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31 January 2014

End of January goal post update! So, how have y'all done on your goals this month?[More:]

My 2014 resolutions that I needed to work on this month were...

1. Read 9 new-to-me witchery related books.

2. Put at least $1000 into an emergency savings account.

3. Develop a regular prayer and meditation schedule, no matter how busy my damn schedule gets.

I've read 4 witchery books on my Kindle (a Yule gift from one of my sisters that I have fully loaded with a bunch of free PDFs). Money is going to be very tight for a bit here because I've had to outlay some cash for dance classes, but I'm slowly starting to get some savings together. I've been working on meditating in the morning in bed before I get out of it to start my day and that has been working pretty well. I still need to test the smoke detector in my bedroom to see if incense smoke sets it off though.
Sperose - I *love* my nook - my reading went *way* up when i got it, because I only had to carry this one device with me.

January goals -
1. Get step count up to 6000/day. (I just updated it on fitbit. the vibration the fitbit force gives me when I've reached step goal is really satisfying.)
2. log calories. I'd like to stay within my calorie goal, but even just logging them would be a good choice.
3. de-stress - this may be yoga, or list making, or reading, but I need to focus on that this month, or I'll be a cranky girl.

1. I did a lot of steps when we were in San Francisco, otherwise, no, I haven't managed this. I was one of the "lucky" people to be allergic to the Force, so I now have a Fitbit One (which I forgot to wear today. sigh. this is why I don't do well with the clip on ones). So this will be a goal again in February.

2. Log calories - I started this, but didn't keep up with it. Next month is a new month!

3. De-stress - I read a lot this month, and managed to get through the majority of the tax stuff. List-making kept me sane. We had a bird mishap before we went to San Francisco, and thought she was recovering, but she actually passed away right when we got back - I threw everything out the window at that point, with the stress of tax season already, plus pet death. We got the autopsy results back today, and she had hardened arteries/high cholesterol. So at least it wasn't something we did, and she was 11, which is pretty good for a parrotlet.
posted by needlegrrl 31 January | 11:16
229.6, just under the wire!
posted by mrmoonpie 31 January | 12:40
I got back into juicing/eating well after Christmas. But I just got back from New York yesterday, where I tried to make good choices but had a few splurge days (*shakes fist at Lombardi's*). So now it's back to a mostly plant-based diet and more exercise.
posted by Senyar 31 January | 12:44
I'm doing well on losing weight, practicing my Italian, and (since last week) giving up alcohol, at least until the end of February. I also got my study at home cleaned entirely this past month!

I am stalled on Finnegan's Wake, however, and haven't run for the past week due to a horrid case of food poisoning last weekend.
posted by bearwife 31 January | 12:50
I got the hell out of New York and I've made significant progress on getting my ass to Japan, so fuck yeah! Also I'm less of a disagreeable dick than ever, etc.
posted by Hugh Janus 31 January | 13:01
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