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04 September 2014

Bad/Good. Let's play! [More:]Bad: The guy who mows my lawn is out of town this week, so I had to do it myself.

Good: Because I was outside, my neighbor saw me and gave me some garden tomatoes.
Bad: I burnt my thumb and it hurts.
Good: it could have been much worse.
posted by amro 04 September | 17:38
Good: The landlord bought us a new garage door.
Bad: It's been sitting in the box in the garage for a month; the maintenance guy has said he'll come at least 4 times and then not shown up.
Good: He claims he's coming tomorrow!
Bad: See above.

Bad: I need a laptop with Excel + stats patch for my Stats class this semester and I don't have one. What's more, we were told at the start of this program we wouldn't need laptops, so I'm miffed.
Good: I may have figured out a way to remotely access my desktop from the classroom laptops. Also, a classmate offered to lend me an old laptop he has lying around.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 September | 18:11
Good: Picking up new bike this Sunday!
Bad: Have to wait until Sunday.

Bad: Today is a wonderful employee's last day.
Good: The employee is moving to a fabulous job, we will stay in touch via mutual friends, and the new employee is also wonderful.
posted by bearwife 04 September | 18:46
Bad : Hell neighbour has still not moved out.
Good: His flat is still showing on the agents' website as 'Sold Subject To Contract' so we are all optimistic that it will soon happen.

Good: Friends from Ohio arrive on Saturday on their way back from Holland to the States.
Bad: I only have 3 days with them before they fly home.

Good: The move to our wonderful new office building happens next week. We have a coffee shop, two restaurants (one with a pizza station) and a gym. Not sure if I'll use the gym, even though it's free, because I'd have to schlep all my stuff in on the train and anyway I love my Bikram class near home. But it's a great resource to have.
Bad: I had to clear out my desk and cabinet today (I will only have a small locker in the new building, and no desk pedestal). I've condensed everything into a small-ish bag, but I'm still not sure it'll fit in the locker.
posted by Senyar 04 September | 19:11
Good. When my wife got up this morning both cats snuggled next to me.

Bad. Mr. Ford promptly barfed up a big watery hairball on my chest.
posted by arse_hat 05 September | 02:03
Bad: not looking forward to my house selling and having to move on :-(
Good: looking forward to hopefully getting out from under this mountain of debt :-)
posted by dg 05 September | 15:32
Good: Had a great evening with another couple at an trendy gastro pub place last night.

Bad: My back still isn't very happy six months after surgery.
posted by octothorpe 06 September | 19:01
Another update... yesterday was the first day I really felt my mood stabilize... || An Update