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18 March 2014

It's a lyrics challenge! The theme is: songs off my running playlist, on shuffle.

I will keep it open until Weds morning, EST. [More:]

No excuses for any crappy songs -- it's what I run to!

1. California succumbed to the faultline
2. She said be true to yourself and you can't go wrong
3. And he ill, he real, he might got a deal
4. As the trombone groans
5. A fox that gains our trust
6. Hold your glass up, hold it in, never betray the way you've always known it is
7. Dancing in my pocket, worms eat my skin
8. When I lose my head, I lose my spine
9. Swimming through sick lullabies
10. Motherfucking ice-man, I'm the top gunner
#6 is The Shins, Caring is Creepy!
#7 is The Cure's Siamese Twins

And...that's all I have!
posted by richat 18 March | 20:10
PS, you might want to change your clocks, podeeeee.
posted by Eideteker 18 March | 21:09
I suck at these. The only one that sounded familiar was the first one and I had to google that so I can't post the answer now.

I kind of gave up paying attention to lyrics a long time ago.
posted by octothorpe 18 March | 21:52
EDT then, mr. pedantic pants, Eide!

and yep, richat, you got them.
posted by gaspode 18 March | 22:03
1. The Calamity Song - The Decemberists
2. Missionary Man - Eurythmics (I think)
posted by danf 18 March | 23:50
yep and yep, danf!
posted by gaspode 19 March | 07:16
3. Superbase - Nikki Minaj. Dammit, why did that have to be the one I knew?!
posted by msali 19 March | 07:47
nice one, msali :)

Here's what we have left. I'll add in the next line (for number 8, the line before).

4. As the trombone groans/and the big horn moans
5. A fox that gains our trust/but then breaks it as he walks
8. But do not tell me all is fine/When I lose my head, I lose my spine
9. Swimming through sick lullabies/choking on your alibis
10. Motherfucking ice-man, I'm the top gunner/heater on blast, I'm the number one stunner
posted by gaspode 19 March | 08:13
that's a-me! (+ my pants) ^_^
posted by Eideteker 19 March | 10:18
msali, maybe you can blame your knowledge on Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Anyways, here are the answers:

4. Treme -- John Boutte
5. Lakehouse -- Of Monsters and Men
8. Hopeless Wanderer -- Mumford and Sons
9. Mr Brightside -- The Killers
10. Jack Sparrow -- The Lonely Island

Good night!
posted by gaspode 19 March | 21:35
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