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11 December 2008

Today, I was tickled by a tranny. [More:] Or at least I think I was. We have a regular seller, who I deal with. After I finished unpacking her boxes and she collected her money, from behind I felt two fingers wiggling on my belly just above my right hip. I turned around and she waggled her eyebrows, and said "Thank you,' with a knowing smirk. She's short and Latino with long black hair in a topknot ponytail, big hoop earrings, a lot of makeup...and a voice like Barry White on a Cohiba jag. I think there's a good chance she's either currently or was once a dude. I guess I should simply be flattered.

Also, near the end of the night I was outside having a smoke and half-listening to a conversation two female co-workers:

"It's my last day tommorow."
"What, you gonna be rich and famous?"
"I need time for my painting, so I got a part-time job, but it pays really well. I'm doing nude modeling for a graduate art class."

That got a "Whaaaaa?" from me. Then I asked if they were hiring dudes. Something in the air today, I guess. In other news, my copy of Kicking Tomorrow finally arrived.
Do they pay art-class models by the pound by any chance?
posted by Ardiril 11 December | 19:55
from behind I felt two fingers wiggling on my belly

did she at least slip a fin in your waistband?
posted by Pips 11 December | 20:26
why was your belly exposed?
posted by desjardins 11 December | 20:42
what am I, Britney Spears? No, it was not.
posted by jonmc 11 December | 20:44
britney has gone way past exposing her belly, jonmc. and pretty soon i've got to be hauling a big old box of books your way. my apartment is overflowing.

i promise not to waggle my fingers on your belly, though. ;-D
posted by brina 11 December | 21:25
I'm jealous - that's more action than I've gotten in 6 months.
posted by Joe Invisible 11 December | 22:43
Is this the thread where I can talk about Britney Spears' costumes? Because I hate them and they suck.
posted by By the Grace of God 12 December | 05:21
Agreed that Britney's costumes have been less and less exciting. But have you seen Rihanna's eye patch? There is a trend I can get behind.
posted by rmless2 12 December | 14:15
I am so upset right now at this Craig's List post. || by the way,....