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28 February 2010

That was a pretty good hockey game, eh? [More:]USA almost had it, but Canada was clearly the best team on the ice.
It sure wasn't boring, I'll give it that.
posted by JanetLand 28 February | 18:39
I watched it in a student bar in Lüneburg, Germany. They were all watching Tatort in the first period, but after it was over, they changed the channel to ZDF and let me watch. They kept the bar open extra late just for me. Awww.
posted by chillmost 28 February | 18:41
Can-na-da! can-na-da!
posted by The Whelk 28 February | 18:44
If one team or the other was clearly the best team on the ice, it wouldn't have been such a great game, or gone to overtime. But it was a great game, and I'm glad I got to see it. Congratulations to the Canada men's hockey team, they skated over some rough ice on the way to gold.
posted by Hugh Janus 28 February | 18:45
Not a hockey fan here, but it kept me interested.
posted by gaspode 28 February | 18:45
I am also not a giant fan of hockey, despite my Canadian citizenship, but yeah, that was a pretty great game. Wowie.
posted by richat 28 February | 18:48
I think my entire neighborhood screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" simultaneously. I could hear it from outside, over my own screaming.

But hey... Miller: best goalie in the NHL. So happy he plays for Buffalo.

I'm going to join the rest of Buffalo in our ritual of weeping over hockey losses.
posted by kellydamnit 28 February | 18:49

We all did that very same NOOOOOO! when the US tied it up with 20-whatever seconds left.
I have to admit that I went down to the basement and played my guitar after that because I was convinced we'd lose in some kind of painful shootout situation in the overtime and it was too nerve-wracking to watch.
But then I heard cheering so I knew it was safe to emerge.
posted by chococat 28 February | 18:57
I don't even follow hockey but it was on at My Local and I was transfixed. That was some seriously good puck slappin.

Also Sydney Crosby looks like he's 15.
posted by The Whelk 28 February | 19:10
As a Pens fan, I'm totally fine with this win! Go Crosby!
posted by leesh 28 February | 19:23
The game was on at 4am Hong Kong time. My sister and I AGREED to get up at that ungodly hour to go to a bar that opened up for all the Canucks here to watch. But my alarm didn't go off. HERS DID and SHE WENT BACK TO SLEEP! Missed it all. So disappointed about that. I already feel far enough away from Canada, without missing the gold medal game!!!

Ah, well. That late goal and the overtime would have seriously stressed me out.
posted by typewriter 28 February | 20:31
"but Canada was clearly the best team on the ice."

Bizarre statement.
posted by justgary 28 February | 20:41
What Leesh said. Was rooting for USA but Sid's the kid.
posted by octothorpe 28 February | 21:01
I never watched a hockey game on tv before, but I couldn't miss this one.
posted by theora55 28 February | 21:31
I was too busy watching the 2010 NHL All Star Game.
posted by Ardiril 28 February | 21:45
It's sure been a nice cap on our best games ever. It's really hard NOT to get a little caught up in the excitement, and national pride, which is something that we don't as well, or as often, as our southern neighbours.

Sure, the whole IOC process is crazy, and in many ways, it seems horrendously wasteful to spend THIS much money on a 2 week event, but, dammit, it's been fun watching these games with my girls, and it's been extra fun for them to see so many gold medals won.
posted by richat 28 February | 22:11
As a native Buffalonian, I was pulling hard for Miller and the U.S. team to pull it out. They gave us everything they could; I can't say they had anything left. It was an epic game.

The only thing I couldn't abide by was Syndey Crosby (NOT a typo... that's the way I say it) scoring the game winner. Can't stand that guy; I think he's overrated.

I was really fascinated when they showed the handshakes at the end. Ryan Miller, defeated U.S. goalie and MVP of the tournament, and Lindy Ruff, assistant coach of Canada and Miller's head coach on the Buffalo Sabres, had an extended conversation. You could see Lindy pulling Miller close in a hug and talking to him. You see all kinds of guy-hugging in sports to celebrate victory, but seeing a comforting hug and (presumably) words of consolation or encouragement is pretty rare. It was almost as if they were family.
posted by Doohickie 28 February | 23:25
I'm the photo editor at the UBC student paper, and so we were afforded some press perks. I spent two solid weeks downtown (mostly working out of the BC Media Centre for non-IOC-rights-holding media), met a bunch of the athletes and was flown up to the Yukon for a day on a press publicity trip.

There's been more national pride, random high fives, seas of red, waving flags, tears of joy, silly buttons, meeting gold medal winners, metal detectors, realtime protest coverage and new Canadian heroes in these two weeks than I can remember in the last two years, and though I know we'll be paying for it in the years to come, it was truly special.

The last thing I had to shoot for the Olympics was the scene in the campus bar during the game itself, and so I listened to the game in realtime, but watched it on the faces of a room full of, well, kids. When Kane scored, one of the varsity volleyball players covered her head, and another student in the background wept. When Crosby scored, it was the best kind of mayhem; everyone was on their feet, holstered flags were waving, and there was singing of the national anthem before the medal ceremony, where there was more singing of the anthem.

It was a stunning capstone to a fantastic two weeks, and I'm glad I got to experience it now, as a journalist, in my home town; having rubbed shoulders with some of photojournalism's best, I have a better idea of what I need to do to go to Sochi in 2014.

Anyway, seeing as I'm both drunk* and at work, I should probably go back to getting this accursed rag done on time.

* it turns out that drinking every time there is tokenism and also drinking for the entire length of time John Furlong (VANOC CEO) attempts to speak French during the closing ceremonies will get (and keep) you very drunk.
posted by heeeraldo 01 March | 01:08
I'm glad Miller got MVP, he has a great tournament.


Great to see Canada get the win here at home. If only I'd had a spare 5 grand laying around to get a ticket.
posted by jjb 01 March | 01:09
Syndey Crosby ... Can't stand that guy; I think he's overrated.

Ooo, don't say that around any of the women that I know. You'd get an earful at least.
posted by octothorpe 01 March | 07:49
Doohickie: I was really fascinated when they showed the handshakes at the end. Ryan Miller, defeated U.S. goalie and MVP of the tournament, and Lindy Ruff, assistant coach of Canada and Miller's head coach on the Buffalo Sabres, had an extended conversation.

I was a little surprised I didn't see more of this. At the 2002 Games, after the Canada-U.S. final, one of my favourite images was of Canada's Steve Yzerman and Brendan Shanahan, along with Brett Hull and Chris Chelios of the U.S., all Red Wings teammates, lining up for a group picture after the medal ceremony. But with the loss being so sudden after a great comeback, I can see how the U.S. players wouldn't be in much of a mood for socializing, and their Canadian counterparts would respect that.
posted by hangashore 01 March | 08:40
Yeah, a great way to end the games and sincere congrats to Canada. I *really* wish the game-winner hadn't come from Crosbythat
pretentious prick
, though.
posted by danostuporstar 01 March | 09:56
all i can say is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT !!

and it was a ton of fun to be among the crowd in downtown Vancouver last night . what a blast
posted by rollick 01 March | 11:44
I don't know, if I was 22 and had already won a Stanley Cup and an Olympic gold metal, I might be a pretentious prick too.
posted by octothorpe 01 March | 11:58
Oh, I *was* a pretentious prick at 22 and had no such resume to back it up. It may be understandable, but that doesn't mean I can't hate the way the game ended or can't dread hearing "gold-medal-winner-crosby" every time I watch a nationally televised NHL game or look forward to Ovie slamming his ass into the boards in the playoffs.

(I will say I don't think it's cool to call him 'Cindy' though, because of the misogyny not because he shouldn't be called names. He's a total poopyhead.)
posted by danostuporstar 01 March | 12:25
HE'S 22?

posted by The Whelk 02 March | 19:39
Depression's upside || Dr. Horrible "Everything You Ever" Nintendo Style