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29 January 2014

A Beaker Update [More:]

I saw the Beaker Signal and I obey.

Latest Beakie News:

My bird thinks he's a dog. But he's still afraid of dogs on TV. Does that make him a self loathing canine?

Seriously He has suddenly started going, "Ruff, ruff." And I'm pretty sure that it's because the neighbor's dog barks constantly. You can hear it through the wall. As well, when my mom's dog visits I'll bark just to get him to reply. So now, ruff ruff is part of his vocabulary. The thing is, he'll use it when I get angry at him for whatever. If he nips my ear I'll say, "No! Bad Beaker." And he'll just say, "Ruff ruff." And of course I forgive him.

I'm hearing him say, "Good boy." under his breath in practice mode.

My bird is horny. This is not a good thing.

Yeah, he's getting the hormone thing already. It usually waits until at least the first full year. But he is a hybrid so who knows? He spends the day vocalizing and occasionally trying to hump my left hand. He has a serious grip now. And when he grabs a finger it can be painful. As well, cockatoo courting entails biting. And hissing. So then it is time to strip his feet off of my finger and place him in his cage. I do it gently, like removing a tight ring. This behavior is extremely problematic. Mainly that if Beaker decides that I'm his mate, he will start to attack the wife. And this will not do. Right now we have a perfectly balanced flock. Any actual sexual stuff would destroy the balance. Yeah, I know. But you might be surprised to know that this can happen with a lot of different pets.

My bird is a real dinosaur.

Speaking of vocalizations. Beaker is now doing a true ROAR sound. It's so funny. He will raise his crest to full height and go,"RAWRRRRRR!" The most deep and guttural dinosaur roar that I have ever heard. He just now did it. So I do it back. And he drops his crest and does the trill flock call. So at the very least I may still be in charge.

I'm hearing him say, "Good boy." under his breath in practice mode.

Awww, that's so sweet.
posted by Senyar 30 January | 08:25
I'm hearing him say, "Good boy." under his breath in practice mode.

That is precious. Thanks so much for the update. Mighty Beaker, hear him RAWR!
posted by JanetLand 30 January | 08:27
Heh, I like that a bird can mutter.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 January | 11:13
Yay, Beaker update! :)
posted by needlegrrl 30 January | 14:13
Enjoyed. Looking forward to future updates.
posted by mightshould 30 January | 17:23
I am nuts about Beaker. Thanks so much!
posted by bearwife 30 January | 19:28
I was in a pet store today trying to find a food the Bees can actually eat and possibly like. They had birds but not a bird area where birds try and sneak out of the store under my hair and french kiss you. For all I know these were smuggled captives. The place always has this Kitten Adoption Bonanza sign and no cats at all, so one could suspect shenanigans.

Ah, sexual bugaboos. The Bees has none I know of but I think that attractive white spotted number tried something when she was out that time. The boys had their "issues." My mom's friend's son had some huge bird who was extremely jealous of his wife. I believe there was much violence and upset. I think the bird predated the wife and there may have been some bird counseling involved. I'm not sure who won, the bird or the wife, but I will check. Apparently there was much in the way of nasty swearing from the bird, but from whence did it learn, I wonder?
posted by ethylene 30 January | 20:29
I've had parakeets off and on all my life, but never had any sexual actions from any of them. Then I took in a homeless Love Bird..and now we have eggs. Did I mention I haven't had birds in years? And she is and was a solitary bird? I feel badly for her..everything I read says to let her sit on them until she gets tired of them, is this good advice? I must admit, she is nicer to me now that she has them, and I keep giving her paper towels to shred as nesting material (she's happy shredding any paper - anyone have any sensitive documents you need shredded? No one could EVER put this stuff together again)
posted by redvixen 31 January | 22:27
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