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28 March 2014

Dreams of crashing aircraft [More:]Last night, I had two separate, vivid dreams featuring crashing aircraft.

In both dreams, I was watching from the ground as these gigantic, lumbering quasi-military-looking craft struggled to gain altitude, only to nose-over and fall to the ground, exploding on impact.

Normally, I don't so much as remember my dreams, let alone recall two in one night. So, this was definitely strange.

Any amateur dream interpreters care to speculate what these are about?

(I really doubt they have anything at all to do with the recent Malaysian aircraft disappearance. As unfortunate as that has been, it's not been anything I've paid much attention to.)
such dreams are a sure sign of the onset of erectile dysfunction. :P
posted by buttnozzle 28 March | 11:53
I had an airplane crash dream earlier this week, although mine was more of a "Law & Order goes sci-fi" kind of thing where the perpetrator turned out to have destructive psychic powers and was trying to end it all spectacularly by destroying everything at the airport.
posted by JanetLand 28 March | 12:10
buttnozzle, that had me giggling...

On a more serious note, sounds like a general anxiety dream (are you feeling anxious about anything -- anything in particular come to mind?), and since our brains, creative suckers that they are, take the raw material for dreams from our daily lives, the crashing plane scenario may well be from the news.

Keep your nose up. ; )
posted by Pips 28 March | 12:18
are you feeling anxious about anything -- anything in particular come to mind?

Ummm...Only everything?
posted by Thorzdad 28 March | 12:24
I get these all the time. Usually when I'm super anxious about something that I don't feel like I have enough control over.
posted by sperose 28 March | 12:26
Ummm...Only everything?

I believe this is the part where I nod, smile ever so slightly, and wait...
posted by Pips 28 March | 13:32
I believe this is the part where I nod, smile ever so slightly, and wait...

The book of anxieties I carry around with me is large and heavy. But, I've always carried them. There hasn't been anything substantial added to it recently.
posted by Thorzdad 28 March | 15:38
Textbook resistance. ; )

(I'm just playing, truly...)

In any case, I wouldn't worry about the dreams (products of the general anxiety you mention, no doubt), but just in case, maybe don't book any flights in the near future! (kidding, kidding... forgive me!)

After my birth mother died, I dreamed she picked up this big recliner Jon and I used to have and smashed it down on me. Talk about your angry ghosts.
posted by Pips 28 March | 17:41
The first question I would ask is, "What did you feel during these dreams?"
posted by Obscure Reference 29 March | 09:36
Horror. Fascination.
The aircraft themselves were really cool looking. Immense things and very futuristic. Like something off a sci-fi book jacket. But flying here on present-day Earth.
posted by Thorzdad 29 March | 09:41
And have you ever had that combination of feelings before?
posted by Obscure Reference 29 March | 09:45
Maybe once.
Back when we were having our first child (circa 1987), he was breech, full term, and refusing to flip. So, we scheduled a full-blown caesarian delivery. My wife wanted me in the OR with her, but, of course, the docs didn't want me in there while they actually opened-up my wife. So, they brought me in after preparing her (i.e. cutting her open) but before delivering the baby. They had a curtain across my wife's chest, blocking her view, and the nurse was supposed to escort me into the OR in a way that kept my view of the operation blocked by the curtain.

The nurse didn't do that.

Instead, as I entered the OR and passed by the table, I was treated to the spectacle of my wife's abdomen splayed-open like a gutted animal. While she's talking to me from the other side of the curtain, utterly unaware of her condition. It was alternately horrific and fascinating.
posted by Thorzdad 29 March | 10:56
Luckily, I got to safely stay on the correct side of that curtain. Now I'm going to have bad dreams!
posted by Obscure Reference 29 March | 12:21
Yeah...It does mess with how you look at someone after you've seen them laid-out like that. On the plus side, It certainly instills in you a whole shitload more respect for them. But, no one should see the person they love like that.
posted by Thorzdad 29 March | 14:16
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