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27 September 2008

What's for breakfast? [More:]Not sure why I love these mundane topics so much, but I do!

Mine is leftover fajita meat (chicken) from a meeting yesterday. And coffee. And now some diet coke.
I had to go to the drugstore, so Pips had me stop at Mickey D's. Sausage McMuffin, Hashbrown, Coffee.
posted by jonmc 27 September | 09:45
I love a sausage McMuffin. I substitute "folded" egg.
posted by Stewriffic 27 September | 09:50
brunch at a local greek diner. (does every city have tons of 24 hour diners serving greasy spoon food, greek food, and breakfast all day?)
posted by kellydamnit 27 September | 10:01
An omelet with onions, peppers, white cheddar and leftover shrimp. And three big glasses of iced mint green tea so far. (Sadly, kelly, no.)
posted by box 27 September | 10:04
I love McMuffins, too.

I have had nothing yet but two cups of coffee and a couple of tortilla chips. I was cleaning and found a folded bag of Tostidos on my husband's desk,so I chomped a couple. I want an Egg McMuffin or an omelet.

There is nothing appetizing in my house. I'll probably make two eggs over medium with toast, or a turkey sandwich. I'll probably need to feed the kids as well since they've only had popcorn so far. Don't call DCF on me.
posted by LoriFLA 27 September | 10:26
I had a banana and some yoghurt for breakfast, along with copious quantities of strong black coffee.

I just had a late lunch (it's aftr 4pm here) - a sandwich made with fresh crusty bread spread with a cream cheese roulade that had herbs and garlic rolled into it, with salad, and a chocolate chip muffin to follow.
posted by essexjan 27 September | 10:52
Coffee and shredded wheat and then more coffee.
posted by octothorpe 27 September | 10:55
Just put the caffeine on--coffee for them, tea for me. I'd have a smoothie, but the bananas went bad. Tea and cigarettes it is, then. *shrugs*
posted by elizard 27 September | 11:13
Scrambled eggs and grits with butter. Real butter.

And coffee.
posted by bunnyfire 27 September | 11:31
Seething resentment from the hammering that started at 7am next door, followed by teeth-gritting murderous annoyance from the electric drills and saws that started up at 7:30, with a dessert of "OMG I fucking give up" when the cement mixer arrived, loudly, at 8am.

When I went outside to glare at the truck, my neighbors were out there, so I at least got to make grumpy/sleepy/frowny faces at them while they apologized for the noise. But they were entirely too chipper for me to believe they were sincere.

I also made rice pudding and blackberry tea. Which were both very good. And would have been better had I been able to open the windows and enjoy the morning sea breeze while consuming them.
posted by occhiblu 27 September | 11:39
Coffee and shredded wheat and then more coffee.

Otherwise known as Colon Blow :)

My sad little breakfast consisted of a Zone bar. My stomach was a bit off yesterday so I'm avoiding anything spicy, which means just about everything in the fridge.
posted by doctor_negative 27 September | 11:46
posted by -t 27 September | 11:48
String cheese and warm Pepsi from the night before.
posted by sperose 27 September | 11:51
Coffee and cigarettes. Went out early, otherwise I would have had a home-made McMuffin (egg and cheese, with a hash brown on it) around 11. Had chocolate biscuits, a nectarine and more coffee at a training session instead.
posted by goo 27 September | 12:09
Wanted something bread-y but have no bread. So I made waffles from Bisquick mix, and threw in a whole bunch of blueberries and raspberries that I froze a month or so ago. Butter, maple syrup, cup 'o'coffee. Man, those waffles were good! Made a couple extra to freeze and heat in the toaster sometime this week.
posted by Miko 27 September | 12:12
Gamers breakfast: Cold pepperoni pizza, Mexican Coke (made with cane sugar!) and Everquest 2.
posted by evilcupcakes 27 September | 12:45
2 eggs over easy, bacon, wheat toast and home fries. And a chocolate shake. It was Maddie's first trip out to a diner.
posted by gaspode 27 September | 14:04
I got served with a lawsuit immediately upon waking up, so it was beer and cigarettes for breakfast. (Admittedly, I woke up really late, so it's not as bad as it sounds.)
posted by Twiggy 27 September | 18:37
Dammit. Newman's gone. || Interspecies snorgling! OMG!