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04 December 2010

Snow! [More:] Here in North Cackalack, we rarely get snow at all, much less this early in the season. WHEE! Safe travels to the other central NC bunnehs. OK, I really just mean leesh, because I suspect the others are snug, and I know leesh has to drive.

My facebook feed has exploded.
Booooo all we have is sleet & freezing rain.
posted by mygothlaundry 04 December | 14:41
A surprising amount of snow here in Greensboro. Roads are starting to get slushy. It is pretty though.
posted by jeoc 04 December | 14:52
We are going to get between 10 and 20 inches in the next 36 hours.


I guess if you only see it once in awhile you may be charmed by it. I personally would like to never see another flake of it. It comes in November, hangs around until April, makes travel treacherous, makes my kid housebound and nutty, and serves no useful purpose at all.

I was meant to live someplace warm, but I don't.
posted by Kangaroo 04 December | 14:55
We have had a thaw, but with a freeze on the way, so more ice to come.
posted by Senyar 04 December | 15:12
As another North Cackalack bunny, we are completely stunned by this early snowfall. I am so supposed to go sing in an Hallelujah choir tonight, and I don't know if my friend and I are going to be brave enough to drive down to campus. :( I'm leaning towards staying snug and under my blankie for the rest of the day, but the Hallelujah choir only comes once a year!
posted by msali 04 December | 15:31
Yeah, I'm pretty worried about the drive home actually--by 9:15 things may be pretty slippy out. I think my boss might let me close early if it keeps up--cross your fingers!
posted by leesh 04 December | 15:35
I guess you're getting the snow they were originally saying we would get in DC. Sorry about that! (Not really, I am dreading the snow this year...had my fill of it last winter.)
posted by JoanArkham 04 December | 18:42
Here, it's supposed to get all the way down to 51 tonight.

Hope all who had to deal with snow are safe and sound.
posted by galadriel 04 December | 21:17
Apparently I'm the anti-kangaroo.

People a few miles away got 20-30 inches and we just got a dusting, and I tells ya we was CHEATED.

I love the snow. It's fluffy and cheerful and soooo much nicer than just dead grass, and the snow removal here is so good that unless there's a true blizzard it doesn't really affect travel. And even if there is a true blizzard, you can just stay home.

Also it gives the dogs a really thorough case of the shitheads when they go outside, so there's that.
posted by ROU Xenophobe 04 December | 22:22
So last night my husband came home drunk: A FML Story || ... and add two handfuls of baby bunny for extra sweetness.