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13 March 2010

In which a grouchy old man succcumbs to Lady Gaga's earworms [More:]I held out as long as I could. I thought I could stop whenever I wanted.

But waiting for the microwave to finish brewing Mrs. B's tea just now, the earworm asserted its dominance. The noggin started bobbin' as I murmured "... not gonna reach my telephone". (ridiculously NSFW)

You win, Lady Gaga. You don't win fair... but you win.
*picks up the Grouchy Old Man regimental flag; carries on*

I got your back, bro.
posted by Doohickie 13 March | 11:27
Joe, I think you need to make a video of your grouchy old man noggin bobbin to Gaga and post it here.
posted by msali 13 March | 11:41
man, this was a great mental picture.
posted by desjardins 13 March | 12:01
Lady Gaga's (or as I prefer to call her 'Lady Generic') earworms don't work on me; they get their little heads bitten off by all my Old TV Theme earworms and fall out of my ears onto the floor. I fear I may be the last American unaffected by her 'charms' when she shows her true colors and orders us all to vote for the Palin/Beck ticket in 2012.
posted by oneswellfoop 13 March | 13:19
wow. Upon watching that video I have decided that she is a legit cultural force for our era. She has cheap-thrilled her way into my respect!
posted by Firas 13 March | 15:06
That video is awesome on so many levels.
posted by BoringPostcards 13 March | 15:08
Hah Joe, I fell prey to her a few weeks ago and ended up buying one of her albums too. It's been on more or less no-stop repeat in my car ever since.

As I was typing the above, my young son wandered by singing "Ra ra-ah-ah, roma roma-ma, Gaga, ooh lala."
posted by jamaro 13 March | 15:19
That's a brilliant video.

And my vote is that Gaga is today's Madonna.
posted by deborah 13 March | 16:06
the song's meh though.
posted by Firas 13 March | 16:42
Yeah, Madonna reborn for sure. I've always thought that. I still don't like her music, but I can see how fans of pop and/or R&B music would like them.
posted by dg 13 March | 17:17
This song doesn't do anything for me but others by her have. The video is pretty good though.
posted by Ardiril 13 March | 17:25
"Bad Romance" was the first song by her that seemed to have a real person behind it. She can obviously craft a pop hook (certainly with the help of RedOne, etc.) but most of her first wave of singles were pretty empty emotionally, and so is this one. The video's pretty awesome, though.
posted by dhartung 13 March | 19:02
Lady Gaga has made me fall in love with contemporary pop music again. I think the last time that happened was when I discovered Prince in seventh grade.

Welcome to the club. It's a weird place to be, I realize (good lord, I don't even listen to music radio or watch TV, and my musical tastes tend toward avant-garde noise "music") but so is the world in general, so hey. At least GaGa-land is lot more fun and friendly and even challenging-in-a-good-way.
posted by treepour 13 March | 19:31
And my vote is that Gaga is today's Madonna.

Except Gaga is like three times as talented as Madonna ever was. That's not to take away from the many ground-breaking things Madonna did, but there are at last a half-dozen songs on "The Fame Monster" that are better than anything Madonna ever did in her life. And she makes every single appearance, even when it's on a daytime talk show, crazy unique and awesome.
posted by BoringPostcards 13 March | 21:18
That video is pretty mind-blowing. It's also mind-blowing that the most normal Lady GaGa has ever looked is when she's dancing in a prison wearing a studded bikini.
posted by mullacc 13 March | 22:02
I still hate her and everything she stands for.
posted by jonmc 14 March | 13:47
I clicked and watched for a while. Does absolutely nothing for me.

And no way you're gonna take my Madonna away from me.
posted by Doohickie 14 March | 23:26
I watched the video and wound up with a seeping rash. She's just so....ugh. Needs a Lysol dip or something.
posted by stormpooper 15 March | 11:32
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