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31 May 2014

Friday-Saturday-Sunday update. What did you do yesterday? What are you doing today? What will you do tomorrow?
Friday : I worked from home, got my hair cut and in the evening I went to the Piano Bar. It was huge fun with lots of great (and some not-so-great-but-they-thought-they-were) singers. I know I'm a terrible singer, but it didn't stop me. I sang "Good Morning Starshine" from "Hair!" which has a nonsense chorus that everyone can join in with.

Saturday : Meetup! A daytime meetup in Clerkenwell (a fab part of London I really love). And, if all goes well with techie things, we'll also have three very special transatlantic guests joining us via Facetime. Woo! I'm sure food will be involved at some point. I was going to drive in, but the weather's looking good so I think I'll take the Tube instead.

Sunday : After the excesses of my holiday with ten days of eating too much good food, I need to get back on my healthy diet. So tomorrow morning will be a visit to the farm shop for my juicing supplies. In the afternoon I'll be doing something on the Art Trail. Not sure what yet, I need to look at the programme and find something that interests me. On the last Art Trail the thing that interested me the most was an exhibition of photographs of buildings in a private home. So I'm hoping to find something like that, away from the mainstream and the busy venues.
Your weekend sounds really nice Jan, have a great time!

This is a work weekend. I worked until bedtime last night, and I got up and started working this morning.

My in-laws are visiting (my mother in law is attending a line dance convention at a local hotel, so I've barely seen her), and my father in law is the resident building and repair expert. Today he is going to help me take down some truly hideous built in shelves in our family room, as well as the mantle above the fireplace. We are remodeling that room, clearly, and we are clearing out as much stuff and getting as much done as we can before the flooring people come in. Both my husband and I have a new-found commitment to home improvement projects that is surprising us both.

So work, then demolition, we'll grill out tonight and watch the NBA playoffs later.

Tomorrow shall be more of the same, I suspect. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
posted by msali 31 May | 08:01
Last weekend I was in Key West, so it's hard to work up some/any enthusiasm for this weekend.

Last night I went out drinking with some former coworkers.
Today I will go grocery shopping and also to the plant place for seedlings.
Tomorrow I will do yard work and weeding and plant seedlings.

Otherwise I will read books fitfully and try and get myself to cook something. I should exercise, because I've been eating and drinking a LOT, but see lack of enthusiasm above; I may just forget all that until Monday.
posted by JanetLand 31 May | 08:04
It's my parents 50 yr wedding anniversary. So my brother came from Luxemburg with his 6 foot tall teenage daughters. It was nice to get everybody together in spite of family tensions.
posted by jouke 31 May | 10:14
I want to have an entourage of a half dozen foot tall little girls. I'd be like having a coterie of fairies or pot bellied pigs. From Luxembourg no less. One could rent them out for events.
posted by ethylene 31 May | 11:49
Ha. Towering teenage girls with expensive jewellery and - handbags. Who play the harp and the flute. And who speak Dutch, English, German, French and Letschembürgisch.
I guess my brother and his wife are well to do expats.
posted by jouke 31 May | 12:11
Renting out that kind of entourage had a whole different connotation. I bet the fairy pig rental would be gangbusters for weddings and events.
posted by ethylene 31 May | 12:22
jouke how's your back these days?

yesterday I partied with the neighbors

today I sat in the sun for some vitamin D after drawing up some elevations on a new addition to a house for some clients. the other half is taking me for pan seared pistachio encrusted tuna for dinner in exchange for me cutting her hair.

tomorrow will likely be more work and a walk with the pooches.
posted by chewatadistance 31 May | 15:54
Well, on Friday I was released from the hospital after a very nasty surprise in the form of a 2cm mass in my kidney and a bad case of sepsis.

Today I've mostly spent my time trying to put myself back together mentally and emotionally. The procedures I'll need to have done and the expense have pretty much killed summer vacation, and will really complicate our move to the Bay Area.

My husband already has a job there, and will come back here as scheduled in two weeks, but it will be to help me recover from whatever they have to do to me instead of selling off our stuff and seeing us off to Florida. We still have insurance, and income, but this is really damned stressful.

Tomorrow will be more rest and getting the house ready for a showing by the landlady on Monday.
posted by lysdexic 31 May | 20:14
Friday: Spent most of the day in bed being mopey. Got bitched at on the phone by my mother for being inconsiderate because I am awful at returning phone calls and setting up a time to go out with her.

Saturday: Went out with mom and got groceries and am spending the evening finishing up my chores.

Sunday: Back to work I go, after being off since the Wednesday before Memorial Day. Booooo.
posted by sperose 31 May | 20:30
Friday: Got the keys to our NJ rental, quiet night at home.

Saturday: Brunch with friends at a restaurant in Midtown (decent food but way overpriced), nap, delicious spaghetti sauce for dinner, looking over some of my homework for later this week. Following the local synod's bishop election on Twitter; the incumbent won by a very narrow margin (9 votes!) on the 5th ballot over my husband's boss. Our beloved pastor from Queens was also on the slate but didn't make it past the 3rd ballot.

Sunday: Church and the usual lazy hanging out with my little buddy, packing and leaving in the afternoon to go to the evening wedding of a high school friend out in Long Island. Staying overnight at the hotel, off work Monday, woot woot! Sleeping in without a man, dog, cat or toddler there to bother me. BLISS.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 31 May | 21:19
OMG, lysdexic, I am so sorry. Be well and take good care of yourself.
posted by Senyar 01 June | 03:00
Ha chew, you remember. It holds up fine. Even though my 5 yr old daughter is fond of swinging of my arm. Quite a workout I can tell you.

Wow lysdexic. Sepsis! That sounds severe. Get better soon.
posted by jouke 01 June | 05:09
Friday: Went grocery shopping! Alone! It's amazing the things that become enjoyable when you are on maternity leave.
Saturday: We took Henry (and Sasha, but she slept the whole time) to the playground to burn off some toddler energy in the nice weather.
Today: Dinner at the in-laws later with my husband's whole family, which can be chaotic but is nice because they give H a lot of attention and help us with both kids so we get a little break.
posted by amro 01 June | 07:50
Friday: Quiet evening at home eating take out curry from a new Jamaican place and catching up on Agents of Shield.

Saturday: Spend the morning walking around a big all neighborhood "yard" sale a few blocks from here. Found a nice mirror and a few other things. Spend the afternoon at a party thrown by some work friends of my wife's; bunch of computer geeks.

Today: Going to a neighborhood house tour a few neighborhoods over; we're pretty addicted to these things.
posted by octothorpe 01 June | 07:51
Ack, lysdexic!! Hope you are feeling worlds better.

Friday was a post work run and hanging out with the Bear

Saturday was lazing about, another run, a float, and hanging about with the Bear.

Today is lots of errands, bills, a long run, and hanging out with the Bear.

The last part is definitely the best part. He is an awesome Bear.
posted by bearwife 01 June | 17:39
Be well, lysdexic!

posted by mightshould 01 June | 18:24
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