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08 November 2009

Right now, grab whatever book is closest.. [More:]..and turn to page 22. Go down to the fifth full sentence; post it here. Don't make it your favorite book; just the closest one within reach.

"She had a large, firm, masculine mouth and jaw; prominent, piercing, resolute brown eyes; and thick, coal-black hair, growing unusually low down on her forehead." The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins, orginally printed in 1861.
In 1881 it was 26 millions.
posted by cillit bang 08 November | 18:47
La comida parecía siempre en un sándwich au jambon o croque-monsieur.
posted by mdonley 08 November | 18:58
The table is read from left to right across each row, starting with the top row; its order is therefore a, i, u, e, o; ka, ki, ku, ke, ko....
posted by DarkForest 08 November | 19:04
Val, that involves getting about a hundred people out of New Orleans.
posted by Kangaroo 08 November | 19:08
Sometimes I feel like that.
posted by Doohickie 08 November | 19:08
Two books in equal reach:

Furthermore, because of this collaboration of structures, in many instances law may be present although subordinate.

Tongues began to wag in Hobbiton and Bywater; and rumour of the coming event travelled all over the Shire.
posted by unsurprising 08 November | 19:15
Page 22 of the nearest book doesn't have complete sentences. The fifth line is

22 - Smoke Joint

(top 5 restaurants in ft greene/prospect hts in the Zagat guide)
posted by gaspode 08 November | 19:31
One of the richest sources in food is processed cheese which can have almost 700 p.p.m.
posted by Wolfdog 08 November | 19:32
"This is wasteful."

(color pencil wheelbook, talking about storing colored pencils)
posted by lysdexic 08 November | 19:50
On other occasions, a carrier battle group or an entire fleet moving into a region is needed to send a strong message of warning or support.

The Bluejacket's Manual, 2000.
posted by buzzman 08 November | 19:54
At large events it is common to read of a half-dozen pianos played in unison and of choruses and orchestras numbering in the thousands.
posted by jonmc 08 November | 20:01
"When told of his sister's death, he left Milton Academy and took a train by himself to Hyannis Port."
posted by amyms 08 November | 20:13
The moment at which you look up, the moment at which you look in, starts the journey back.
posted by Obscure Reference 08 November | 20:26
Connecting a mic to MIC1 switches off the onboard stereo mic.

] The sentence really is in italics. [
posted by Ardiril 08 November | 20:38
Most nouns ending in -o or those denoting male persons are masculine: el libro, el hombre.
posted by Sil 08 November | 20:39
"He had been a praetor five years earlier, and should have been consul three years ago."
posted by WolfDaddy 08 November | 20:51
Their faces are masks.
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 08 November | 20:52
The captain, in turn, derives from the Latin word caput ("head").
posted by desjardins 08 November | 20:58
Each member has a responsibility to maintain an appropriate level of professional expertise by continually developing knowledge and skills.
posted by rhapsodie 08 November | 21:01
In 1974, the buildings were torn down to make room for Ranier Square
posted by Gorgik 08 November | 21:04
He wanted to vanish.
posted by concrete 08 November | 21:32
Those two should just go on holiday to a little B&B and indulge in the Greek love until the need leaves their systems.
posted by ethylene 08 November | 21:33
2. No pulling aside our thong to flash the goodies
posted by rollick 08 November | 21:45
This ground you know, is an excellent light soil to shovel up into bunkers.
posted by netbros 08 November | 21:49
In little time, seen as a threat, they were decried ass "the very dregs" of the East, vicious, immoral and in education "little above the condition of our blacks."
posted by msali 08 November | 21:59
"You hear about the face transplant guy? Really something, ain't it?"
posted by Lipstick Thespian 08 November | 22:20
"The majority of instant picture cameras use integral processing." - The Photographer's Handbook, J. Hedgecoe

"Fun fact" about something that is practically obsolete. :P

posted by moonshine 08 November | 22:30
MLG: The demand for all titles such as Blue Ribbon, Pep, Top-Notch, Zip, Jackpot, and early Archie remained moderate.
posted by Marxchivist 08 November | 22:35
"In de eerste plaats moeten we, zoals ze zei, uitgaan van iets wat geen gedachte is (ontbijt, bier, sex, de regering, ikzelf), en daarna moeten we dat controleren door terug te gaan naar iets wat geeen gedachte is ('de boer en zijn koren')."
Stefan Themerson - Logica, Etiketten en Vlees
posted by jouke 08 November | 22:53
"One way or another, I had worried about the death of brain cells since I was about ten, convinced year after year I was getting more stupid; and when I began to drink in a small way, and the news broke (while I was in college) that an ounce of distilled spirits kills one thousand nuerones (I think that was the ratio), the concern intensified."
posted by Miko 08 November | 22:54
He marvelled at the superb debating skill of Merriman, standing tall, thin, and swaying on his huge feet.
posted by Hugh Janus 08 November | 23:12
"The stranger who comes to it, beguiled by the beauty of the cool, deep valleys surrounding it, imagines at first that its inhabitants are sensitive to beauty: they speak all too often of the beauty of their region."
posted by notquitemaryann 08 November | 23:31
John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and he would soon undertake the huge task of writing the eighty-five essays, later known as The Federalist, that were meant to persuade New York voters to elect supporters of the Constitution to the ratifying convention.
posted by initapplette 08 November | 23:38
"A dark carpal-bar forms part of the M pattern seen on many species."
posted by Stewriffic 08 November | 23:54
Hugh, is that Merriman Lyon?
posted by Stewriffic 08 November | 23:56
Of course there was no space for anything like a dining room table, something quite unnecessary as there was no dining room.
posted by taz 08 November | 23:57
"I could tell by the way she asked for the money."
posted by arse_hat 09 November | 00:17
Nor had he moved his hand which had been resting on the warm adobe.
posted by deborah 09 November | 00:37
You may choose a text suitable to the level of students.
posted by Meatbomb 09 November | 01:37
In 1996 at a Food Lovers' Fair someone on a stall offered me a sausage.
posted by ninazer0 09 November | 02:33
"And if it does?"
(The Firm, John Grisham)
posted by jonathanstrange 09 November | 02:54
Also - Stew, I was wondering the same thing...

So it it Susan Cooper, Hugh? Is it? is it??
posted by jonathanstrange 09 November | 02:56
The bonding can be explained if we construct two equivalent hybrid orbitals by combining the 2s- and a 2p-orbital.
posted by telstar 09 November | 04:14
"First he looked for work, and then a wife." from Eva Luna by Isabel Allende.
posted by aniola 09 November | 04:19
She had a large, firm, masculine mouth and jaw; in 1881 it was 26 millions.

The bonding can be explained if we construct two equivalent hybrid orbitals, and then a wife.

Nor had he moved his hand which had been resting on the warm students.

consecutive excerpt fusions!
posted by taz 09 November | 04:28
101.022 A calendar of Australasian, Australian, and State Championships, and approved Club events are to be published by the National Council of the Australian Power Boat Association.

i cheated slightly - the first 30 pages are tables of information, so i took the fifth sentence in the first page of text
posted by dg 09 November | 04:41
"An ancient proverb summed it up: When a wizard is tired of looking for broken glass in his dinner, it ran, he is tired of life."
posted by terrapin 09 November | 08:29
"Let's look at how we could implement the Array class's each iterator that we used in the previous example."

I'm at work.
posted by chrismear 09 November | 08:37
Charles will tell you of the offer he has had made to him of going for a voyage of discovery for 2 years.
posted by rmless2 09 November | 08:45
This is tricky at work, because I have a wall of books right behind me and it's hard to determine which one's closest. Somewhat arbitrarily, then:

In fact, within the limits of the machine, the number of decimal machine numbers in [10n,10n+1] is constant for all integers n.
posted by Wolfdog 09 November | 08:49
"On completion of the ACS case, the PA sends the member a CF, CFF (where no CF is needed) and/or Medical Information form to be completed."

I'm at work too.
posted by Specklet 09 November | 09:57
Sorry to be so long in returning, Stewriffic, jonathanstrange; no, it's not. It's from J.C. Smuts' biography of his father, Jan Christian Smuts. Smuts was an important figure in South African history, and it was the closest book to hand because I'm using it for research at the moment.

The Merriman in question is John X. Merriman.
posted by Hugh Janus 09 November | 10:10
There did not seem to be any lights.
posted by Joe Beese 09 November | 10:56
I figgered there just wasn't no hope for me, an' I was a damned ol' hypocrite.

(granted, I'm writing a paper on that book as we speak, so it was bound to be in range.)
posted by kellydamnit 09 November | 12:30
"There are cases in which it is possible to compute m from operational parameters"

At work too.
posted by special-k 09 November | 19:36
That accident had been a hell of a thing.
posted by Savannah 09 November | 21:54
It is useful to think of a SELECT statement operation as working on one or more tables as input and delivering a table structured result set as the output.

Transact-SQL Desk Reference (2004).

(also at work)
posted by pompomtom 10 November | 00:04
"They were great days." - Conversations with Tom Petty by Paul Zollo.

Also, hello, MetaChat? Where've you been all my life?
posted by brina 10 November | 19:59
Dachshund Love || "Sunday night TV sucks ass if you hate America enough to not enjoy football."