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12 February 2014

Wednesday Weather Check-in It seems as if many of us in various parts of the world are experiencing some extreme weather right now. What's it like where you are, and how are you coping?
The UK is being battered by a huge storm. It's really windy in Essex, with squally showers. I haven't set foot outside the house today. Essex has been spared the worst of the stormy weather, compared with other parts of the country that are under several feet of floodwater.
It's too damn cold. I have lost the will to live. And there's going to be another huge snowstorm tomorrow. I can't, I just can't.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 February | 12:01
TPS, it's got to get warm again sometime! Of course, you're a lot farther north than I am.

Senyar, I had no idea the UK was experiencing a storm like that - it looks awful.

Atlanta residents have mostly stayed off the streets this time, schools and government closed. People stayed home from work - I think the memory of 24 hours on the interstate is still very fresh to everyone.

We're working from home (and glad to be able to do so, and hoping that we don't lose power because of the ice.
posted by needlegrrl 12 February | 12:16
ITA with TPS. I am done with this weather.

We are supposed to be flying to Puerto Rico on Saturday. If the storm messes with my warm, warm vacation, the world will know my fury.
posted by gaspode 12 February | 12:26
Sunshine with a bit of wind, mid-40s. I closed the blinds.
posted by Ardiril 12 February | 12:36
I'm staying at my Mom's. There's no power in much of Wilmington; listening to limbs fall from the huge pines all around; thankfully none on her house at this time. She's lost a bit of reasoning capacity and I am making sure she eats something and keeps warm.
posted by mightshould 12 February | 12:43
Hyper weatherpeople on TV being particularly hyper today. Boston's French Toast alert system set to Elevated.
posted by Melismata 12 February | 13:09
I've about had it with the cold/snow as well. My monthly oil bill just went up by one hundred bucks. I'm on one of those plans where the price per gallon is locked in, but apparently this winter they'd had to deliver much more often, so....
posted by JanetLand 12 February | 13:20
Normal here for February. Current temperature 50 Fahrenheit /10 Celsius, a bit rainy, with heavier rain expected tomorrow. That's how Seattle gets to be the Emerald City.
posted by bearwife 12 February | 13:24
We're expecting ~a big one~ here at the office and so are basically refreshing various weather outlet websites every 5 seconds and are pretty much planning to be closed tomorrow and have told our couriers that. (I'm technically the closest person to the office, but I drive a rollerskate in snow and my parking lot is always a mess because people are stupid.)

I'm sufficiently stocked at home with ginger ale, cat food, and television to watch, so I'm set for the weekend. I'm glad I went to the grocery store yesterday to get more ginger ale because people were already decimating the bread/milk/egg section then. I don't even want to think about what it's going to look like today after work. However, there is a class I wanted to go to at the shop scheduled from 7-9pm and 9pm is when they're saying that the snow is going to really start coming down and so I'm wavering about even going to that.

I'm also tempted to pick up a pizza. :-/ I've also got to email my dance partner and see about going to class Thursday night.
posted by sperose 12 February | 13:42
Cold as heck here in Pennsylvania but actually bright and sunny. The big east coast storm looks like it's going to slide past us with just a few flurries here. Lots of family in the metro NYC area who are going to get thumped with it though.
posted by octothorpe 12 February | 14:00
Senyar, it's so strange that we in the NL are just across the North Sea and have none of these problems; the excessive rain fall the continuous storms.

Good luck.
posted by jouke 12 February | 14:36
Really windy here in the UK Midlands too - luckily I've been in the house all afternoon but even our sturdy Victorian house has been whistling and rattling. No floods here, thankfully.

Stay warm and dry, bunnies!
posted by altolinguistic 12 February | 15:19
In my part of NC, already about 2" snow on the ground and coming down steadily, and the reports of total accumulation vary quite a bit. but sleet/ice are expected overnight, so I am doing power-outage preparation. Everything in my house is electric, including the well pump, so no power is not fun. not to mention stir-crazy making. Trees, please to be not falling.
posted by wens 12 February | 15:54
jouke, I saw something on the news that showed the change in the jet stream. Usually the UK is south of the jet stream, meaning the warmer air deflects the storms from the north away. But it's curving in a strange way, so we are north of the jet stream at present, then it curves off again, leaving the Low Countries south of it and missing the stormy weather.

I probably didn't explain it very well, but I can't find a graphic of it.
posted by Senyar 12 February | 16:01
Ah, the video here explains it really well.
posted by Senyar 12 February | 16:04
This morning had wind chills down around -18. As I type this, we're up to 24 and will be in the 30's tomorrow.
posted by Thorzdad 12 February | 17:10
mightshould, hang in there. We still have power in Raleigh so far. Probably 4ish inches of snow followed by a couple of hours of sleet which is now transitioning to freezing rain.

The cats are oblivious, the dogs think it's awesome. I think it's beautiful. But I'm not one of the gazillions stuck in gridlock for hours on end.

This storm rolled in at noon and seriously dumped. Supposed to get mixed stuff all night & more snow tomorrow. 25* and dropping. The high was about 27* I think.

That's some crazy UK weather. Don't blow away.
posted by chewatadistance 12 February | 18:53
Oh, and I'm with wens on the no falling trees plea. Stay warm & safe, all.
posted by chewatadistance 12 February | 19:04
Spent a week at the beach in So Cal. It snowed 6" here, then an inch of freezing rain on top of that. Trees broke, power went out for a bunch of people here. Travel was paralyzed. All while I was walking around in shorts and a t-shirt.

Now that I am home, it's mid 50's and raining, which is just fine, since we really need rain. Plus, the only damage at my home was a flower box that was falling apart in the first place.
posted by danf 12 February | 19:26
I'm North of wens and chewie by a few hours. Five to eight of snow (could be dealt with) plus sleet and freezing rain on top (power killer/wow this is bad). Pretty snow at the moment.
posted by rainbaby 12 February | 21:13
Same has rainbaby here (since we live in the same area). State gov't has already closed for tomorrow. Kind of sad I won't get a snow day out of this because it seems the expectation at this company is if you can work from home, you work. Not that I expect to get much done with the kidlet home the next two days (as I refuse to even attempt to leave the house before Saturday). The dogs will enjoy the snow so I guess that's something.
posted by bluesapphires 12 February | 21:53
We had a "dusting" of snow. Figures in the middle of a drought we'd get dry snow.

Yesterday and today were pretty chilly, but it's supposed to warm up for a few days before getting cold again. I'll be very very glad when spring comes and we just have to worry about wind.

I NEVER thought I'd ever say that. I hate wind.
posted by lysdexic 12 February | 21:54
ICE PELLETS tomorrow

it's almost as if we're all in the throes of a global anthropogenic climate catastrophe
posted by Eideteker 12 February | 23:36
My office is closed. So is the daycare (who originally said they'd be open at 9a). The iced trees look pretty but deadly.
posted by bluesapphires 13 February | 09:45
It's a blizzard! 10+ inches of snow, 50 mile an hour winds, sleet. And Mayor de Blasio saying stay off the roads, yet the NYC schools are open. Say what??? Needless to say, I did not make it in today. It would have been too much for me even to take the trains (I have a choice between two trains and a bus or three trains, with, in this weather, with the delays, a two hour commute each way, if I'm lucky, compared to my usual 40 minute drive -- Not happening, even if I had to take an unpaid day, which luckily I didn't).

I don't know what this mayor is thinking. We still have two snow days that can be taken before we'd need to cut into vacation time, and, frankly, I'd rather do that than risk my life trying to drive in this. If he won't close the schools during a Nor'Eastern, I don't know when he would. It's flat out dangerous for kids, as well as staff, to be out in this. And while it's true some parents could lose a day's pay if they have to stay home with children, it's better than people potentially losing their lives. And if the schools are closed, at least that gives parents a legitimate reason to stay home from work. As it is, some may be forced to bring their children out into these dangerous conditions given that the schools are open. That's the flip side of the mayor's perhaps noble, but misguided intentions. Even Bloomberg, our old mayor, would have closed the schools today (all the surrounding districts and private schools are closed). We're not looking for an extra vacation day here, we just want everyone to be safe. I heard from staff and students who had fallen and hurt themselves the last time he refused to close schools, even when the governor had declared a State of Emergency. Everyone -- students, teachers, parents (many of whom keep their kids home anyway -- our school's attendance was down to 38%), and even school administrators -- are puzzled and frustrated with this new mayor. I hope it's not representative of his overall decision-making abilities. He seems stubborn, rigid, and unable to listen to others. Bad signs. If the roads are treacherous tomorrow, I'll either have to brave the trains or take an unpaid day (I have about three weeks of days saved, but they won't let us use those without a doctor's note. Feh.)

On top of our weather woes, our refrigerator died. We lost about $250 in groceries, but at least our landlord, who can be difficult, ordered a new one to be delivered Saturday without too much fuss. So, upside, new fridge! I won't have to hold the door shelf on with duct tape anymore.

As for today, I'm going back to bed (I was up at 5:30am stressing about whether I should try to go to work today--), and then maybe have some hot cocoa later. Ironically, schools are closed all next week for vacation.

The governor just declared another State of Emergency. Dumbass mayor.
posted by Pips 13 February | 11:10
Exhausted. Power finally back on after 25 hrs. I kept waking up last night because I was cold (I bundled Mom up with all the blankets).

Haven't checked the roof, but no signs of damage inside, so it should be good.

Mom's asleep on the sofa so I'll go out for provisions soon.

Stay warm dry and safe everyone dealing with various weather events.
posted by mightshould 13 February | 13:14
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