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04 February 2014

Share your frivolous $10k dream purchase [More:] Debt repayments, practical things need not apply.

Mine is this ruby, diamond, and pearl ring. No one has bought it out from under imaginary-rich-me yet, but when someone does, I will be very sad.
Probably a vintage Hans Wegner Ox Chair or a Finn Juhl chair or a Kofod Larsen chair.
posted by mullacc 04 February | 11:31
This Dali tapestry. I would do a helluva lot more research than a quick google search, but this is well within the ballpark of what I would seek.
posted by Ardiril 04 February | 11:33
I could quickly do ten thousand dollars worth of damage on these rugs.
posted by msali 04 February | 11:38
Fender Masterbuilt Telecaster. Double bound body. Sherwood Green. Two of them, or what the heck, a matching Strat. :-)
posted by buttnozzle 04 February | 11:53
Oh, so much music. A piano, electric guitar(s), a viola and finally learn how to play it. Maybe a cello. After that I might have enough for a down payment on a harp.
posted by lysdexic 04 February | 12:53
Coastal cruise to Antarctica.
posted by Melismata 04 February | 12:56
Travel to and across Australia.
posted by JanetLand 04 February | 13:01
oddly, what I want these days is an unlimited book purchasing account. I could get through a couple thousand dollars just off books I already want I think. And then use up the rest in a 2-3 years easy
posted by Firas 04 February | 13:19
I would really like a car and a dedicated parking space, but I probably can't get that in Manhattan for $10k.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 February | 14:11
Probably a bunch of smaller, but expensive items that I'm too spendthrift to splurge on myself. But if I had to spend most/all of it on one item, then a refurbished 1977 Triumph Bonneville.
posted by ufez 04 February | 16:05
maybe the parking space, tps!
posted by rmless2 04 February | 16:44
I'd've topped out the Mac Pro instead of spending the $5k I could afford.
posted by cjorgensen 04 February | 16:59
3D printer, digitizer, filament. The change in Elijah Craig 21.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Splunge 04 February | 17:17
I would also go to Australia, to visit my childhood home.
posted by Senyar 04 February | 18:13
I'd set aside about $500 for a weekend at one of those indoor water parks for my kid. He would love that so much. The rest I'd give to my hub to spend on a new computer and whatever else he wanted. I don't really want any more stuff for myself.
posted by Kangaroo 04 February | 18:22
Either a vintage Rolex like this one or a piece of art.
posted by bearwife 04 February | 19:16
This is the painting I really want. Saw it last year in Willamsburg. It is gorgeous.
posted by bearwife 04 February | 19:29
Um, and this is the Rolex.
posted by bearwife 04 February | 19:31
A Colnago C59 EPS disc. It's a fancy Italian carbon fiber road bike with the highest-end electronic shifting and hydraulic disc brake systems currently available.

or maybe I'd just go back to Hawaii. It's snowing again today...
posted by lonefrontranger 04 February | 19:31
Yes, if I can't have my car, I'll take a trip to Bora, Bora, please.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 February | 20:24
another kidlet
posted by bluesapphires 04 February | 20:55
Probably get the floors sanded and sealed on the first floor of this house. OK, that's kind of practical but I'm getting tired of splinters.
posted by octothorpe 04 February | 21:00
That's the going rate for local city official.
posted by ethylene 04 February | 21:38
Mine was a diamond and black sapphire Swiss watch when I turned 40.
posted by brujita 04 February | 22:37
Go on ahead and put in a pool, which we have debated for many years and are never able to justify.
posted by rainbaby 05 February | 06:59
Definitely travel. Preferably outside the US. Where, exactly, is hard to nail-down. 10k only goes so far.
posted by Thorzdad 05 February | 07:51
Put it in savings as insurance against unemployment.
posted by Eideteker 05 February | 07:55
This truck.
posted by octothorpe 05 February | 16:42
I'd love a screened in porch to ward off the vicious mosquitoes when I wish to enjoy sitting outside sans bug spray.
posted by mightshould 05 February | 17:26
Well, I'd probably buy a better car but that's not really frivolous. If it has to be something I don't actually need, it would be an exciting holiday somewhere for the kids and I. Don't know where because that's so far out of reach at the moment that I haven't really given any thought to it.
posted by dg 05 February | 18:05
Weird but I have been wanting to replace all the interior and one exterior door of our house since we bought it, but that will cost about $5k unless we do them all ourselves. So, that. And then the rest would probably go towards building a deck.
posted by amro 06 February | 09:05
Absolutely what Melismata said. Antarctica is my dream destination.
posted by initapplette 06 February | 12:24
10k the frivolous way... hmmm. Some of those 'spinner' rims for the Westy, with lots of inlaid gold, silver, and platinum.

posted by buzzman 06 February | 22:12
OMG Arctic Hare! || Archaeobunnies!