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27 January 2011

Soda madness So, what little things do you do different at the self-serve soda fountain?[More:] Specifically, do you mix your drinks? (I have to confess a certain affinity for a splash of HI-C pink lemonade in my diet Pepsi.) You?
I never even thought of doing that. It's always just straight root beer for me, on the rare occasions that I have a soda.
posted by DarkForest 27 January | 20:48
if there is a raspberry flavour (is there ever in the US? I forget - I never use those things) then I will make coke and raspberry or sprite and raspberry. Delish.
posted by gaspode 27 January | 20:54
If they have both iced tea and lemonade I will do half and half. I also think a shot of Sprite or 7-up makes anything taste a little better so I like to add a splash to whatever I'm drinking.

If I am lucky enough to find myself in a huge convenience store or gas station with a large selection of self-serve drinks, I love me some Slush Puppy with just a little Sprite added midway through for some added fizz and to keep the second half of the drink from getting too icy and boring. Orange is the top Slush Puppy flavor, followed by Coke, anything lemon/lime and then cherry.

Besides my mixology skills I am a thief. I will fix my drink, drink a bunch of it standing right there and then refill it. I would never think of doing this at a salad bar or at a bulk foods counter but somehow it doesn't seem so criminal at a soda fountain.
posted by Kangaroo 27 January | 21:16
I get some extra ice in mine.
posted by mullacc 27 January | 21:23
I like to mix Sprite and Lemonade.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 January | 21:30
Dammit, this post makes me want McDonalds.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 January | 21:33
They've started putting these soda machines in some of the fast food places around my office. I want to try it, but I don't know what I'd do with it. I'm usually a straight up root beer or coke kinda girl.
posted by youngergirl44 27 January | 21:38
At those things, I usually wind up cursing at it because it's out of syrup and/or soda water and gives me a very nasty drink.
posted by Melismata 27 January | 21:58
I'm obsessive about fountain drinks. I'm a huge fan of self-serve lemonade tea in the summer. The later in the day the more lemonade in the mix, the earlier it is the more caffeine. I don't even use the self-serve fountain in the winter because then I only want hot drinks or Sonic Diet Coke. Sonic has the best fountain drinks in America.
posted by toastedbeagle 27 January | 22:23
I like a bit of lemonade in my diet Coke. At home, during the summer, I buy Rose's Lime Cordial and add a splash of that to my diet Coke. So good!
posted by deborah 27 January | 22:35
3/4 diet, 1/4 regular Coke.
posted by iconomy 27 January | 22:35
When I was in college, we'd always take, like, eight of those little juice glasses and fill them with different things. (No bigger glasses -- you'd think they might want to reduce the dishwashing load, but noooo...)

Of course, when I was in middle/high school and going to orchestra camp in college dorms, we would always do what we called "hurricanes" -- that precise knowledge of specific gravity that lets you float the Diet Coke on top of the Mountain Dew.

posted by Madamina 27 January | 22:48
I'm obsessive about fountain drinks.

Me too. I will drive well out of my way to a convenience store that I know has fountain drinks over one that only has bottles and cans. I don't mix sodas at all - I usually get diet, or if it's splurge time, a Dr. Pepper - but I really like to basically fill the cup up with ice, making sure I have way more than a counter service place would give you. The ice is the best part, especially on a road trip, where you can enjoy it for an hour without having to make a pit stop really soon again. Also, bottle and can soda always seems too aggressively bubbly for me, and the bubbles don't seethe and pop like in fountain drinks unless you shake the can up, and then you have a mess. I like the more effervescent carbonation that's in fountain drinks, with bigger bubbles and a fast-subsiding foam, and the way they flatten out a lot faster.

Yeah. Obsessive.
posted by Miko 27 January | 22:52
Mix blue 'Powerade' and 'Mellow Yellow' in equal parts. Pleasantly tart, and a beautiful radioluminescent green!

posted by Kronos_to_Earth 27 January | 23:28
Self-serve fountains are rare in the UK, people can't be trusted (a) to not steal the soda or (b) to not vandalise the fountains.
posted by Senyar 28 January | 06:31
Summer Sunday hangover treat = lots of ice, half coke, half diet coke. I love coke, but am a diet pepsi bottle person most of the time.
posted by rainbaby 28 January | 06:38
Miko, Y'all don't have QTs in New England do you? The QT convenience store/gas station is THE place on the road in Texas. The drink area is the size of my bedroom, the fountain drinks are made using filtered water, the place is always clean and the counter staff is always polite. I'm pretty sure more people go to QT on weekends than go to church. And this is the Bible Belt.
posted by toastedbeagle 28 January | 11:49
Only ever use the ice and water dispensers. I hate soda and haven't drunk any for at least 15 years.
posted by bearwife 28 January | 13:50
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