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16 October 2008

Anyone use iGoogle as their homepage? [More:] I do. There used to be tabs across the top of the page. I have pretty much everything I need on one page and rarely go into the other tabs.

Somehow either iGoogle changed today, or I inadvertently changed an iGoogle setting, becuase now those tabs no longer occupy a half inch under the header; they occupy about three inches of sidebar along the left side, which is VERY annoying!

Hope me, Mecha! Hope me get mah old iGoogle back!
I use it. Things changed sometime today. Haven't really investigated it at all. I don't do much from my page other than click on selected headlines or check my gmail account.
posted by DarkForest 16 October | 18:36
I use it, and don't like that change either. However, I do like that I can put the Google reader on that page, neat!
posted by Sil 16 October | 18:38
I don't like the changes either. There doesn't seem to be any Stylish CSS tweaks yet or any Greasemonkey scripts.

Do you use Stylish? If you do just "Write Style For This URL", Name it what you want. Then drop in this line: .leftborder {display: none !important}

It's a temporary fix until someone makes a better one or a Monkey Script.
posted by MonkeyButter 16 October | 19:20
Scrap that fix. Sorry. For some reason it no longer works. Best wait until all the iGoogle changes are complete before trying to tweak it.
posted by MonkeyButter 16 October | 19:30
Yup. I hate it too. I poked around in the settings for awhile to try to get rid of it, but no luck. Hopefully someone will come up with a workaround soon.
posted by unsurprising 16 October | 19:41
Also, whatever they just changed also broke the "artist theme" that I have up.
posted by unsurprising 16 October | 19:43
I used to use it, but so many components are blocked by our new filter whatsit at work that, not only was I worried about popping up on someone's radar, it looked like shit, so I gave up and went back to my old favourite of a blank page.
posted by dg 16 October | 20:06
Quick tip to access the new iGoogle:
- go to
- paste this in the address bar:
- to go back to the old version, paste in the address bar:


posted by desjardins 16 October | 20:53
nevermind, didn't work for me in FF or Chrome
posted by desjardins 16 October | 20:55
I played around with igoogle for a while but it was so slow to load and it tended to cause firefox to freak out.
posted by octothorpe 16 October | 22:18
I do, and I love some of the changes they made! I can access my full google calendar with one click, I can view very detailed weather reports... it's great!
posted by CitrusFreak12 17 October | 00:19
I hate it too, because that left tab just wastes so much space, and it pushed everything down. I had all my widgets so I could see them without scrolling. I have a woefully small work monitor and am very grumpy about this change. Also because of work, I can't install any greasemonkey fixes because I'm stuck on IE.
posted by peep 17 October | 12:03
Okay, so it's not just me.
posted by Doohickie 17 October | 16:17
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