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31 October 2008

3 Point Halloween Weekend Update What are your spooky plans?[More:]
1) I'm having a costume party tonight - in the new house, where I have lived for two weeks - because I am insane.

2) I am going as Ogga the Cave Girl even though the dogs slept on my costume (which is essentially a big old chunk of orange fake fur which could also be used as a yeti costume) for several months and so I will authentically smell like Ogga the Cave Girl as well as look like her for bonus costume points. If I can stand it.

3) I hid the candy last night and I'm not telling anyone where it is until I get home. Bwah ha ha ha!
1. I have my half-hearted attempt at a costume on under my sweater. I am going to wear a trenchcoat and underneath I have a shirt that I painted "(I heart Allah)" on, and I am going to be a Secret Muslim.

2. After work I am going to dinner with a friend and then to another friend's apt for a halloween/birthday party.

3. Planning on going home early because I am leaving in the morning for a wedding in MA.
posted by rmless2 31 October | 11:45
1. Parade tonight!
2. No plans for the rest of the weekend. I hope to rest, read, and clean.
3. Mmmmm..... BOO!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 31 October | 11:48
1. Party and trick-or-treating on the richer side of the tracks tonight.
2. Atlanta with BoPo, BOP & elizard tomorrow...yay!
3. The election is just days away. *please oh please let us party Tuesday*
posted by danostuporstar 31 October | 11:55
1. Going home this afternoon to try and de-clutter Casa de BoPo a little more before the bunnies arrive tomorrow.

2. Bunnies arrive tomorrow- whoo!

3. Sunday will no doubt be "recovery day."
posted by BoringPostcards 31 October | 11:59
1) Halloween here was only imported in the last 10 years by the toy industry (seriously!), and it's really only caught on with young kids and bar owners looking for an easy theme night, so it's not actually all that fun. Add the fact that tomorrow is one of the few holidays legally designated a "quiet day" and the bars will be forced to turn the music off at midnight or risk a huge fine, so I'm staying in. Fucking Bavaria.

2) Instead I will drink beer at home.

3) And read a fantastic book called Soon I Will Be Invincible again.
posted by cmonkey 31 October | 12:00
Tonight: Taking my friend's niece to the zoo.
Tomorrow night: Seeing the stage production of Sweeney Todd at the Paramount Theater!
Sunday: Dunno. Go to the CVS and buy up all the discount-bin candy?
posted by Atom Eyes 31 October | 12:02
1. The two month ordeal of massive swelling in my feet and ankles from a bad reaction to my new blood pressure medicine has mostly finally faded, only to reveal...
2. ...that a lot of the pain in my right foot was almost certainly being caused by: gout! Yeah! Old man's disease! Awesome. I see the doctor this afternoon, and if my armchair diagnosis turns out to be correct, then I hope to be spending this evening and most of the weekend...
3. ...on powerful drugs!

I'm so fucking lame. Literally.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 31 October | 12:03

I'm in California for a family wedding... lovely place to be, but Halloween festivities are not part of the itinerary. Unless things get scary at happy hour tonight.
posted by bassjump 31 October | 12:04
1) I start NaNoWriMo tomorrow...fuuuun.

2) I turn 21 on Sunday, but I have no one to hang out with/party with.

3) :(
posted by hellojed 31 October | 12:12
1) the pumpkin carving contest at work has presented some astonishingly creative gems. I'll see if I can sneak a pic or 2. After the judging this afternoon there will be CUPCAKES AND BEER!!! so yay! for a job that sees absolutely no issues with serving cupcakes and beer at 3PM on a Friday.

2) going on the Halloween Cruise this evening with the entire posse.

3) I am insanely stoked to take part in this insanity on Sunday.

side note: AwesomeBoss is dressed as a zombie lawyer. okay, yeah, that's kind of a no-brainer (hur hur), but you'd have to know this place better to understand how fucking hilarious it is....
posted by lonefrontranger 31 October | 12:13
1. Tonight: Boston Celtics basketball game.

2. Saturday: Boston College/Clemson football game -- Go Tigers!

3. Sunday: Eating the Halloween candy we bought before mr. init's friend gave him the Celtics tix.
posted by initapplette 31 October | 12:25
1. Finishing my costume (obscure movie character, of course...)
2. Handing out candy now that we have a nice front door in a nice neighborhood for it!!!
3. Goin' out drinkin' probably
4. Hitchcock movies tomorrow down at USC
5. LA Meetup!
6. Sunday: Begin on my term papers.
posted by Ambrosia Voyeur 31 October | 12:27
Today: Nuthin'. Which is fine, 'cause I want to be in good shape for tomorrow.
Tomorrow: Bunnies & rock n' roll. Does life get any sweeter? (Note to self: pack white gloves for Casa de BoPo surprise inspection ;)
Sunday: What BoPo said.
posted by elizard 31 October | 12:37
1) Today's a close friend's 40th birthday. We had coffee!
2) I sewed myself a pioneer/prairie costume from scratch, no pattern. Going to a party tonight.
3) Hoping to take a nap here, soon. yum.
posted by Stewriffic 31 October | 12:43
Nothing doing here in England. It's relatively new here and it just doesn't feel right. Anyway, we're happy to stay home and drink wine and make peanut butter cookies.
posted by Specklet 31 October | 12:59
1. My original plans were to go to my brother's house and hand out candy since he wanted to be in his basement and work, but he called me this morning to cancel. Hopefully the children won't be too annoying in this neighborhood. (My neighborhood houses are REALLY FAR APART with not exactly the best lighting in the world and it's all hilly and crappy and you have to crawl through the woods to get to some of the houses if you go on a certain route. It's a bitch trick-or-treating in this area.)

2. I will probably spend this evening working on my project about encyclopedias and potentially do some more trip planning. My friend will probably call me and tell me about the fact that I should go find a dive bar to go hang out in, but there are NONE around here. (There's only about 4 places that serve alcohol in this area that aren't really just restaurants with a cocktail menu.)

3. I'm stoked about the Twilight movie. I plan on ordering my midnight showing tickets on Sunday at work and also buying one of the replica crest necklaces. Of course, no one else near me actually gives a shit, so it's going to be a wee bit stressful to actually go out by myself.
posted by sperose 31 October | 13:00
1. Canvasing everyday for the GOTV effort until Tuesday evening.
2. Nothing else.
posted by octothorpe 31 October | 13:00
Aw maaaaan, they didn't even put on a Treehouse of Horror episode for The Simpsons.
posted by Specklet 31 October | 13:07
1. Stuck at work on a luuuuvly day until 5. Boo hoo.
2. Clean the house tonight in between handing out candy to little ones and playing with my girl.
3. Tomorrow night having friends over for a post-Halloween-adore-our-baby party. Yay!
posted by tr33hggr 31 October | 13:08
There's a Treehouse of Horror (II, I believe) on Sky One at 7pm, Specklet.
posted by essexjan 31 October | 13:13
Ain't got Sky One, Jan, we get the four basic channels. But I don't know why I'm complaining: we own every season on DVD.
posted by Specklet 31 October | 13:19
1. I need to hunt down and find a carmel apple before the parade tonight.

....that's pretty much it.
posted by stynxno 31 October | 13:37
the pumpkin carving contest at work
WHAT!?! How cool is that!
1. Just got back from the Halloween Parade at the girl's school. So so so much fun. They played Ghostbusters and all the tiny people strutted their costumed stuff. My favorites were the kid dressed as a Barrel of Monkeys and the one dressed like an Easter Basket.

2. Trick or Treating tonight! OMG, I love to trick or treat so much I might explode.

3. Topping off the Fall Fun season with another Corn Maze tomorrow.

Stynx--if you can't find one, there are super easy kits at the grocery store. Just a big circle of caramel that you wrap around an apple and stick a stick in.
posted by jrossi4r 31 October | 13:42
1. No Halloween plans.

2. Must. Start. Clearing. Rooms.

3. Must buy Baby Laugh-a-Lot.
posted by essexjan 31 October | 14:24
1. Came back from tradeshow
2. Set up the automated smoke machine
3. Went to work dressed as House and called people idiots and morons
(4. Parade later with the kiddies)
posted by plinth 31 October | 15:03
1. Nostalgic for parental Halloween duties.

2. Nothing planned, though.

3. Out to dinner then probably home to watch a combo of the friday PBS news programs and Season 5 of Buffy.
posted by danf 31 October | 15:58
1. Staying in tonight. We had an early dismissal at my high school today. Low attendance, too. A lot of parents in the Bronx keep their kids home on Halloween. Rumors of potential gang violence in NYC tonight abound. Hopefully it's just noise. None-the-less, it's good to be home. I even managed not to get egged.

2. May go see d'ma tomorrow. Miss d'ma. She'll be handing out candy tonight, no doubt. I used to enjoy answering the door with her and seeing all the little gobblins. Plus, she buys enough candy for three neighborhoods. I did get to see some cute little trick-or-treaters here in Queens on the way home. A rainbow-maned lion and some adorable lady bugs.

3. Sleep. Blessed sleep. (Though I'd gladly give up sleep to be in Atlanta tomorrow! so, so jealous...)
posted by Pips 31 October | 16:28
I wish you were going to be in Atlanta tomorrow, too.
posted by elizard 31 October | 16:48
1. Answered people on how and where to vote early in their own varied situations and avoid voter fraud while vainly trying to get same people to do their jobs, finally convincing them that, yes, i do know what i'm talking about, and i guess you do learn something every day, and if you push that button the pertinent form will appear out of that funny plastic box like magic.

2. Figuring out if i want to either go through the interminable hassle, cost, and consequence of just saying i did do that thing i didn't do for now, getting a non driver ID Monday in time to vote until i can travel to two cities to find out the vin number of a rental car that no longer exists, two or more fugatives, and reinstate my license after acquiring my original birth certificate, or hassling the clerks office into doing their job and finding the form i should be able to fill out according to Jay Z and voter information, or trying to hassle the BMV more about the temporary ID i was told and should be able to be issued to vote with 48 to 72 hours after to provide further verification after casting a ballot.
Or, you know, fuck it.
i've come a bit far for that, and i still have to send people explicit instructions on what to do about their missing absentee ballots, voter fraud, and simple push this take that stuff.

This is not me volunteering for an organization, this is just family, friends and people i know who are trying to vote, like me.

3. Not getting to go anywhere or do anything, sorry, party people. i'm not allowed to have fun, because i'm an evil godless thing that happens to have to do a lot of spiritual counseling for people who had to leave their churches for not wanting to vote with them.

i'm wondering if i want to call the voter fraud hotline yet.
posted by ethylene 31 October | 16:58
Wow, that was a downer, but at least i didn't explain why the grievously disabled people in the area have had no access to medication for the last month.
And finding that out was the best part of the day.
Woo hoo!
Break out the diabetic candy and put new tennis balls on your zimmer frame!
posted by ethylene 31 October | 17:38
I'm going to a show where a guy I have been interested in more than a year is playing, and I feel sick thinking about it and I don't think I can even say more than that.
posted by loiseau 31 October | 17:56
*hugs loiseau* that's really hard - I know how it goes, been there done that way too many times.

1. Went to a really crap party last night - apart from the two or three friends I knew, everyone else was really irritating. I had to get out or I'd stab someone. Almost. Plus they were too insular to "get" my friend and my costumes. "Who are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Why are you collapsed on the ground demanding people's money? I don't get it"
2. I'm supposed to be getting dressed to go to a BBQ today. It will be great seeing my friend, but I won't know anyone else, and everything I've heard about them all is how horrible they all are.
3. Four day weekend. THANK-YOU MELBOURNE CUP! I took Monday off too, which I am so looking forward to - cheap movies at the Nova on Mondays, I always try to go if I possibly can.
posted by jonathanstrange 31 October | 18:22
I don't do Halloween.
posted by dg 31 October | 18:32
a) I'm going to eat green curry
b) Watch the new Indy 4 Rifftrax
c) There is no c
posted by kodama 31 October | 18:51
Aw maaaaan, they didn't even put on a Treehouse of Horror episode for The Simpsons.
It's THIS sunday. I don't know why, but they always have it right after Halloween.
posted by kellydamnit 31 October | 19:48
Nothing tonight. I might watch Rocky Horror on DVD.

Wednesday had a smal informal "we're eigty!" party wtih a friend at the local. Saw a great play last night.

Sunday birthday brunch with The Girls. Day of The Dead, Baby!

Monday - both animals to the vet for routines. They totally hoped my black cat had died, for I did not get reminder postcards for him. He's eeevil at the vet.

Tuesday - vote. Commence to hiding under a rock until what happens happens.
posted by rainbaby 31 October | 20:28
Tonight we went trick or treating and then went to a classmate's Halloween party. Then we went to my in-laws' restaurant to visit them.

I have no plans for the weekend. We have relatives coming in from Canada. I am going to scope out the hotel I recommended and hope that it is still nice.
posted by LoriFLA 31 October | 21:44
I met a (very cute!) Abe Lincoln. Our party host made us pose as American Gothic with a rake.
posted by Stewriffic 31 October | 22:40
1. Halloween Parade in Portsmouth.
2. I dressed up in a pair of overalls, held a plunger aloft, and wore a hand-made sign that said "Joe the Weak Campaign Symbol".
3. I was in a ton of photos, made friends at bars.

Best Halloween eVAR.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 31 October | 23:58
movie glut, gym, indian food, a drunk woman puking on the uptown 2
posted by brujita 01 November | 01:57
Out for dinner with friends. One of them is so pregnant that all it took was a big red shirt for her to be a tomato. The rest of us were uncostumed. But we got to see the Empire State Building walk down the street with Cthulu.

Today it's raining. Hooray, hooray, hooray! We need rain.
posted by tangerine 01 November | 17:12
I wore horns and a tail with my work coat, so of course all day I got the "little devil" comments (which I don't mind).

Came home to greet the trick-or-treaters. One adorable little boy about three years old not only clearly said "Trick or Treat" but turned as he was leaving and said "Happy Halloween". Had a little girl dressed as a marshmallow. Mine returned with bags of goodies.

Now I've got to take down all the decorations. Sigh. I love Halloween.
posted by redvixen 01 November | 20:59
Trick or treat? || Classic literature re-imagined