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19 March 2010

I have hiccups. Make them stop.[More:] Thank you.

(did it work?)
posted by jamaro 19 March | 23:49
did you try the eating a teaspoon of sugar remedy yet? It probably doesn't work, but it's more fun that trying to drink a glass of water the wrong way round.
posted by serazin 19 March | 23:53
BOO did not work.

I have not tried sugar, but I'm also slightly drunk and certainly lazy, and there's a cat on my lap, so getting up and dealing with sugar sounds like WAY too much of a hassle just now.
posted by occhiblu 19 March | 23:54
Well, it looks like jamaro has already done the tried and true. If that didn't work, hold your breath. :)

Joking aside, you can usually stop hiccups by slowing your breathing. The hiccup is a nervous twitch in your diaphragm... if you focus on your breathing for a second you can usually get hold of it again and breathe deeply a few times to restore your normal rhythm.
posted by BoringPostcards 19 March | 23:57
OK, you should then try to drink off the back of your glass, which will be more fun since you're slightly drunk.
posted by serazin 19 March | 23:57
Simulate drowning.

Seriously, it's a gasping response. Hold your nose and drink as much water as you can from a running facuet - as much- hold it until you think you/re gonna pass out, don't take in any air.

The resulting gasps and coughs should shake up the spams.
posted by The Whelk 20 March | 00:04
Apparently, looking at Maru worked. I assume something occurred with my breathing or laughing or awwwwwing that actually helped, but whatever worked, I can strongly recommend Maru as an anti-hiccup aid.
posted by occhiblu 20 March | 00:20
Ah, Maru. Bless his fantastic healing powers.

Just in case you ever find yourself hiccuping and unable to connect to the youtubes, here's a two step method that has worked for me since I learned it.

Materials needed:
-a glass of water
-a piece of paper towel large enough to cover the top of the glass

Step 01: cover the top of the glass with the paper towel, folding the paper towel so that it wraps around the top
Step 02: sip from the glass
posted by joedan 20 March | 00:28
Take a deep breath and hold it down hard for 30 seconds.
posted by brujita 20 March | 01:06
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