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05 December 2008

Caroline Kennedy (D) New York ,Junior Senator Will it happen or not?[More:] I predict that she'll have a bout of sanity and decline. But, yeah, I got excited some.
(With apologies to all non-USian Bunnies. . .)
posted by danf 05 December | 11:00
I like Caroline Kennedy. That's all.
posted by muddgirl 05 December | 11:13
I've also heard RFJ Jr's name mentioned, but not as frequently.

Someone else brought up the mayor of Buffalo, too. I was all "noooooo!" since, well, he'd do a good job, but he's the first mayor we've had in my lifetime who has made a difference here. we need him more!
posted by kellydamnit 05 December | 11:14
I thought she was supposed to be really I-don't-like-being-in-public-y. She'd have to change if she's going to be a Senator.
posted by Claudia_SF 05 December | 12:16
Yeah, I can't see her doing it. She's a better behind-the-scenes person, and she knows it. She'd be a hugely popular pick, though.

Weren't they talking about RFKJ as EPA head for a while?
posted by mudpuppie 05 December | 12:18
I vote for ThePinkSuperhero.
posted by mullacc 05 December | 13:48
RFK Jr. already declined (the Senate). He said he hadn't spoken to his cousin, but she would be "the perfect choice". So he may have been clearing the way for her.

Ted's not for this world much longer (though Lordy he has survived a lot), and I'd be sad to lose what the family represents, nepotism aside. I was very surprised that Caroline took such a prominent (though behind the scenes) role with the Obama campaign, so maybe that and her recent years as family spokeswoman have given her a sense of what being a Senator might entail versus her private life.

There do seem to be one or two other people in New York State who could do a fine job, I must say.
posted by stilicho 05 December | 14:21
Paterson is denying she was contacted. (Never go by what HuffPo reports, they're like a trial balloon corral.)
posted by stilicho 05 December | 14:23
I vote for ThePinkSuperhero.

posted by ThePinkSuperhero 05 December | 14:43
Ugh. Can we get someone who isn't a Kennedy, or a Clinton, or a Bush?
posted by Eideteker 05 December | 16:20
If only we could think of another ambitious woman who's looking to move up in the world, hmmmm...
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 05 December | 16:46
Yeah, who do they think they are, following in their parent's footsteps. Actors? Engineers?
posted by muddgirl 05 December | 16:47
RFK Jr. would be an awesome EPA head ... and I don't think Caroline Kennedy would be a bad decision for senator. But what other hats are in the ring?
posted by brina 05 December | 20:21
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