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08 March 2010

In case you need your flip-flops to have a bottle opener. [More:]Hey though, they're on sale. via WantNot
In SoCal, these were called "go-aheads." Anyone calling them "flip-flops" was obviously not from around there.

Cool sandals, though. I need a new pair.
posted by danf 08 March | 10:40
My sister has a pair of these and says they're very comfortable!
posted by leesh 08 March | 10:51
This is a great idea, and I know someone who I am going to get them for.
posted by Miko 08 March | 12:18
Nice air cushion in the heel.
posted by buzzman 08 March | 12:28
I have those sandals. In pink. They sit by the door in the summer and get worn eleventy times by the time October rolls around. My daughter kicks them on as often as I do. I've had them 3 years and they're completely sun-bleached and I don't care. Go Reef and you'll never go back to a $5 flip-flop again.
posted by toastedbeagle 08 March | 13:42
leesh, toastedbeagle: you have the Reef sandals that have a bottle opener in them? I somehow expected that nobody would actually have them.
posted by Stewriffic 08 March | 16:21
Stewie, thanks for the link, I think the mister needs a new pair of summer flip flops (his are getting all manky).

as far as the "church key"... eh, dunno if it matters. At last count, I have 2 bike tools, several keychains, 3 messenger bags and one bike frame that all come with an integrated bottle opener. It's the hipster-friendly option, apparently.
posted by lonefrontranger 08 March | 16:25
Yeah, a couple of my friends have these, I think. Just another selection from the proper Californian flip-flop collection.
posted by unsurprising 08 March | 16:47
I don't have a pair--but only b/c when we went to the end-of-summer sale they were out of my size. :) My sister has a pair w/ the bottle opener (which I don't think she's ever used) and loves them. Apparently the non-bottle-opener ones are great too.
posted by leesh 08 March | 17:51
Ex Mr V had a pair of these, too. They were a hit at friends parties.
posted by redvixen 09 March | 19:35
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