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13 February 2012

Not a Drum to beat [More:]
So a week ago my brother called me in a bit of a panic - he'd come across this dog he kinda knew - and the current minder was going to have him put down because he was a "hassle".

My brother naturally went into Dog Rescue Mode (my family might as well be our own Dog Shelter - we are all infamous for collecting lost dogs). Normally he would have taken the dog to a shelter - but something struck him about this scrappy little guy and he rang to ask me if we could take him in and love him.

So Drum flew up from Sydney to Cairns today and he's now lying down next to my chair, spreadeagled on the cool floor tiles. In just 5 hours we've had walks and taken over guarding the fences and had big feed and snuggled and licked.

He's had 4 years of a pretty hard life, but I think this little guy is gonna be ok now.
posted by Glinn 13 February | 08:10
Good on ya, gomi! What a good looking guy. Glad to hear about the new addition to the family.
posted by msali 13 February | 08:12
Oh I forgot to mention his name is Drum - I suspect though he was named after the tobacco rather than the instrument.
posted by gomichild 13 February | 08:21
What a beautiful puppy.
posted by JanetLand 13 February | 08:48
Super heartwarming. That's an A-plus for everyone involved in the good re-homing. I hope you find Drum to be a delightful addition to your family and he relishes every day.
posted by mightshould 13 February | 08:52
What a cutie! Good job, gomifamily!
posted by gaspode 13 February | 09:02
Saving a life, making a friend. You rock.
posted by Splunge 13 February | 09:30
Yay puppy!!!
posted by leesh 13 February | 10:13
This is great. Have a good life Drum.
posted by arse_hat 13 February | 11:13
And will there be photographs of Drum's elaborately prepared and beautifully presented meals? :)
posted by JanetLand 13 February | 11:28
Doggie! Hooray!
posted by sperose 13 February | 11:34
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by shane 13 February | 12:09
You have done a good thing!
posted by danf 13 February | 12:13
What a cutie!
posted by brujita 13 February | 12:32
What a knockout! Congrats to you and Drum!
posted by bearwife 13 February | 14:26
Huzzah for rescues! He's very cute - need moar photoz!
posted by deborah 13 February | 14:52
So handsome! Congrats gomi, and good on you for giving him a second chance. How's the kiddo doing with Drum?
posted by ufez 13 February | 15:39
Congratulations to you and good wishes to the laddie.
posted by Wolfdog 13 February | 15:48
Awww such a cute pup! Hooray for rescues! (as her two rescued noisemakers bark at who knows what outside)
posted by bluesapphires 13 February | 17:54
Flew?! Dang, the pets around here get around!
posted by Ardiril 13 February | 18:00
Wow - Drum looks like a very bright dog. I think you're going to have your hands full (voice of experience, as the human belonging to a border collie and a BC-mix).
He's gorgeous - and you can bask in the reflection that you did the right thing. I help out with an animal rescue in the States - the facile excuses that people use to abandon a thinking, feeling, bonded animal that they chose in the first place drive me nuts.
posted by Susurration 13 February | 19:07
Actually turns out Drum is a good boy - he's very well toilet trained and obedient. He flinched to start with when EM talked to him or moved near him - but this morning he'd already gotten used to him a bit more. Drum has never been around little kids before so it was a concern - but this morning they were playing together and he wasn't flinching. I haven't heard him bark yet either - he's a pretty quiet little guy. Loves going walkies! He settled down well to sleep in his new bed cushion - after he made sure it was dead and then rolled in it to claim it.
posted by gomichild 13 February | 23:03
What a nice story! Makes me feel all fuzzy inside. It makes me boggle that people could possibly consider having a dog put down because it's a bother for them. I just can't get my head around that sort of mind-set. Not even one little bit. I wish you guys the very best of luck - may there be much wagging and happy slobber in your future!
posted by ninazer0 13 February | 23:36
Yay! Pretty puppy.
posted by occhiblu 14 February | 00:30
posted by Senyar 14 February | 07:04
Aw, this has made my day.
posted by BoringPostcards 14 February | 07:21
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