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27 December 2010

I am so sad right now ... [More:]
I cannot fly to NYC - the earliest the airline could schedule me was 31 December, and my flight home to England was on 30 December, so the airline has rebooked me to fly home tonight via Chicago.

I am so sad to not be seeing my friends in New York. So very upset about it. Right now I am beyond words.
Wow, that is unbelievable. I can't believe that the airline can't get its act together to reschedule you before 12/31. They won't reschedule you on another airline (sounds crazy but I am sure I've heard of that before)? That sucks. I, for one, am very disappointed that I won't get to see you.

I am sure you've considered all the options but... What about taking a bus to NYC? Or train?
posted by amro 27 December | 11:29
I'm sorry, that really blows. It is so frustrating when the weather ruins plans. Makes the world seem very uncaring.
posted by JanetLand 27 December | 11:31
Damn. I am sorry for all of you, knowing the joy and conviviality you bring to the NY bunnies.
posted by danf 27 December | 11:31
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 December | 11:34
That sucks, I'm really sorry. I'm sure everyone wants to make sure you get home safe, first and foremost.
posted by rainbaby 27 December | 11:35
posted by sperose 27 December | 11:35
That really does suck, Senyar, but I know it's for the best. I'm sitting on the other side of your trip under 2 feet of snow, and nothing is running, no trains, no buses. All the airports said they would work to be open by noon today, but then it became four, and now they're saying they are not sure they will be able to open today. People are stuck in the terminals lining up for breakfast at Sbarro's, the only vendor open according to the news, having been there in some cases since 10 AM yesterday morning with no other food, unable to get their checked bags and unable to leave because there is no other transport available. You dodged a bullet in not getting stuck in the middle of this. I understand your disappointment but I am actually really glad you didn't already land here and get caught in that horrid limbo. You are among many thousands of people whose plans took an enormous jolt due to a really unprecedented kind of bizzard that has just knocked the Northeast for one of the worst loops I have ever witnessed. What a powerful storm.
posted by Miko 27 December | 11:41
Fly to Florida instead! Come hang out with us!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 December | 11:44
That does suck. But could there be a silver lining? Is your layover in Chicago long enough leave security and get back through?
posted by youngergirl44 27 December | 11:45
Yeah, maybe just do a brand new itinerary and have some other kind of fun?
posted by Miko 27 December | 11:48
Or could you fly home from Chicago on the 30th? Come stay with me and the BF!! We'd love to have you and have a spare bedroom!
posted by youngergirl44 27 December | 11:50
Oh man, viachicago. Wonder what her and kyleg are up to these days.

(Miss you, Senyar!)
posted by Eideteker 27 December | 12:02
Senyar - I just sent you a facebook message. Please, please, please consider coming to Chicago.
posted by youngergirl44 27 December | 12:19
Wow, so sorry to hear it, Senyar. :( And poor Miko (and all the other folks) stuck at airports! That sounds totally miserable.
posted by BoringPostcards 27 December | 12:46
this sucks.
Well I hope you make the most of your remaining vacation and I hope we NY bunnies get to see you some other time!
posted by rmless2 27 December | 13:00
I'm not stuck at an airport, thankfully...I'm at home with my folks. The worst I'm suffering from is cabin fever from being housebound since about noon yesterday. AAAaaAAAaaaAAAaaaaaaaAAaaa....
posted by Miko 27 December | 13:16
Amro, I looked into all other options. There's no Amtrak link from here to NY or anywhere near. The planes from Columbus to NY (on all airlines) are these little commuter planes, 30-seater things and they are always full. So there were, say, 10 American Airlines planes cancelled yesterday, 10 today, so that's 600 people they need to squeeze onto planes that will already be pretty much full scheduled to fly on 28 and 29 Dec, assuming the airports open by then. They keep pushing back the time for JFK to reopen, and there's no word on when LaGuardia will open We explored all options and this was really the only thing they could do.

I'm on standby in Chicago, but it's likely that people needing to get to Chicago (which is one of American Airlines' international hubs) might not be able to get there, so I am confident I will have a seat, or else I will be on the phone to Youngergirl for a bed for the night. I only have carry-on, so I'll have control over everything I've brought with me.

I've already paid for my accommodation in NYC (it's through a church, so has different cancellation rules than hotels), but may be able to claim the cost back on my travel insurance. I'll submit a claim when I get home.

I've stopped crying for now. I'm sure I'll have some more tears later.
posted by Senyar 27 December | 13:45
OK, signing out now, going for lunch and then to the airport for my 5.30 flight to Chicago. I fly out of O'Hare at 10pm, all being well. There's free wifi in Col, but not in Chicago, so I'll probably talk to you again from the other side.
posted by Senyar 27 December | 13:47
Aw ... so sorry. This really stinks and I'm sad for you. I think you should plan another trip sometime soon .. take a long weekend and jet over and make it up to yourself.

And the next time you're in Ohio let me know and maybe we can get together ... I'm mostly in Cleveland these days which is not far from Columbus and I'd love to meet you.

Wishing you safe travels and all the best.
posted by Kangaroo 27 December | 14:45
You should be able to get something back from the hotel. They will not be at all suprised that conditions prevented someone from getting in. I repeat: even if you could get to NYC, you really woudn't want to undertake the travel right now anyway. Things are far from clear.
posted by Miko 27 December | 15:20
It's not a hotel, Mika, it's an apartment rented from a church, and if you cancel within 21 days, you have to pay the full amount. I'll check when I get home to see if they've been able to re-let to anyone stranded, and if they have, I might get a refund but if not, I think my insurance should cover it.

I'll get back to NYC soon, I'm sure. Just not this year.
posted by Senyar 27 December | 16:26
Gah, the whole East Coast weather thing just sucks. Especially since we on the West Coast are wishing for some snow!

And Senyar, all this on top of your issues on the flight over? That really beyond the pale. You definitely deserve a decent holiday.

Here's to hoping everyone gets to where they're going safe and sound!
posted by deborah 27 December | 16:48
It's not a hotel, Mika, it's an apartment rented from a church, and if you cancel within 21 days, you have to pay the full amount.

I know, you've linked to it before. But despite the type of accommodation, I would definitely encourage you to be optimistic, because this storm is really unusual - one of the worst to hit NYC in recorded history, probably the 2nd worst ever - and in the process of dealing with it most organizations have had to do unusual things. Yes, it's possible they rented it to some other traveler when you didn't show, but even if they didn't, and even if they are open, they may recognize that this was really in Act of God territory and you certainly aren't the only one whose plans have changed. Give it a try.
posted by Miko 27 December | 16:51
Oh yes I'll definitely ask them for a refund, but will probably stand a better chance of a refund through the insurance.
posted by Senyar 27 December | 16:53
Well, good luck either way.
posted by Miko 27 December | 17:37
Such a bummer not to see ya... wishing you a safe trip home, though, and looking forward to seeing you whenever you can make it back over. (I think you should take pinky up on Florida, though, if you can! Build a sand castle and knock it down for me. :)

Miss you. :(
posted by Pips 27 December | 20:32
Senyar, the BF and I had dinner at Giordano's. She's now full of Chicago style pizza and waiting to see if she can get on the flight to London tonight.
posted by youngergirl44 27 December | 21:29
This is heartbreaking, sweetheart. So sorry.
posted by Specklet 27 December | 21:35
Senyar: I got your call this morning, but was so wrapped up in my own travel-potential-then-real-limbo that I really only left a message on your phone and then had to get to work.

I'm so sorry that I won't get to see you this year for our usual special dinner, but I'm sure we'll be able to do it again soon.

Take care, and safe journeys.
posted by TrishaLynn 27 December | 21:55
Senyar, I am so sorry.
posted by LoriFLA 28 December | 09:03
Did you make it home okay?
posted by amro 28 December | 12:17
I did, amro. A long, long flight (we had to return to Chicago 2 hours after takeoff) but I got home this evening.
posted by Senyar 28 December | 20:51
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