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22 February 2012

Do you think it's weird for a stranger to kiss your dog? I was at the dog park with my girlfriend and our dog and I kissed some strangers' dogs. My girlfriend thought that was weird and embarrassing.[More:]Would you think that was weird? There was one cute boxer that I kissed repeatedly on the nose. What's the etiquette here? Kiss away? ask permission? Not do it at all?
I'm not sure I would kiss strange dogs' noses at a dog park. I've seen where those noses have been. That's just me, though.
posted by Ardiril 22 February | 20:41
I don't even kiss my own dog on the nose or lips, but that's just me.

(I also feel, without anything to back it up, that it might be a good vector for various parasites to enter your body.)

The GF gets my vote on this one.
posted by danf 22 February | 20:43
I probably wouldn't kiss them, but I'd let them kiss me. OK, maybe I'd kiss them a little. I don't think it's weird or embarrassing either way.
posted by wens 22 February | 20:46
One kiss in the direction of the nose and the dog kisses you, too, OK. Repeated nose/mouth kissing and letting the dog lick your face for a long time, that would be too much.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 February | 20:48
Honestly? A bit odd. As affectionate as I am with my own dog, I only kiss her on top of the head (and I'm not germophobic at all). At the clinic, I'll let clients' dogs lick on my cheeks/beard to a certain extent ('cos it diffuses anxiety that most people have about their dog being afraid of going to the Vet - but I don't mind either), but I'd never make "kissy noises" at a dog in the room.

If someone (especially someone I don't know)did this to my dog, I'd be a little put off. I'd stick with belly-rubs and rump-scratches.
posted by ufez 22 February | 21:08
Yeah, the more I think about it, I'm going to go with "slightly off putting". One kiss would be odd but no big deal. More than one or extended contact would not be so great.

I get in my dog's face frequently, and vice versa, but you know, he likes to get to know you first. I also don't mind if strange dogs lick my face, but I don't think I would kiss them back.
posted by Glinn 22 February | 21:25
My reaction would be "that person is odd". While I'm kissy with boy pup (he's my lovey boy and reciprocates), I'd be afraid to get my face that close to any dog I didn't know since it can be a toss up about how they'd react.
posted by bluesapphires 22 February | 21:36
LT kisses dogs. I used to be embarrassed but on the whole, most dog people with sloppy-type dogs understand.
posted by Miko 22 February | 21:46
I don't kiss other people's dogs, just because I don't feel comfortable putting my face near unknown dogs' mouths, even if they're being friendly.
posted by occhiblu 22 February | 23:13
Yeah I just don't like getting my face near the face of a dog I don't know well.
posted by arse_hat 22 February | 23:26
I would think you slightly odd, but only slightly because, hey, my dog is beautiful and sweet and loves everyone and everyone loves her. But then, I rarely kiss my own dog and would never kiss a stranger's dog.
posted by deborah 23 February | 00:48
I let strange dogs sniff my hand. If they proceed to lick it/wag their tail I scratch their ears or withers.
posted by brujita 23 February | 01:32
I once had a cat land on my chest from somewhere about the ceiling and start to french kiss me, which I found way inappropriate, as I had just walked in the door and we hadn't even met. Plus, chest, not a landing pad.

I don't find it that odd. I've seen much odder things. And when I was younger, I couldn't stop myself from rubbing kittens against my cheek because they were so adorable, but I felt this was probably inappropriately demonstrative. Now I am cold and emotionless, but tonight I let a dog cover me with hair and slobber on me just because I knew I was going to wash my clothes anyway.
posted by ethylene 23 February | 02:28
It's not the kisses I'd worry about. it's the one dog that bites off your face.
posted by Splunge 23 February | 09:42
Today's Peanuts comic seems appropriate.
posted by JanetLand 23 February | 10:04
I'm surprised that I seem to be in the minority here. Jayder, I think what you did was perfectly normal. As long as the dog's okay with it. I always figured it was between the stranger and the dog, and like Miko said, my experience has been that dog people would agree.
posted by halonine 23 February | 10:28
I would not think this is weird, but I have a gorgeous dog and random people love on him all the time; I'd be in for a hard time if I freaked out over it. Plus I'm usually not shy about showing affection to other people's dogs, either.
posted by Wolfdog 23 February | 12:12
It's not the kisses I'd worry about. it's the one dog that bites off your face.

That's my dog! She may look cute but she is meeeeeean. Keep away from her face if you know what's good for you.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 February | 14:47
I have really enjoyed reading everyone's comments here. You've convinced me that my kissing of strange dogs is unusual. Thanks to everyone. I'm glad to know there are a few people out there who don't think I'm a complete weirdo.
posted by jayder 23 February | 15:36
My dog is convinced that everyone wants to kiss her nose. Unless she is constantly reminded, she will try to jump up and lick peoples' noses. People who know her aren't upset by it but strangers see TEETH COMING AT THEM. So we do a lot of reminding.

I don't kiss other peoples' dogs for the same reason I don't kiss other peoples' husbands. Also, TEETH.
posted by workerant 23 February | 15:56
I don't think it is unusual so much as it says more about you and other people's responses say things about them.
If it is natural to you, don't be worried about it. You seem to know enough to keep from getting your face bitten off. It's mediating other people's feelings that is an issue you either care to deal with or don't. It is now a more conscious decision, but it is still your decision to make.
posted by ethylene 23 February | 16:14
Just because a majority of people do a thing, that does not make it more "normal" so much as a norm you may or may not care to conform to.
posted by ethylene 23 February | 16:17
I wouldn't, less because of fear (though a dog might indeed bite if it felt threatened by your approaching face) than for the same reason I wouldn't kiss someone's child without being invited to do so. I think it is perfectly fine to show your good will and doggy admiration by letting the dog sniff your hand and patting it's head. I also sometimes give other dogs treats at the dog park if their owners OK that first.
posted by bearwife 23 February | 17:12
I'd be fine with this if I were the dog's owner and you wanted to smooch my pooch. I'd also be embarrassed if I were your girlfriend and you did this to some dude's dog.

Glad I could clear this up for you.
posted by cjorgensen 23 February | 23:49
If the dog licks you first, it's fine to kiss him or her back.

I don't personally kiss dogs I don't know, but (like Wolfdog) I have a gorgeous dog whom other people frequently want to kiss. He generally appreciates it.
posted by tangerine 24 February | 20:33
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