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01 November 2009

Some advice on how to eat healthy while immersed in test prep I'm taking the GRE subject test in literature this Saturday[More:] I've been trying to lose weight, working out, eating healthy. Up until this week I've had the time to cook and fix some easy healthy snacks (carrots, apples). But now it's the week of the test and I have to spend every minute preparing. Already I can feel myself backsliding into bad habits, so any advice how I can eat healthy without taking much time to prepare the food? Incidentally I live in NYC so I can buy salads made to order and other "healthy" fast food, but I've been trying to avoid buying processed foods due to the preservatives and salt.
Are you looking for healthy snacks, meals, or both?

If you do that oral fixation thing that I do, where studying = bored hands = feeling the need to eat, then get a really leafy salad (really, just plain chopped lettuce or spinach works for me) or some unsalted nuts in their shells (pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds) and - here's the key - eat with your hands. It's somehow more satisfying to feel the food in your hands, plus the lack of utensils automatically limits your intake.

Along the same lines, I fill up a coffee mug with water and make a point to keep drinking out of it while I study. When my cup is empty and I'm thirsty, I take a really quick break to go get more water and stretch a little. This strategy also comes with longer built-in bathroom breaks, because you're drinking so much water. :)

Meal suggestions - do you like tofu? I can eat it plain out of the fridge, but sauteing some tofu with a little bit of soy sauce takes like, 7 minutes, tops. That plus some bread and fresh veggies is easy and healthy. Cook as a 15-minute break, then eat while you study.

Also, I'm not a huge fan of cold cuts, but lunch meat, bread, spinach, and mustard make a perfectly acceptable sandwich. Perhaps not the best sandwich ever, but healthy and quick.

Breakfast: boil an egg while you brush your teeth and use the bathroom in the morning. Toast, a boiled egg, and some grapes usually hold me over until lunch, but you could add another egg or some cereal to that. Eggs also work in salad for lunch or dinner, if you're craving protein.
posted by unsurprising 02 November | 02:35
I was kinda looking for healthy everything so this is awesome! The only thing is since I'm dieting I try to stay away from bread, and if I do I go for whole wheat. But, for this week, I think I can get away with having some bread as long as I make sure to balance it with veggies and fruits. Thanks!
posted by miss-lapin 02 November | 09:09
put almonds in a jar. fill jar with water. soak overnight. remove water. voila! instant snack food (that's right, instant). Add a dash of olive oil and hickory salt or curry or whatever herbs and spices you deem appropriate.
posted by aniola 02 November | 23:42
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