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28 September 2008

Guess who I met last night? [More:]Patton Oswalt! We went to his show last night and ended up staying at the same hotel. He was as nice as a guy with a visibly horrible head cold and probably a good dose of jet lag could possibly be. He seemed pretty wiped, so I didn't get a picture or an autograph. Just made some small talk while we stood in line at the front desk. BUT IT WAS SO EXCITING!!

Unfortunately, pretty much no one else I know knows who the hell he is, so I'm counting on you guys to share my excitement!

BTW, his show was HILARIOUS. I laughed so hard, I couldn't breathe a couple of times.
That's awesome. I would pee my pants if I met him.
posted by birdie 28 September | 15:08
posted by dg 28 September | 15:27
That's very cool, jrossi.

I had to look him up. I recognized him instantly. He's the main rat's voice in Ratatouille! I've seen him on The King of Queens many times. I never saw his stand-up act. I watched a Google video of his act. He's good.
posted by LoriFLA 28 September | 15:50
That's cool. Based on interviews I've heard, he sounds like a pretty approachable guy if you're authentically a fan.
posted by mullacc 28 September | 15:51
Yep, Lori. He's Remy and Spence! He's also one Reno 911 a lot. His act is not very G-rated, though. He's pretty caustic.

I was taken aback that he was just checking in as we were getting directions to the theatre, so I blurted out, "Shouldn't you be there by now?" He said he didn't have to be there until right at 8. Then I asked if he was OK, because he looked really bad, and he told me he had a cold. I wished him luck, and we walked away.

So, essentially, I met one of my favorite comedians and all I could think to do was insinuate that he looked awful and hound him about his punctuality. Yay me!
posted by jrossi4r 28 September | 16:06
One of my favorite comedians. Not very g-rated is definitely true but his humor isn't mean or angry.
posted by doctor_negative 28 September | 17:46
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