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18 December 2012

Email of the Week I is early, but I do not think that this one will be topped. Any suggestions? (I swear, they are not letting me coast into retirement.)[More:]


I had a parent from [school name redacted] come in Friday with concerns about the cell tower near that school as well as wireless internet in the building.

She came with two devices, one proported to measure bad electromagnetic radiation and the other that corrects it. They were both made by a company with the url

Any recommendation as to what we want to do with this information?

[director of computer and information services]
HAHAHAHAHAHA oh I bet you are glad to be retiring, Dan.

So, what's your recommendation? I think you should offer to vaccinate them against the radiation.
posted by gaspode 18 December | 10:13
Lol gaspode, I see what you did there. :)
posted by Twiggy 18 December | 10:16
Ask the PTA to fund a proper investigation by certified technician from a recognized environmental impact group and accept no other "tests".

posted by gomichild 18 December | 10:20
I think you should go and see the director of computer and information services in his office, but make sure you're wearing a foil reflector beanie hat and recommend everyone wears one, all the time, as you always do.
posted by Senyar 18 December | 10:22
the first couple times reading that i missed the "corrects it" part.


that is just .... wow.

posted by sio42 18 December | 10:37
I have been to that site and cannot understand how it would work. I mean, I understand power quality, etc., but just plugging a thing into the wall, I have no idea how that would work.
posted by danf 18 December | 10:52
It's very simple. You send them money; they gleefully accept it.

In other words:

1. Handwaving freakoutery
2. ???
posted by Madamina 18 December | 11:11
Oh boy, oh boy, this makes me chortle. I'm with Senyar, recommend foil hats all round.
posted by bearwife 18 December | 13:57
I somehow doubt that the school is the only place her kid is exposed to wifi and near a cell tower.
posted by occhiblu 18 December | 16:59
Desktop Tesla coil?
posted by buzzman 18 December | 19:36
You send them money; they gleefully accept it.

Even worse - it's an MLM scheme:

We are seeking Pro Team Members to Join with Us. Our Purpose at EMF PowerPro LLC, is to LOVE GOD LOVE PEOPLE. One of the Goals we set up as a Company is to Meet and Help more people in 2012 then we Helped in 2011. Want to Join with Us? Call EMF PowerPro LLC, at 866-713-6933 or Contact Us thru our Email System. Blessings to You and your Families in 2012.

Love it...real good 21st century snake oil.

OMG....the videos are precious, too. "Dirty electricity....practice good electromagnetic hygeine....electrosmog"

Hooo doggie. This is a good 'un.
posted by Miko 19 December | 00:24
emfpowerpro? I have a guess as to what the EMF stands for.
posted by arse_hat 19 December | 00:38
I have a recommendation as to what you want to do with this information, but it is impolite so I will keep it to myself.

That being said, the email asks for a recommendation, so you should make one.
i.e. "My recommendation is that we take this 'information' and print it out and burn it to dispel the energy waves."
posted by rmless2 19 December | 12:15
rmless2. . .please email me with your recommendation. . .I am grouchy at work, these past few weeks, and need to vent.


posted by danf 19 December | 13:49
The way it both detects and "solves" a problem reminds me of a "copper bracelets can cure cancer, arthtitis, Alzheimer's etc." booth I saw at the county fair a few summers ago. The banner said "SO EFFECTIVE....YOU CAN'T EVEN TELL IT'S WORKING!!"

I'll say.
posted by Miko 19 December | 23:26


posted by Elsa 20 December | 10:01
You need to watch the stars of the Hobbit || Regarding names and addresses.