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29 January 2011

The call you don't want to get [More:] My wife got a call this morning from her sister. Her parents were driving to New Paltz, NY, to visit their granddaughter at college and were in a car accident. From what we've heard so far, the car was totaled. They were both conscious after the accident (my sister-in-law talked to them both via cell phone), but for whatever reason, they are worried more about my mother-in-law than my father-in-law.
Oh, damn... I hope they're both okay, Doohickie.
posted by BoringPostcards 29 January | 15:37
Oh, Doohickie! I'm sending good thoughts and wishes to you, your wife, and her family.
posted by Elsa 29 January | 15:52
Just got a call from my wife's sister. First of all, no broken bones or internal injuries. Whew!

The issue with my mother-in-law is that they thought her hand was broken, but the x-rays were negative. Whew!

The story is that they missed their exit, got off on the next one, had gotten on the Thruway and were fully on, and some guy from the extreme left lane cut across the traffic lanes and hit them in the side. Their car, a Honda (I thought Accord but my sis-in-law said it was a Civic), was clearly totaled but the air bags did not deploy (probably because of the side collision).

They are out of the Emergency Room and having lunch at a cafe with my niece whom they were going to visit to begin with. My brother-in-law is driving down to pick them up and bring them home. My son (who just moved up to Albany last week) will stay with them tonight and maybe tomorrow night, just in case they need anything.

Could have been a lot worse. Whew!
posted by Doohickie 29 January | 16:21
Oh no .. is your wife going up there? Please post an update when you know more and let us know how they're doing. Meanwhile, sending good thoughts your way and their way and hoping for the best.
posted by Kangaroo 29 January | 16:21
Oh, that's reassuring! Still very alarming and inconvenient and painful, but thank goodness they're okay!

Just before you posted this scary news, I was thinking of you and wondering if you'd heard from your son about how he's settling in. It's great that he can be on the spot to help out!
posted by Elsa 29 January | 16:26
So glad it wasn't worse! I'm sure you've been on a hell of an emotional roller-coaster today. *whew*
posted by JoanArkham 29 January | 16:32
Elsa- a bug went through the house just after I left. My son was sick as a dog on Thursday but still made it to his training class. He's feeling better today. He still hasn't gotten the car fixed though, mostly cuz he hasn't been feeling well. He'll probably take care of it Monday or Tuesday.

From everything we hear, though, he's doing well with the move and glad he went.
posted by Doohickie 29 January | 16:32
Wow, you've had some family ups and downs lately, Doohickie. I hope things run a little smoother for you from now on.
posted by Senyar 29 January | 16:52
I hope your in-laws are ok. Thank goodness it wasn't worse!
posted by fancyoats 29 January | 17:14
Poor Doohickie! I'm glad that second phone was much better news.
posted by gomichild 29 January | 18:10
Glad everyone's all right now. Best wishes that things will continue to be that way.
posted by casarkos 29 January | 19:21
Okay, so here's how it went down. My father-in-law was in the middle lane (of three going in his direction), approaching two cars going slower than he was. He pulled out to pass them. As he came alongside the vehicle that was closer to him (an SUV), it jumped out into his lane and tried to get in front of him to pass the vehicle in front. No blinker, nothing, just came over into my father-in-law's fender, pushing his car onto the shoulder, bounced off the guardrail, hit SUV and spun around.

Here's the kicker: No one stopped- just them and the SUV. They had to call 911 themselves.

Here's the other kicker: The SUV driver claimed that my father-in-law was trying to pass him on the shoulder and that's what caused the accident (one's word against the other, so no tickets issued).

For the record, my father-in-law is a retired trucker and has millions of miles under his belt.
posted by Doohickie 29 January | 19:44
Phew, phew, phew. So glad things aren't worse.
posted by Madamina 29 January | 22:27
I am SO glad they are OK. You have had a lot of familial stress lately!
posted by Miko 30 January | 00:04
EEEE Doohickie! Glad they're ok.
posted by brujita 30 January | 02:54
So glad that everyone is ok, including your son - I worried this was about him somehow.
posted by rainbaby 30 January | 17:13
My wife thought the same thing.
posted by Doohickie 31 January | 22:21
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