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27 September 2008

Dammit. Newman's gone. [More:]I knew he was sick, but this was still unexpected ... too many people who have entertained me enormously during my formative years have passed in 2008.

Is this what it means, to get old?
*runs to check expiration date on his salad dressings*
posted by Eideteker 27 September | 09:42
Whew! They're all okay. I guess they're not enchanted to expire when their maker does.
posted by Eideteker 27 September | 09:43

He was such a great actor and hunk. He seemed to have a very full life, a great relationship with his wife, and did a lot to help people. We should all be so lucky.
posted by LoriFLA 27 September | 10:32
What LoriFLA said. Also, he makes the only type of ranch dressing available in the UK. For that alone I would have offered to have his babies.
posted by essexjan 27 September | 11:07
this is really making me cry. :(
posted by eatdonuts 27 September | 12:02
Holy shit. A great loss - he was a quintessential bloke's bloke and gave a crapload of money to charity. My thoughts are with his wife and family.
posted by goo 27 September | 12:15

*comes to realization*

posted by stilicho 27 September | 12:59
posted by mudpuppie 27 September | 13:38
I should mention that The Verdict is one of my favorite movies. He turns in an incredible performance, and I fell in love with Charlotte Rampling.

And it's really weird how the evil Catholic church bits prefigure the priest molestation scandals.

Holy shit that was a long time ago.
posted by stilicho 27 September | 13:46
stil, I still think that if Newman was gonna win an Oscar it should have been for The Verdict and not The Color of Money.
posted by WolfDaddy 27 September | 13:50
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodard were always living proof to me that true love really existed. My heart is broken for her.
posted by ColdChef 27 September | 14:28

What a legacy he's left behind. His poor wife, I hope she's holding up.
posted by redvixen 27 September | 18:25
There goes a classy guy. I don't think we're going to see the likes of him again, alas.
posted by ninazer0 27 September | 19:22
More proof that only the good die young.
posted by dg 27 September | 19:25
i was expecting it. i bet the obits have been ready for ages.

He always seemed to me to be an example of a life lived well.
That combination of classical beauty and the look of a man who could kill you without breaking a sweat. And those eyes, not a color but seated points of energy to make you worry or flush with relief by their expression.

He never seemed quite real, but so genuine.

This is what it means to get old: watching the balance of life and death tip heavier as you go down the other side of the hill.

i realize it's not that they're dying too fast but i am living too slow.
posted by ethylene 27 September | 19:33
Except they are dying too fast.
posted by ethylene 27 September | 19:34
My favorite actor. Period. If I was forced to choose a body of work - you can only watch this collection of movies for the rest of your life - I'd choose Paul Newman movies. No question. He had a long life, and a good one. I'm afraid Gene Hackman, another fine actor, is next, because they both became uninsurable about the same time. I hope he went peacefully. And yes, he was beutiful, very very beautiful, too.
posted by rainbaby 27 September | 20:11
In my senior high school yeabok, under my picture, along with my particiaptions, I also mentioned "David and Barry and Paul and Paul." Bowie, Goldwater, Newman, and a real live teenager from Brooklyn.
posted by rainbaby 27 September | 22:10
Not going to touch the MeFi Obit thread (I'm done with those) and I'm too late for this one to be seen, most likely, but this needs to go somewhere:

Newman was a graduate of Kenyon College, one of a number of institutions who have recently started participating in an event known as "Newman Day" (it was, depending on who you ask, started at Bates or Princeton.) This stems from a quote that was erroneously attributed to Newman along these lines: "24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not." The gist of the day, then was to drink 24 beers over the course of 24 hours.

Long story short, Newman doesn't dig this. He sent a letter (through the College) to every single student asking that if they do this, it not be in his name. I'm paraphrasing, but it closed along these lines: "I lost a son to this kind of thing, and I'd hate for anyone else to experience that. 24 beers in 24 hours? How about 24 hours of community service followed by a single cold beer. I promise it will be the best you've ever had."

Class act all the way. He'll be missed.
posted by SpiffyRob 29 September | 16:34
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