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11 August 2011

My wife quit her job yesterday. [More:]This led to this which led to this, this, and this.

Then my wife got involved. This led to this, this, and this, which brings us to yesterday, when she turned in her resignation.

She's been talking to accountants and office-space leasers and bar owners and wedding planners and health-insurance folks and all that, got the bills paid off and savings accumulated. Gave her day job a month's notice, and they're all happy for her, so there's a good reference, if she needs to back track.

Thanks for the support, all.
No, no. Thank YOU for your help.
posted by MonkeyButter 11 August | 15:47
Oh, that's so wonderful! (I had to click all the way through to make sure she didn't get dragged in and berated for her off-hours activities or nothin' :P)
posted by Madamina 11 August | 16:50
Oh so she was ABLE to quit her job due to this great opportunity you guys have now to provide a valuable service?

This post is so winningly better than I expected!
posted by danf 11 August | 17:24
This so rocks!!
posted by leesh 11 August | 17:36
Whoooo! Excellent!
posted by jason's_planet 11 August | 18:08
AND I get to have a wife who works only one job--everything won't have to be confined to nights and weekends, no more early-morning trips to the court house.

So very proud of her.
posted by mrmoonpie 11 August | 18:25
posted by sperose 11 August | 18:26
Oh, here's another: A meetup led to my being friends with exogenous, at whose house I jammed with cortex. exogenous introduced me to piedrasyluz, who, as it turns out, I'd met a week earlier when I ordained him and he gave me a bottle of absinthe. At a project meeting, I met the owner of a bar mentioned as a possible place for holding weddings. Said owner has now given my wife a tour of his places, and has offered their unlimited use. Pays to network, I guess.
posted by mrmoonpie 11 August | 18:39
Cool! May eviltiff and you enable many happy marriages!
posted by brujita 11 August | 19:41
Huzzahs all around!
posted by deborah 11 August | 20:51
Yay! The owners of Little Miss Whiskeys/Jimmy Valentines are friends-of-a-friend and seem like really good folks.

Hope things work out...Mr Arkham and I want to renew our vows in 2015. :)
posted by JoanArkham 12 August | 08:09
That is great! Congrats to you both and I hope she is really happy doing this.
posted by rmless2 12 August | 12:52
Wheee! Quite a ride!

To infinity and beyond!
posted by mightshould 12 August | 14:37
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