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15 August 2014

3-point weekend update. Whatcha up to?[More:]
1. After last weekend's excitement of a family wedding AND meeting Miko, initapplette and LT, I'm planning another busy one. Today I head up to Cleveland ...

2. ... where I'm having lunch at Lola, Michael Symon's restaurant. Then some exploring downtown and then heading to our hotel.

3. Tomorrow there'll be more bunny excitement when I meet Kangaroo for breakfast before Diane and I go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If we have time, we'll also stop by the house from A Christmas Story.

3a. Sunday is a family party, and then I'm off to Columbus to see more family before I fly home on Monday evening.
1. R&R on the calendar! The summer semester just ended and I'm exhausted. I took yesterday off to just bum around and hang with my guys. That was nice. I want the weekend to be more of the same. Nothing on the schedule, other than church- probably pool time.
2. My aunt, who is a color specialist/interior designer, is working with us on getting paint & furniture ideas for our house. It's gonna look so awesome!
3. Approximately one month until new baby. Eeeeeee!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 15 August | 08:49
Sooo envious you get to see the Christmas Story house! That's one of my favorite museum stories ever.

Good luck w/new baby, TPS.
posted by Miko 15 August | 10:23
1. I have pen pals to write to.
2. I have library books to read.
3. I gave a little after-work party last night and now my fridge is full of leftover beer.
posted by JanetLand 15 August | 10:39
1. So glad the Big Family BBQ was LAST Sunday and this weekend will be a much more normal one. Though last week was a lot of fun.

2. I want to get set up to finally go back to bike commuting to my bus stop next week.

3. We are almost certainly going to see a movie this weekend. Suggestions welcomed!
posted by bearwife 15 August | 13:35
1) I'm wiped out after a long week but happy to be home tonight with no plans. My 23-year-old past self is sobbing to see what makes me blissful these days.

2) Tomorrow I'm going to meet Senyar! Will post pix!

3) This weekend, a little gardening, and then lots of chores and laundry. I'm going to pretend I'm on house arrest and see if I can manage to stay home the whole time.
posted by Kangaroo 15 August | 16:16
1. Not feeling too well, having a dose of the dreaded man-flu :-( Drugs are helping, but have even less energy than usual.

2. Rainy weekend, so not planning to do much (also see #1), but need to help two daughters with school assignments.

3. Before the weekend is over, also need to write a job application and write a bunch of content for a friend's website for her new business. Seems like all I do lately is write - yesterday finished the first draft of a Very Important Publication at work and wrote the first in a series of articles for a magazine.
posted by dg 15 August | 18:38
1. Hopefully (baby willing) we'll be able to go to our friends' wedding tomorrow. She's been fussy this week in what we imagine is her three-week growth spurt, so let's hope she is doing okay.

Oh yeah -- for those of you who don't get over to MetaTalk much, I had my baby daughter on July 28. She's lovely.

2. Other friends want to see us on Sunday. Again, I hope we can make it happen.

3. We've had a real up and down week, what with my husband realizing he broke his ankle last week (he was convinced a sprain, so he didn't find out until he went back in for an x-ray the other day) and then waking up this morning to find out that one of his best friends had died. Ugh. I hope things get better and a little happier this weekend/week, for both of us.
posted by Madamina 15 August | 22:15
1. Finally in California and finally in a home. A teeny little apartment, but there's walls and a roof and some new beds to sleep on.

2. Now we just have to get our shit stuff from the moving place and make an unholy mess. That's tomorrow's job.

3. Then I'm going to sneak out to see my brother and his new niece. Shh, don't tell my family.
posted by lysdexic 16 August | 00:40
Ha, Kangaroo, "My 23-year-old past self is sobbing to see what makes me blissful these days." Indeed.

I'm fighting myself not to succumb to buying a 2nd hand saxophone. For you guitar-heads: saxophones are overall much more expensive because they're such complex instruments. So pray for my fortitude!

I'll be visiting my daughter tomorrow. Yay. Lots of pictures will be taken.
posted by jouke 16 August | 04:04
Congrats, Madamina!
posted by amro 16 August | 12:53
It's been extremely busy this summer. Just finished up 4 kitchen installations & enjoying a respite of a week or two before the next ones.

Having a quiet Sat. evening w my fave kitty purring insanely in his sleep on my lap. He is every bit as adorable as the day we brought him home about 10 years ago.

Bummed to hear that Jay Adams died. He was one of my skateboarding heroes in the early/mid 70s. 53 is waaaaay too young.
posted by chewatadistance 16 August | 18:56
1. Wedding in Philly yesterday.

2. Packing to leave for

3. New Zealand tomorrow.
posted by gaspode 16 August | 21:34
1. Working all the time, but finally some positive income.
2. Interrupted a guy breaking into my car (he got away).
3. Dealing with sick kitty.
4. Dealing with water heater flood and ruined floors at Mom's. Life is full.
posted by mightshould 18 August | 07:08
Update: as usual I took a lot of pictures of my daughter. At some point she started throwing sultry/haughty looks over her shoulder, putting up her hair with her arms, closing her eyes with opened mouth. I was a bit shocked; I don't want to see these photo model kind of behaviours in a 5.5 yr old!
Apparently she picked that up from watching a Barbie themed tv show at a friends house. (she doesn't watch tv at home)
I guess there's not a lot one can do about this. But what tv producer thinks being a photo model is appropriate fodder for kids?!
posted by jouke 18 August | 13:40
Starts early, doesn't it.
posted by Miko 18 August | 22:45
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