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14 December 2012

Jesus Fuck. . . My inbox this morning: Dan, [More:]

There is a Coach at [school name redacted] who has been depositing hypodermic needles in the trash can in the Coach's office. Do we have any printed policies stating what people should do with them to dispose of them? [Principal's name redacted] is looking for a way to approach the individual and was hoping we had something in print he could leave for him.

posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 December | 11:16
I had a reply drafted that I am not aware of any written policies pertaining to this but I am also not aware of any written policies against taking boys into the shower there and having his way with them. . .but thankfully I did not send that one.
posted by danf 14 December | 11:21
I would think disposal regulations would be part of a diabetic's education.
posted by Ardiril 14 December | 11:23
Well this is a coach in a high school. Heaven only knows what is being injected.
posted by danf 14 December | 11:25
Ardiril: I'm so glad you chose to be optimistic with your first response.
posted by TrishaLynn 14 December | 11:42
I must be getting old.
posted by Ardiril 14 December | 11:48
I had the same thought as Ardiril. An empty 2-liter soda bottle is good for disposing of sharps.
posted by initapplette 14 December | 11:49
Whoa. Unless this guy has a very good reason, the use of hypodermic syringes should be nowhere near a school.
posted by Senyar 14 December | 12:31
As a diabetic, I wonder why, if he's a also a diabetic, he is still using hypodermic needles. The various diabetes inject-able meds all come in pen-needle form now(example), where the needle part gets unscrewed and put in a sharps; something every diabetic knows about. I actually use the heavy plastic Clorox wipes container.

danf, I'l love to hear a follow-up if you get more info.
posted by MonkeyButter 14 December | 13:00
A former business owner/boss of mine, who was diabetic, used to do that at the office. Just toss the used hypodermics in the open trash can. I never said anything, but I used to worry his yellow lab he brought most days to the office with him would end up swallowing one.
posted by Pips 14 December | 13:28
I've seen public bathrooms with a red sharps pail.
posted by brujita 14 December | 16:40
I use a pen needle thingie and have a sharps container* at home. However, some people are still using the larger glass insulin containers with hypodermic needles. That may be what that coach is still using. Even so, he should know what to do with used needles.

*Check with your local pharmacy, Safeway gives them away for free in BC.
posted by deborah 14 December | 19:54
There are a lot of innocent reasons for someone to have to inject themselves with some kind of medication. It sounds like the solution is to provide a sharps container for easier disposal and arrange for proper removal.

I'm surprised they don't have a facility for this - surely they would if there is a school nurse or sick bay.
posted by gomichild 15 December | 23:51
Pretty much every public toilet here has sharps containers, including in most workplaces (in my experience). Sounds like one needs to be installed and a memo sent out letting staff know to use it. The workplace should be ensuring the safety of all by providing safe sharps disposal facilities, in my opinion.
posted by dg 16 December | 01:36
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