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03 February 2012

Update on this poster post… So, I have still not managed to get my invincible Summer poster.[More:]

I couldn’t find a .jpg online that was high enough resolution to look good at the 26 x 22 size I need. So I ordered a small poster online for about $7, took it to Kinkos and had them scan, crop and print it. And it looked just awful. The Kinkos employee said that a scan of the poster is never going to print well, because it picks up the glare of the poster paper. So I need a high resolution scan of this artwork. Where on earth can I get one? I’m toying with the idea of emailing one of the big online poster companies and asking if they’ll send me one of their .jpgs for a price, but I doubt they’ll be willing to, or that they won’t charge me some huge amount. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Wow. The Internet filter here at work caught this as pornography. I might have to come see it in person. :-)
posted by danf 03 February | 12:19
I'm not allowed to see it either. Those darn Art Nouveau pron hacks. Seriously, though I think it was Hokusai who (literally) did tentacle porn, among other erotica.

I dunno, but maybe you could go all "analog" and take a photo of the print? Or spray a sheet of clear mylar/acetate/whatever with matte lacquer, then have Kinkos scan it with the transparent sheet over it? You might even get an effect you like with a tiny bit of a slight dull blur.

Heck, put a thin coat of vaseline on the inside of a mylar sleeve while you're at it and see if you get an old film effect you like...
posted by shane 03 February | 12:44
Here's the poster. It's truly not even PG-13!
posted by Orange Swan 03 February | 13:03

Is this emoticon ;-) even necessary? Please tell me no, 'cuz I'm sarcastic 24/7.
posted by shane 03 February | 13:07
Shane honey, you just go right on clutching your pearls. With the one hand.

I'm looking to see if there are any other posters I could be happy with. This one would actually be kind of funny given that the chest of drawers the poster is to go on will be holding sewing supplies. This one would suit the room (which is my attic workroom) quite well, but I'm not sure I'm in love with it. I do want to follow the path in the painting, though! I like this one, though I am not sure the colours will suit the attic.

The attic is, by the way, painted cream, and the chest of drawers is also painted cream with silver drawer pulls. The room otherwise holds some light wood tone and ivory-painted furniture. There are just a few touches of colour in aqua and spring green. I'd like the painting to be in aqua and spring green as well.

When I did the guest room chest of drawers in this way, I was lucky enough to find a painting I loved that suited the room perfectly and was period appropriate, Paul Ranson's Apple Tree with Red Fruit. I never get tired of seeing it. I could happily stand for half an hour or more gazing at it.

Sigh. I shall just keep exploring my options. It's better to leave the chest of drawers plain than to go with the wrong poster that I'm not going to like, or will get tired of.
posted by Orange Swan 03 February | 13:28
Sorry, I think I'm missing something. I'm not sure if I'm understanding this right, because I see that online it's possible to get this particular painting in prints of different sizes, so why not just order a bigger one in the size that you want rather than trying to have one blown up from a smaller print?
posted by Senyar 03 February | 13:52
The biggest size they have is $200 and is still not wide enough for my purposes. They put a huge border on the poster at that size, so the total poster measurements are misleading — you have to look at the image size.
posted by Orange Swan 03 February | 13:54
I don't think I've had problems with shiny paper in my home scanner. I'm a bit suspicious of that excuse. Regardless, a 7" picture isn't going to look very good blown up as big as you want. I'm also surprised that this can't be found as a large poster for a reasonable price. Mucha is, or at least used to be, pretty popular.
posted by DarkForest 03 February | 14:04
There's a fairly large scan here. The colors look a bit off, but that might be fixable. Still not really big enough for a good print at the size you want.
posted by DarkForest 03 February | 14:22
Maybe you can find something you like at this site of free high res art (warning, art boobies)
This one has a slightly similar feel
posted by rmless2 03 February | 14:26
I scanned the poster in myself on my home scanner, and it looked better than the Kinkos print, so I was wondering if that was an excuse too. It is bigger than 7", as well - I said it cost seven dollars. The size of the little poster I have is maybe 9" x 16", give or take.

I'm pretty sure I found that very one, DarkForest, and took it to a better print shop on King. It still wasn't big enough.
posted by Orange Swan 03 February | 14:28
Ooh, rmless2, the site you linked to looks like a good resource. I do quite like this one, though maybe not enough. But I'll have to dig around some more.
posted by Orange Swan 03 February | 14:33
I don't dare click on it, but is that I've heard great things about that site. Just totally one-stop-shopping for all things art & booby.

Seriously, Mucha is such simple line and color art that you could scan a low-rez version, open it in Photoshop or Paintshop, up the pixel/inch count and resize it larger, then toss on a little blur to even out any pixellation.
posted by shane 03 February | 15:53
(Then take the file to the printer on a zip drive, of course.)
posted by shane 03 February | 15:55
WHOA, this never occurred to me, but I wonder if comic-babe-god Adam Hughes was influenced by Mucha? In style if not form? The lines and outlines and the colors within? Or was it just a normal transition from traditional comics style?

Was Mucha's style heavily influenced by anyone?

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by shane 03 February | 16:14
You can also google for software that increase the pixel count of your picture. this is the first result I found.
posted by jouke 03 February | 17:38
I am really not good at the whole image manipulation thing, sigh.
posted by Orange Swan 04 February | 01:14
I found a fairly high-ish res version online. Or there is are two top-half scans [v1] and [v2] that might provide you with a better aspect ratio for a chest of drawers.
None of these is really huge, but they are a lot better for printing than the one that you had. Right-click to download from these links.
posted by Susurration 04 February | 17:26
If you ever want, OS, I'll talk you through it (via some chat function somewhere) if you have Photoshop or something similar. It's literally five minutes work. You'd have to call your printer of choice and ask them what format they want the file saved in (and explain to them that the image is already set at the size you want it printed and therefore it doesn't have to be a vector graphic -- sometimes Kinkos employees think anything you bring them on a USB drive that you want printed big has to be vector.)
posted by shane 05 February | 21:43
Thanks so much, Shane — I will very likely be taking you up on that offer.
posted by Orange Swan 17 February | 10:47
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