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05 November 2009

Where are they now? MetaChat edition! [More:]

mygothlaundry finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a roadie, though it was for Styx rather than the Allman Brothers. She was briefly married to Unknown Hinson last Tuesday.

LT became famous, infamous, and then completely forgotten about, entirely without his knowledge. The shadowy media conspiracy responsible for his fame decided the public was not ready for him and had all records of his celebrity destroyed, though rumor has it they are preserved on government mainframes deep within NORAD HQ at Cheyenne Mountain.

cmonkey was promoted to bmonkey, but after his indictment in the Tailhook scandal was demoted to dmonkey. He is currently assigned to the DMZ around BlazeockPileon.

rainbaby had brain rabies, but has since gotten better. She still maintains her 9-11 Truther website, mainly out of nostalgia.

amro is alive and well and working at KFC.

Tuxedo Sam found God but lost himself. He and God are currently waiting for a third party to stumble upon their whereabouts.

jonmc is still jonmc.

weretable and the undead chairs is in a POW camp in Cambodia because he needs the healthcare benefits from working there.

taz became the first elected Queen of Greece, despite being a foreigner and a commoner. She's just that awesome.

Eideteker was discovered to be a sampling error and has since been corrected.
waraw surfaced briefly, then disappeared again. Few noticed.
posted by waraw 05 November | 14:05
Miko gained instant literary recognition for her masterwork entitled "The New For-Againstism: Gender Equality in The Post-Contextual Slipstream"

Mudpuppie became the owner of a minor league baseball team and currently teaches Rural Faunic Studies at UTA.

Divine Wine and Hugh Janus have become the new "It" team in Hollywood comedies - churning out hits like "Woody Goes Native" and "Beer Pong High School Musical."

Luminous Phenomena ascended.

ThePinkSuperhero entered a Singularity with All Media, and can now be downloaded, streamed live, and worn as both casual and formalwear for all occasions.

Wolfdog is the lead role in a new television series, BJ and the Bear and the Part-Wolf Dog in a Cabin And Grooving with a Pict.

Essexjan married her last OMG! Bunny pic and is living a fine life in a smart London flat.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 05 November | 14:15
amro is alive and well and working at KFC.

I am proud to be remembered, and so pleased to see that my law degree is going to good use.
posted by amro 05 November | 14:40
Brain rabies! Wooo! Hey, what happened to Monkey Butler?
posted by moonshine 05 November | 15:15
Hey, what happened to Monkey Butler?

posted by mrmoonpie 05 November | 15:54
nqma was found in a plywood bookshelf under the Smithfield Street bridge, attempting to open a screwtop bottle of wine with her shoe.

She has since been adopted by an elderly Mennonite couple from Kidron, OH.
posted by notquitemaryann 05 November | 17:27
(Heh. I missed that one.)
posted by MonkeyButter 05 November | 17:29
Halonine was ostracized from the Chicago Cabal (TINCC, there was no real ostracization) for her participation in tenth anniversary MetaFilter celebrations in New Orleans. She is currently engaged in a campaign to ramp up meetup participation in order to re-ingratiate herself with the Cabal (TINCC).
posted by halonine 06 November | 12:33
The Whelk has completed several screenplays before breakfast as in currently enjoying a brisk 10-mile job while simultaneously translating the days' news into French, Italian, and Venusian. On weekends, Hugh Jackson is his footrest.
posted by The Whelk 06 November | 13:37
TURKEY! || Late lunch!