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05 November 2009

Late lunch! I'm having a delicious late lunch, and I wonder what you're having. [More:]

My lunch is a special treat sold frozen by a local company: a chicken breast wrapped around cheesy broccoli, breaded and deep-fried.

I baked the chicken roll in the oven, then sliced it and put the hot slices over a bed of salted and peppered spinach. The cheesy filling oozes over the spinach and the heat wilts it slightly, so I end up with a sort of hot spinach salad topped with chicken. NOM NOM NOM.

What did you have for lunch, or what will yo have for dinner?
The same company that makes that makes chicken Kiev - you cut the breaded chicken open and melted butter pours out. Nothing more delicious when I was a kid; now I can't eat it without serious guilt and disgust with myself.

Sushi and plum wine for dinner!
posted by amro 05 November | 15:13
It was actually talking about chicken Kiev that sparked a craving for these chicken dishes. I'm making compound butters as one of my homemade Christmas gifts this year, and my husband asked what people might use them for. Before I knew it, I'd been talking longingly, lovingly about chicken Kiev for several minutes.

They also make a chicken Cordon Bleu! The Fella brought home a few of these from the market, so I have the Cordon Bleu in the freezer waiting for next time.

Sushi and plum wine sounds niiiiiiiice.
posted by Elsa 05 November | 15:17
I had a big ol' bowl of salad for lunch: romaine, carrots, celery, cucumber, tomato, purple cabbage, and smoked turkey topped off with fat-free French dressing.

Probably a chicken and cheese quesadilla for supper.
posted by netbros 05 November | 15:46
OH MY GOODNESS THAT WAS SO GOOD. I was silently wishing I had instead cooked a Cordon Bleu, then when I sliced that sucker open it was the Cordon Bleu! I grabbed the wrong box, apparently.

Also, spinach salad can come live with me and be my best friend. I will give it a housekey and everything.
posted by Elsa 05 November | 15:53
I had a piece of mushroom pizza left over from some meeting and an apple. I also have cilantro mashed potatoes that I will eat in about half an hour when I get hungry again.
posted by rmless2 05 November | 15:56
Lunch was hummus and cukes.

Tonight will be homemade mac and cheese.
posted by mightshould 05 November | 17:10
Helped a friend move = way too much food for lunch at Chinese buffet.
posted by buzzman 05 November | 18:06
I had some Trader Joe's penne peperonata. I skipped lunch.
posted by Stewriffic 05 November | 18:46
I had food that I cooked this weekend and just haven't gotten around to eating during the week: whole wheat penne with roasted garlic and herb sauce and some cooked chicken thrown in and mixed all around with some reheated cinnamon carrots.

Not sure what dinner is going to be. I keep wanting to try chicken kiev, but all the recipes I've found scare me a bit. (Also, I can't really bend or move so much at the moment. Goddamn back spasms.)
posted by sperose 05 November | 18:49
Really late lunch - 4:15. I had a mozzarella, basil, and roasted bell pepper panini at a cafe near the SF Caltrain Station after spending three hours at the SFMOMA. The Richard Avedon exhibit is really fantastic.
posted by unsurprising 05 November | 20:36
Lunch was really quick, I grabbed sushi from a place around the corner, 5 little tuna makis. Dinner, got home late-ish and didn't feel like doing the stuffed acrosn squash I had in mind, so I made a spinach, onion, and feta omelet and had it with toast and a glass of wine.
posted by Miko 06 November | 00:17
Where are they now? || Drunk frenchman opens bottle of wine with his shoe