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12 March 2010

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 3-point update. [More:]
Friday: IT has been prevented from disabling our old case-handling system because I am the only person in the whole organisation (of over 1,000 users) for whom it will not work. It's throwing up dozens of error messages every time I try to run a task. IT cannot work out what is causing this, and (so my IT SysAdmin spy tells me) management is very cross that they are having to keep the old (and much better) system running just for me. Meanwhile, all around me are struggling with the new system while I sail blithely along on the old, as the IT boffins scratch their heads over how to fix this and escalate it further and further up their hierarchy. I don't have a whole load of faith in our IT department - we are still running IE 6 and MS Office 2001.

Caturday: Meetup! Before that, shopping for shoes and bras. After that, a fun evening arranged by a friend, seeing a movie that really intrigues me.

Funday: A lie-in (cats permitting), followed by a day of football on TV and me probably not changing out of my old sweatpants all day.

How about you?
Fri: Packing etc
Sat: Flying to Boston
Sun: In Boston

Today can't end soon enough!
posted by kodama 12 March | 15:46
Friday: Friday evening (after the baby goes to bed) is when we clean the apartment. Yeah, that kind of sucks, but then you finish, order in food, and open the bottle of wine. And for those few hours everything is tidy and peaceful.

Saturday/Sunday: My husband is on call, thus we can't really do anything too far away together, because he can't go more than about 30 minutes from his hospital. Me and the kid might go to a museum or something, I dunno... *shrug* Also, shopping for the twenty million friends I have who are having babies in the next few weeks. Woot!
posted by gaspode 12 March | 15:50
Friday: Going to extra rehearsal for my string group.

Sat: hauling tables to church in Newburyport for Sunday hanndbell choir performance; having lunch with friend there. Real food! Woo-hoo!

Sun: Handbell choir performing at said church. Meeting at 8 a.m.; bleah. I have all their cell phone numbers handy, just in case anyone misses the time change.
posted by Melismata 12 March | 15:51
Friday: TiVo night!

Saturday: Church office for various work then church social to welcome new pastoral candidate. Possibly a trip to Costco in the evening.

Sunday: Pastoral candidate leads worship. We vote on his call right after the service. Hopefully, he is elected and we all cheer. Then, Stynx and I go shopping for some much needed new clothes and shoes, and go to Keith and the Girl bingo.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 March | 15:55
Oh hey people, don't forget: Spring Forward Saturday night! Set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 March | 15:57
Friday: boss boss boss will you please leave for your allergy shot so I can completely slack off? Then post slacking I am meeting best girlfriends for beers after work.

Saturday: House needs cleaning; dogs need washing; laundry needs doing; groceries need buying - etc. And have to spend some major time with auntie.

Sunday: Whatever didn't get done on Saturday must be done today.
posted by mygothlaundry 12 March | 16:11
Only in America, TPS. Our clocks don't go forward for another two weeks.

Oh, and British bunnies - don't forget it's Mothering Sunday this weekend too!
posted by essexjan 12 March | 16:15
Friday: Has been ok. Worked a little, found a few Passover food items, and am now agonizing over what kind of phone to upgrade to. Anyone have a cool phone on at&t they can recommend?

Saturday: working all day at the comic book store. I always secretly hope for rain so I can get some quiet reading time in. I am a poor retail slave.

Sunday: Ugh, springing forward AND getting up early to teach Sunday School? We're rehearsing for our family service which is next Friday, as well as for next weekend's mock seder. I will have M&Ms for them and me to get us through these trying times.
posted by leesh 12 March | 16:27
Skiing, skiing & skiing.
And then more skiing.
I'm in Austria but 90% of the people here is Dutch. It's a bit boring. Speaking and hearing a foreign language is part of being on holiday I believe.
The Hefe Weizen Bier is quite good though.
posted by jouke 12 March | 16:32
1. Friday. Start of another fake weekend. Main goal: go shopping and find a coffeemaker that doesn't leak water all over the counter. Thinking about going to Target to splurge on a Bunn - made in the USA and apparently indestructible.

2. Saturday: My one day off. Ideally, I will find a yoga class in the new town, take it, and then go for cofge and pastry, and just chill the rest of the day as much as possible.

3. Sunday: Busy busy. Coming in to work to greet a group of a dozen former colleagues and friends and tour them around my museum and some other sites in town. Then racing back up home to pick up LT and do the final installment of hosting our spoken-word events. Whew.
posted by Miko 12 March | 16:38
Friday: KMRIA at a local dive called Sam Bonds.

Saturday: Drive up to Portland and take Daughter to late lunch at an Ethiopian place on SE Hawthorne.

Sunday: Swim, grocery shop and dinner out maybe.
posted by danf 12 March | 17:09
Friday: Toured Water treatment facilities in the AM, had cookout in the PM.
Saturday: Recover from overeat bloatage of wings, sausage, and cheeseburger.
Sunday: Prepare for Monday and another great week.
posted by buzzman 12 March | 17:11
Friday: Left foot topper is a little achey, but I still want to run. So: possibly a bit of running! And then mostly: nothing!

Saturday: French toast for breakfast! Boyfriend makes it the way Molly/Orangette describes in her book since I bookmarked the page for him and I loooove it. Makes the whole house smell like the funnel cake stand at the fair.

Sunday: Well, Saturday and Sunday both I should really be working, but I may have to slack and play Wii Resort too.
posted by birdie 12 March | 17:53
TPS- thanks, I never know when those things happen.

Friday: well, I guess that is now and I guess I am working. The bf goes away tomorrow for 10 days so we were going to have a romantic night but instead I am waiting for files from a verbally abusive jerkette who is way late with this book.

Sat: working more, meeting a freelancer to hand off files, then if I get enough done, going to my friend's poetry reading.

Sun: going to a water park/spa! Can't wait, I am so tense and it is so needed right now. Looking forward to spending the day with a few friends who I haven't seen enough recently because of crappy work.
posted by rmless2 12 March | 18:00
Friday: sick and tired

Saturday: a little less sick and tired?

Sunday: if less sick and tired enough, need to go grocery and household stuffs shopping using the car I can't get legally licensed so I'll be on constant lookout for black-and-whites. Hey, if they impound your car, can you just tell them to keep it?
posted by oneswellfoop 12 March | 18:53
Friday/today: Feeling like shit due to a class grade, but at least I cleaned my house and took a shower.

Saturday: Illegal meeting at 830 in the morning, which likely won't start until at least 9 because the president can't be on time to save his sorry ass. It's going to be full of shouting and nastiness and I am just trying to keep on until April 22nd, when I can finally fucking resign from this nightmare.

Sunday: Work, like usual. I wonder if the courier will be there at the wrong time due to the time change. I hate time changes. I feel all wonky for a week afterwards.
posted by sperose 12 March | 20:07
F - Got a job
Sa - Sleeping in
Su - Wine tasting at the Modern
posted by Hugh Janus 12 March | 23:42
Hugh! Awesome!
Elsa! Congrats, auntie!
posted by gaspode 12 March | 23:55
Friday: Drifting and grumpy; trying to mitigate grumpiness and anchor driftiness by reading Agatha Christie novels at an outdoor table at a downtown cafe, which not coincidentally has awesome lemon cupcakes.

Saturday: Planning on rallying and going out to dinner with ikkyu2, in an effort to be less drifty and grumpy.

Sunday: Monday is the five-year anniversary of my mother's death, so I'm pretty much planning on being overwhelmed, angry, and distraught on Sunday, leading into Monday. I've been practicing all week, so I should be good at it by then.
posted by occhiblu 13 March | 00:42
Congratulations Hugh!
posted by essexjan 13 March | 02:24
WooHoo Hugh!
posted by arse_hat 13 March | 02:34
Hey HUGHJANUS!! congrats

Fri: saw Girl with the Dragon Tatto - loved it

Sat: Breakfast in bed:huevos rancheros cos ITS MAH BIRTHDAY!!! THEN SEEING SEAN LOCKE AT THE dE lA wARRE pAVILLION
(ok lost those caps now)

Sun: seeing lots of friends and I'm surrounded by the people I love best in the Multiverse cos my girl is home from Uni!! it doesn't get much better than this :)
posted by Wilder 13 March | 04:53
1 - Congratulations Hugh Janus!
2 - Happy birthday, Wilder
3 - Occhi, anniversaries are not always good things. I feel you, girl.
posted by msali 13 March | 11:46
Occhi, anniversaries are not always good things. I feel you, girl.

Thanks, msali.
posted by occhiblu 13 March | 18:16
Sending you a hug, occhiblu.

I get really rough right around the anniversary of my mom's death too. I keep waiting to feel like I'm coping well with it, but I suspect I'll always feel pretty much like this.

Hope your night with ikkyu2 goes super well and reminds you that you are loved and have a lot of good in your life.
posted by Sil 13 March | 20:38
Congrats, Hugh!!
posted by Sil 13 March | 20:39
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