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07 May 2009

Message from #bunnies: pjern has just gone to hospital If you have been following his twitter feed you'll have noticed that he hasn't been well and they've been trying to find out what is wrong.[More:]

He just popped into #bunnies to tell us that he is seriously ill and is now on his way to hospital. I'm not sure if he is able to update twitter or get into IRC, but you might like to leave him a message via his metafilter account for when he has recovered.

Sorry no more info at this time.
Good luck pjern! You're not allowed to not get better, you hear?
posted by skorgu 07 May | 07:38
I love that he's got a sense of humor about it, and that he's disappointed that he's not developing Spider-Man's powers from the bite.

*shakes fist, a la JJJ* Get well you!
posted by TrishaLynn 07 May | 07:43
All the best and feel better!
posted by typewriter 07 May | 08:06
Ugh. I've been so worried about this since I saw the pics & it doesn't sound like it's been getting any better. It sounds like the big guns are well overdue, and I'm glad to know you're off to get yourself sorted.

Missing you heaps, pjern, come back to us soon, we love you!
posted by goshling 07 May | 08:07
Hang in there, man!
posted by Ardiril 07 May | 08:20
Also, I'm so disappointed I missed pjern's fleeting visit to #bunnies to let us know he was off to hospital *shakes fist at impossible to configure new modem*.

Thank you so much, gomichild, for being there at the right time to talk tp pjern and relay the message to the rest of us! Your timing is impeccable, as always!

posted by goshling 07 May | 08:29
Get well, buddy.
posted by Hugh Janus 07 May | 08:35
Does this mean I have to start squashing spiders, now? Because I've been giving them a free pass, up till now. (They eat all the other little buggles, don'cha know?) But this sneak attack seems like a declaration of war, to me, and I'll do whatever it takes to protect my species from the barbarism of this eight-legged menace.

Get well, pjern! (We'll need you in the long days to come.)
posted by Atom Eyes 07 May | 11:11
I just got off the phone with him. He doesn't sound good at all. Please keep him in your thoughts.
posted by ColdChef 07 May | 11:13
Oh gosh. Get well soon!
posted by deborah 07 May | 12:09
Oh, man. I spoke to him on the phone the night this all went down in #bunnies. I've been thinking about pjern for ages trying to figure out how he's doing. Glad there's an update of sorts. ColdChef, will you let us know if you hear from him again?
posted by Stewriffic 07 May | 12:32
Jeez, what a creepy/scary thing to have happen! Best of luck, pjern.
posted by BoringPostcards 07 May | 12:49
Thanks for the info. I had no idea. Spider bites can be nasty. A co-worker was bitten once and it became abscessed rather quickly. Get well, P. The first round at the BrewPub is on me when you get back.
posted by Thorzdad 07 May | 13:30
damn. that's a evil-looking bite.

Hang in there, pjern. My thoughts are with you.
posted by jason's_planet 07 May | 13:44
Talked to him again, just briefly. They've scheduled a surgery for 7am tomorrow morning. He sounded like they may have given him something for pain. He was really upset when I talked to him...not because of the surgery, but because the hospital WiFi wouldn't let him access Facebook or any of the MetaFilter sites. He may be able to read stuff here, but not post, so feel free to wish him well.
posted by ColdChef 07 May | 17:07

This has only deepened my fear of spiders and bites - I had a particularly nasty one on my thigh that is just clearing up, but it's nothing compared to this.

Take care of yourself!
posted by muddgirl 07 May | 17:18
Oh, MAN! Hugs to you, pjern!
posted by Stewriffic 07 May | 17:32
Ouch, no internet access is the insult to the injury. Get well soon, pjern!
posted by jamaro 07 May | 17:33
The spidey senses may take some time to develop. Given that it's a Texas spider, Pjern may develop an awesome craving for barbecue.

Good luck, get well soon, be careful, and get back on the 'filter soon.
posted by theora55 07 May | 17:44
Sending good thoughts your way, Pjern! Get back to us soon!!!
posted by Sil 07 May | 18:25
Get well soon, pjern. We miss you in #bunnies.
posted by Twiggy 07 May | 21:11
apparently he can get on mefi now. My thoughts are with you, man.
posted by desjardins 07 May | 21:50
Oh dear. Please get better!

Somewhere around my apartment a spider eggsac hatched recently so there's been all these little ones lurking in corners and I've been hunting down and toasting them with a kitchen lighter. From now on I dedicate my vengeance to pjern.
posted by casarkos 07 May | 21:54
I hope you feel better and get well soon. I fear spiders, pjern, and this just adds to my general dislike and mistrust of the eight-leggers. But, it would be really cool if you began craving barbecue like theora55 says. :)
posted by Luminous Phenomena 07 May | 23:53
EEEE! Feel better!
posted by brujita 08 May | 00:50
*envelops pjern with good thoughts cloud*

posted by initapplette 08 May | 01:35
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