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04 March 2014

Fatty fat fat tuesday What should I eat, internet?[More:] There ain't no king cake or Nawlins food available worth eating, and options are somewhat limited.

Why isn't there a site just called FEED ME that says what's available and how? Let's just make it an app. We'll make a killing.

I'd been planning on Indian but of course it's always on the day the decent place is closed.

I could crawl to the store, that would be the smartest option... surely there is a lazier way? Involving a coupon?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 March | 19:40
Well, they do make one fatty fatty fat fat and could make some, but I lack any sausage/pork accompaniment, which is almost the point.

Where is po boy delivery? Muffelata?
Someone bring me sandwiches of the world, possibly dumplings of the world, with a side of noodles of the world.
posted by ethylene 04 March | 19:52
Sorry, all that's available today is pancakes (and king cake is basically just cinnamon rolls, sorry... [not sorry]) Wednesday is Fat Muffaletta, I believe. Ash what-now? Wrong. Thursdays are now Fat Bánh Mě (pho still costs extra.)
posted by sysinfo 04 March | 20:18
We had a King Cake FedEx-ed to our office. It was from the real bakery in LA that does them all over NO. People went into the break room, mumbled and wandered out. It was shipped with the icing and the colored sugar packs separate, and the first responders didn't ice the cake. I saw the situation, and put my Tulane University Education to work and iced that cake. I saved Mardi Gras.

But Eth, I got nothing. Popeye's or Bojangles probably doesn't deliver.

posted by rainbaby 04 March | 20:27
If i go to the store it's basically a cheese run.
I tried to get up and go a little bit ago but my cat is giving me guilty cute face with proprietary lap rights.

Dessert rescue/food styling is a surprisingly necessary skill. I'm shocked at how people have no idea how many sausages are made.
posted by ethylene 04 March | 20:32
I ordered crap pizza as I really only needed a cheese delivery system, maximizing cat lap.

I'm calling tomorrow Ash What now from now on.
posted by ethylene 04 March | 22:00
Remember: only order crap pizza when you are weak and starving and then make sure to eat as much as you can as quickly as possible.
posted by ethylene 04 March | 22:19
The neighborhood had a pancake dinner fundraiser tonight in the church basement. Very tasty but put me way over my food budget for the day.
posted by octothorpe 04 March | 23:17
Heh, the rain baby saved the Mardi Gras King Cake. Of course and always. Thanks rainbaby!

Your rain mama sure dampened Bourbon Street though.
posted by danostuporstar 05 March | 10:27
Why isn't there a site just called FEED ME that says what's available and how?

astonishingly enough (or perhaps not considering legal weed?) Boulder has just that. It's called and it's a collective of all the little holes-in-the-wall and indie restaurants around town who pitched in, built a website and organized a communal delivery service that somehow manages to cover the bulk of the greater Boulder metro area. It's amazing. I can get Thai food or dolmas, tacos, burritos, subs or sushi delivered to our door with a few mouse clicks and their service and response time is fantastic. Best of all is the little Primal / gluten-free deli that joined them last month. I may never cook dinner again! is SUPPOSED to be a nationwide service that does the same thing but I find it woefully inadequate for anything but crap pizza or Chinese; basically anything that already has a delivery service that you could just call direct.
posted by lonefrontranger 05 March | 13:29
oh and the best muffaletta I've had in these parts is served up in downtown Denver at an ancient grocery store slash coffeehouse called The Market.
posted by lonefrontranger 05 March | 13:30
I believe it in Boulder because it is a very communal weed inspired idea that often dies from being too popular if it works at all.
posted by ethylene 05 March | 14:33
agreed on the success rate of such communal businesses, but so far they've been extremely popular with both the college crowd and indolent yuppies like myself.

Boulder's an odd demographic tho. I thought the same about another seemingly weed-inspired startup here called iSupportU which is a small tech fix-it service that will pick up your broken iDevices or whatever from your home or work address to repair. Granted door-to-door pickup/delivery does require an additional fee beyond parts & labor, but it's like $10 or something, so nominal considering the cost of most electronic widgets and less than the cost of my time and frustration to drive across town for sure. They frequently use bicycle service to do this unless it's like a rack server or 10" of snow or something, tho last I saw they were getting some bakfiets (dutch cargo bikes) to do larger orders.

I thought they'd be dead in six months but they've been astonishingly successful.
posted by lonefrontranger 05 March | 17:37
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