'll no longer be a homeowner in less than 3 days. Super stressed about it - huge interest in the place (more people through at open homes than the agent has ever seen, with 45 on Sunday alone) but no idea what people are thinking it's worth. Agent is going away for two months a few days after the auction so ours is the only property he has exclusively at the moment, which means he's working full-time on it. Spent $5k on marketing and he's been here almost every day with people, as well as the three open homes a week. Auction is noon Sunday, so agent is bringing in pizza for everyone. Which no doubt will go on the marketing bill. One good thing - after Sunday, I can stop stressing about keeping the house spotless every moment of every day and go back to being a slob.

3. Stressed about being able to find somewhere nice to live - looking at rentals on several times a day and have saved plenty I like, but can't commit yet and people keep stealing them! Unfortunately no vacancies coming up at my favourite townhouse complex - I would be able to walk to train station and kids can catch bus to/from school (and work for one), so would hardly have to use my car. Waiting on word from second-favourite which is close to train/shops etc and has a huge pool and gym.

bonus track - did I mention I'm super-ultra-mega stressed at the moment?
posted by dg 25 September | 07:05
1. No school today and tomorrow, bc Rosh Hashanah (happy happy to those who celebrate). And, of course, it's raining. I envision a day of movies and baking.

2. Tomorrow I'm taking kiddo to Sesame Place for a couple of days. Should be... something.

3. Lots of stuff coming up in the lead up to next year. Fun visitors, fun things planned. It's all going to go very quickly.
posted by gaspode 25 September | 07:55
Sesame Place is great, gaspode! We loved our trip.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 25 September | 08:15
1. Been taking a photography class at a local independent film school and having fun with that. It's something that I've wanted to do for many years and finally have the resources to do so.

2. My kid turns 25 next week! How did that happen?

3. Doing a bunch of home renovation projects that entail a huge list of tasks that all have to be done in order.
posted by octothorpe 25 September | 09:31
1. Weather is definitely autumnal here. I bought two sweaters last night.

2. Work is still mindnumbingly boring but I am hoping for eventual better things when I get a new boss, which should be next month.

3. I am knitting a crimson afghan.
posted by JanetLand 25 September | 09:44
TPS, yep, we've been before. It's just this time is only the two of us. No handing off to Daddy so I can get a coffee break and 20 minutes staring into space.
posted by gaspode 25 September | 10:15
1. I FINALLY solved my wifi problems on my Mac. Feel like a conquering hero.

2. Have been commuting by ebike, which is more fun than I can say. Did my first commute in heavy rain yesterday and it was rather cool. Also lucky to have an office to dry ALL the clothes before heading home.

3. 13.5 mile run on my training schedule for this Saturday. Egad, haven't run that far for quite awhile. (Even my half marathons are of course .4 miles short.)
posted by bearwife 25 September | 12:40
"You didn't think I was serious just because I carry a rabbit around?!" || The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Delicate.