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19 November 2009

Thursday three-point status report: [More:]Boring Edition! (your updates can be boring or interesting, as you wish)

1. Tired. Crushingly, overwhelmingly tired and can't get anything done.
2. Thinking about dinner
3. Not looking forward to class later (I get really nervous before teaching. It always goes fine, but that doesn't make a difference to my nerves).
1. Got a couple good nights' sleep. That makes all the difference, doesn't it?
2. The new cat actually slept on the bed with me, cuddled by my side. Yay, new pet bonding!
3. Trying to wrap my head around the seriousness and enormity of my new job.
posted by Miko 19 November | 11:27
1. Blick! Moldy English muffin!

2. Mmmmm, late lunch at the creperie with out-of-town firends.

3. Hmmm, might join out-of-town friends for the the evening reception at the research institute.
posted by Elsa 19 November | 11:39
1) Sad today. I think all the changes are making me a little weary, and that's how it's manifesting.
2) going to have lunch with a friend today. She's a great one for help with perspective.
3) Fighting the urge to send this to my sister, who would NOT find it funny.
posted by richat 19 November | 11:42
1. Ooh, I just got a notification that there is a package at our front desk from "nerdy baby". Sounds like a late birthday present for someone I know!

2. About to go for a run. If I carry on improving at the same rate (which is slow, for my body does not like change), I should be able to run a 10km by about March or so. Of course, I was 3 months behind making my 5 km deadline, so it may be more like June. Last time I ran a 10 km I was 1 month pregnant and didn't know it yet.

3. Just ordered the Thanksgiving turkey. Woot!
posted by gaspode 19 November | 11:44
1. Very busy day at work, correcting drafts all day for my trainees, one of whom is an air-head.

2. Someone who's clearly mentally ill has started harassing me, but thankfully people know it's not me who's the problem, and they have my back in this.

3. Off out soon to visit a friend who is having boyfriend and ex-husband problems. I'm helping her with some other issues, and will make it clear that I am not a counsellor.

posted by essexjan 19 November | 12:22
1. Brought dad to see his GP of 20 years. Did not recognize her. Also, 15 minutes at home looking for paperwork was enough for him to grab a pile of bills ("[blank] papers I can mark") and insist on "helping" me locate stuff in what was his old office. I had to lock him out.

2. Rain, rain, rain wetting up all the carpet in the trailer that needs to go to dump (using the van with a wonky engine and no power steering and expired tags). Gonna have to unload some if I don't want the axles to break.

3. FedEx truck pulled up out front. I thought it was my Star Trek pre-order. Nope, just securing his back door.
posted by dhartung 19 November | 12:28
1. Went back to work yesterday to an overwhelmingly long to-do list and non-awesome news about a grant we've been working on. Joy.

2. We have a new website that I'm not fond of (to put it mildly. The first sentence of content includes a scare quote, for example.)

3. A kid in a class I was teaching this morning up and puked right onto the floor.
posted by Stewriffic 19 November | 12:28
1. Not good at sleeping. Maybe I need more practice?

2. Been in all-day meetings this week, today is the last day of it. They are interesting but super tiring and there is one woman I work with who seemed intent on shutting me down and not letting me speak, but that is going better today thankfully. It's nice that the outside consultants seem to really value my input and ask for me by name to weigh in on the subjects. I like feeling important.

3. The bf convinced me to go to a play last night and I actually liked it! And I usually hate theater! Good job to him. We are seeing the other part of it in 2 weeks since I liked it. He was excited because he is a playwright and was upset that I'd never really seen any play I liked. If you're interested, it is the Brother/Sister plays.
posted by rmless2 19 November | 12:32
1. Red Velvet Cup Cakes are the best.

2. Heading to a bagel shop soon to meet with a pastor who's going to try and sell me on a ministry program. I'm not sure how beneficial it'll be for me but I think I have a friend who might really like it.

3. Apple Work Fair tonight. It's suppose to be "fun". We shall see.
posted by stynxno 19 November | 12:44
1. I just in the last five minutes realized that my itchy eyes of the past week must be due to some autumnal hay fever. DO NOT WANT.

2. Leftover galompkies for dinner soon, yay! (I love saying golumpkies.)

3. Procrastinating on dealing with paperwork and finances.
posted by Specklet 19 November | 12:52
1. I missed a meeting this morning, I doubt anyone is stressed about it.
2. I am zooming through backwork. I might get all my news and call reports done today!
3. Three more days... three more days and I've a week and a half off.
posted by eatdonuts 19 November | 12:56
1. Mean people suck. Mean famous people suck. Mean famous people who are my clients who make me cry are the suckiest.

2. Ordered pies as my contribution as a guest towards my friends' Thanksgiving dinner. I need to get there in time before the place closes, but still have 4 hours to kill between picking the pies up and the actual Thanksgiving meal.

3. Trying to figure out why a a simple letter I sent to Ireland was returned to me when I put more than enough postage to cover it. Waaaah.
posted by heyallie 19 November | 14:02
1. Found out I'm not teaching my class next semester after all, when the person who will be teaching it instead called to ask for my course materials.
2. Two more rejection emails, bot-emails at that, not signed by an actual human being.
3. Fully anticipate being splashed by a bus on my walk home. Or stepping in dog poo. Or being struck by lightening.
posted by crush-onastick 19 November | 16:26
! - Left work early. Not in the walking out sense, but in the "look, it's been a really long week already and I've got my shit done and a handful of guys are taking the day off to go deer hunting anyways, so I'm out" sense.

@ - Took advantage of the afternoon off to rip some CDs to put on my ipod and take my dog for a beautiful walk on an unusually temperate November day.

# - Finally got the flag cleared to enroll in Chemistry next semester. Decided to go ahead and take two classes (Chem and Bio, with labs split : one Mondays, the other Thursdays). Nervous, but excited.
posted by ufez 19 November | 16:55
1. Feeling like I may be trending into semi-mania. Must nip this in the bud this weekend. (I can tell it's coming since I got 5 hours of sleep last night and haven't fallen on my face yet and the past two nights have been similar, plus I've been getting obsessive about my to-do list.) I shouldn't really surprised due to the late September-all of October DOOMFEST, and while I need to tamp down on this, I should try and see if I can get some shit done for once.

2. This weekend is quite busy, but my homie isn't coming down. (Which means I'm going to see if I can sell her midnight showing New Moon ticket tonight at the theater, heh.) I've got that tonight, the condo association budget meeting tomorrow night, and then potentially going to see a dance show put on by my bellydance teacher on Saturday, but I'm not 100% committed yet since I'm not sure I'll like the food at the cafe that it's being held at.

3. Doing some deep consideration of making certain things a much bigger priority in my life (namely dance and writing, but school too, once it gets going). It does mean that I'll have to spend less time on the tubes. I've never really been one to super commit to anything. I usually have to fall in love with something before realizing it's something I want. I guess it just takes practice since I've never really been someone to figure out what it is that *I* want instead of what everyone is telling me I should want.

*whuffles for all the bunnies having hard times right now*
posted by sperose 19 November | 17:00
1. Got my Landed Immigration renewed yesterday. Maiden name is history. Surprised at how much relief I felt at that.

2. Tired, have a headache, joints hurt. Should take drugs, but probably won't.

3. Just finished watching House MD season four dvds. Cried when Amber died. I'm such a sap.
posted by deborah 20 November | 00:24
Thursday is over for most of you but it's still Thursday here.

1. Worked at home, but didn't decide to do so till I was already dressed, thus missing out on the pyjama experience. I could have changed back into pyjamas, but that seemed silly, and it was much too cold for nudity.

2. I've not been living in the United States for long enough to feel I actually have to do anything for Thanksgiving, but I have been here long enough to feel obliged to come up with some plan, lest people who ask feel sorry for me.

3. There's a huge bunch of dill in this week's CSA box. Nice. Thinking about a soup with potatoes.
posted by tangerine 20 November | 02:17
1. I got a Promotion!
2. I got a promotion!
3. I got a PROMOTION!
posted by jonathanstrange 20 November | 04:50
Yay JS!!! Company car? Key to the Executive Bog?
posted by essexjan 20 November | 06:05
1. I got a promotion too! $30k extra, plus car!!!!!
2. Only for two months, but it puts me in a good position to apply permanently!
3. Start Monday - shitting myself already. This job is heavy shit.
posted by dg 20 November | 06:48
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