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13 February 2012

Photo Hosting These Days? I am pretty much married to Flickr, for good or bad, but[More:] I met people the other that want to start putting their photos online, and I wondered which is the easiest way, today, to do this.

The requirement for a yahoo ID seems like a disincentive to join Flickr. I wonder if Pinterest of Photo Bucket would be better.

These people have an AOL email address, so I can't expect even an average amount of savvy here.
I'd like to find a better free alternative to flickr. I use flickr, but the free account is pretty limited and I'm certainly not going to pay the $25 a year for it. I've seen mentioned a few places, but it seems kind of snooty. I guess a lot of people use facebook now for posting their pictures. But I still don't have a facebook account and I don't really want one. There's also picasaweb, but don't know much about it.
posted by DarkForest 13 February | 16:59
Pinterest wouldn't be a good choice. Depending on their needs something like snapfish might work well enough.
posted by bluesapphires 13 February | 17:57
Heh, great minds think alike. Not 10 minutes ago, I was pondering this very thing, as I want to start uploading lots of photos, mainly to act as a back-up. I've had a Flickr account forever (8 years, apparently), but the free account is too limited for what I now want to do. I'm happy to pay the $25 a year, but want to be sure that it's going to be a long-term solution. Picasa Web is the other service I was thinking of, but don't know much about that, particularly what limits are in place on uploads, storage etc.
posted by dg 13 February | 18:27
Google Picasaweb? I haven't used this - and if the Picasa download software interface is anything to go by, it's going to be irritating. But you probably already have a Google account?
posted by Susurration 13 February | 19:13
I tried Picasa and hated it. It was wonky and uneven, and catalogs your stuff into oddball folders automatically in infuriating ways that you have to spend a ton of time undoing. Finally got rid of it but for some reason the web sync thing kept trying to run anyway. A big AVOID in my book - especially for someone non-tech-savvy, they're just going to be bewildered.

Flickr's free account is pretty limiting, I agree, though its tools are great. I was oddly just thinking about this too.

What I'd like most of all is a local solution for photo tagging and storage that was free or cheap and had the tools of a Flickr. IF I could just tag my own photos and sort them in a visual field I'd be happy. Flickr I can use for sharing online, but I don't want to share everything online.
posted by Miko 13 February | 19:34
Speaking as a Picasa user for my China albums (and I'll put links here if anyone is interested) at the request of one of my fellow travelers on tht trip, Miko is totally right. I found it kludgy. I did like the ability to limit access to chosen people or no one, but tht's about it.

I do like Flickr best so far for the few photos I want to share with the world.
posted by bearwife 13 February | 19:47
I actually like picasa and use it to catalog my photos at home. I turned off face recognition since it was an annoyance. I had to change a hard-to-find setting to make it keep my folders sorted by name, as all my folders are just named for the date the photos were downloaded. I don't have my photos tagged... there are just too damn many for me to go through and do it. Still, if I want a particular photo, I can usually find it quickly enough by knowing about when it was taken. I only have 10 years of digital photos now. I know as time goes on that won't be a workable solution. I do like picasa's photo editing tools. It's a simple quick way to do some editing without resorting to photoshop.
posted by DarkForest 13 February | 19:52
I use Picasa a lot lately mostly because of G+. The Android G+ app will automatically upload every picture you take to Picasa and since I'm usually too lazy to back up my stuff manually, I like having that feature. I used to love Flickr but it's getting pretty outdated these days and it's hard to upload stuff from my phone to it.
posted by octothorpe 13 February | 20:17
I really like Irfanview for editing -- just throwing that out there while we're talking photo stuff.
posted by Miko 13 February | 20:23
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