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12 August 2011

Jesus Christ. Doesn't a burst appendix kill you? My co-worker is in the hospital.[More:]Just found out that my co-worker (there are only two of us in the dept.) was admitted to the hospital to operate on a burst appendix. Apparently, it burst almost a week ago but they missed it. I thought that once it burst, it could kill you due to the bacteria seeping into your system?! Jesus, this is nervewracking.
A friend's daughter had a burst appendix that she ignored for almost four days, because it was registration time at her college and she was so worried she'd miss out on getting the classes she wanted.

Then she was out for most of the semester anyway, recovering from it. Apparently a burst appendix CAN kill you, and from the way she describes it, the pain makes you WANT to die, but it's not an instant kind of thing.
posted by BoringPostcards 12 August | 09:10
I recently heard a story that might have been on The Moth about a guy's burst appendix. It might have been Andy Borowitz. Anyway, he made it very funny, and he survived.
posted by Miko 12 August | 09:22

Yeah, I had a friend who ignored a burst appendix too. He was very sick, but he's fine now.
posted by gaspode 12 August | 09:48
Mr. Arkham almost died from a burst appendix he ignored...and then when we finally went to the ER he sat around for hours because "if it was his appendix, he would be screaming in pain." Not taking into account midwestern stoicism and a high pain tolerance.

Best wishes for your co-worker, once it does burst that's a long recovery.
posted by JoanArkham 12 August | 10:35
My 4 year old uncle died from one before my mother was born.

Miko, I heard it on NPR.
posted by brujita 12 August | 10:35
Yeah, from what I could tell, the pain wasn't intolerable. She was exhausted and sleeping all day (this all started with a diagnosed run-of-the-mill stomach virus) and assumed that she was just recovering from the virus, but it wasn't intolerable. Bleah. Right now they're waiting for her body to stabilize before they can do the surgery...when you've been hit with that many toxins, it's dangerous to do anything drastic. I think the surgery is later this afternoon.
posted by Melismata 12 August | 10:53
My appendix is rigged to burst if I ever come into contact with Billy Ray Cyrus.

I'm doing this for you, Universe.
posted by Eideteker 12 August | 12:07
Eide, that only works if the appendix is capable of bursting out of your abdomen and strangling Billy Ray.
posted by oneswellfoop 12 August | 15:06
I recently heard a story that might have been on The Moth about a guy's burst appendix. It might have been Andy Borowitz. Anyway, he made it very funny, and he survived.

It was on This American Life recently. It's a great story.
posted by cillit bang 12 August | 18:36
I just found out a few days ago that my mum had her appendix removed when she was 16. It was causing some issues and she had just gotten married. Her doc wanted it out before she got pregnant and caused even more issues.
posted by deborah 12 August | 22:38
We're taught it can kill you because it can, but sometimes one's body makes a sac like thing that contains the infection. That's what happened to a friend of mine last year. She walked around with the thing busted for almost a week. When she did report to the hospital, they cleared the infection, and scheduled the removal for a month or so later. Wild stuff. Your friend will be ok.
posted by rainbaby 13 August | 08:00
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