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26 September 2008

Random things [More:]I got an e-mail from WaMu today (I have a WaMu credit card). The subject was "The holidays start today". Heh.

The other day, Stynx was talking to me on the phone about the debate thing, and he said, "And then jonmc- I mean, President Bush". I said, did you just confuse jonmc and the President of the United States? He's like, uh, I think I was going to say John McCain, and then jonmc came out instead... I said I couldn't wait to tell the story here, but apparently I could, until now.

What's up with you?
The holidays start today".

I think that's because they're waiting for Santa to come and leave them a big stocking full of liquid assets.
posted by Miko 26 September | 09:19
I almost ran over my dog a couple times with my bike this morning. It's not a good idea to run your dog while riding a bike. It's stupid and risky. She loves it, and we generally do well, but she forgets that she can't cross over and run in front of my wheel. I swear this is the last day I'm doing that. The whole thing gives me a heart attack.

I am about to ride my bike to the YMCA. I'm waiting for my favorite workout pants to finish drying in the dryer.

I'm watching the movie, Interview, with Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller. Steve Buscemi is appealing.
posted by LoriFLA 26 September | 09:28
The holidays start today? Does that mean, like, Christmas? Whoa.

I'm currently experiencing some WICKED SSRI discontinuation symptoms...There's my random thought. I've been lowering the dosage at a very slow rate, under a doctor's care, for months, but this is day three of ZERO and I'm glad the internet exists so I can see that it's not uncommon to feel like you are losing your mind. Whoa.
posted by richat 26 September | 09:36
My Fellow Americans...

posted by jonmc 26 September | 09:40
jonmc/Hugh Janus in 2008.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 September | 09:44
Oi, LoriFLA, I saw Steve Buscemi first.

I have a headache. I spent most of the day dealing with a complete nutjob file, only to realise at the death that it falls outside my jurisdiction.

I've also been dealing with someone who has blatantly lied to me. I got IT to preserve the recording of the phone call and listened to it again today, and yes, the lie is even bigger on the second day. I don't mind people being stupid, they can't help that usually, but DO NOT THINK YOU CAN LIE TO ME AND EXPECT TO GET AWAY WITH IT!

It's a beautiful day here but I've missed most of it by being stuck indoors working. Now I have to be logged into the system during 'core hours' when working from home, I can no longer stagger my Friday work over Thursday evening and Sunday morning. But I'm done for the day, I've worked really hard today, even if for a fruitless outcome.

If I could choose to be doing anything at all right now it would be sex things with my boo. "Sky rockets in flight ... afternoon delight..."
posted by essexjan 26 September | 09:44
Well, the biggest Jewish holiday season of the year starts Monday.

Great story, TPS! I didn't know that we pronounced jonmc that way.

There's a good chance the entire Red Sox/Yankees series this weekend will be canceled and not made up due to the rain. The cynical part of me is very satisfied that the corporate greedies, who "very strategically" placed these series so as to maximize the manufactured hype and hoped to make tons of money (like they're not already), are going to lose out.
posted by Melismata 26 September | 09:46
Great story, TPS! I didn't know that we pronounced jonmc that way.

We don't, well at least I don't, and Stynx didn't- he said "jon-M-C".
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 September | 09:49
jonmc/Hugh Janus in 2008.

The economy needs stimulus, so our first act will be to cut all taxes on beer, cigarrettes, and pornography. Then we will move from the gold standard to the new, more progressive Nacho Standard. For foriegn policy decisions, consult my Secretary Of defense, Mr. Handsome Dick Manitoba.
posted by jonmc 26 September | 09:54
I wanna be in the cabinent, I want to be in the cabinent! Surely Prez. mc believes in a little nepotism?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 September | 09:56
I have a WaMu account with $1 in it, and a debit card. They have no fees for low balance, and they are nation wide. I use it when someone wants to send me cash, they can just deposit it at any WaMu. Like if my sister wants me to buy a birthday present for my niece here instead of shipping it from CA.
posted by StickyCarpet 26 September | 09:56
Sure, pinky, you can be Secretary of Doughnuts, which in my cabinet is an important job.
posted by jonmc 26 September | 09:58
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 September | 09:59
actually aside from Mr. manitoba, I think my whole cabinet will be from mecha.

Secretary Of beverages: Divine Wino
Secretary Of Doughnuts: thePinkSuperhero
Secretary Of PunkFuckinRock: BitterOldPunk
Secretary Of Funk: Joe Famous
Secretary Of Geekery: Eideteker
Secret Team Of Assassins: elizard, gaspode, essexjan, mullacc, orange swan and 99 from Get Smart.
posted by jonmc 26 September | 10:06
I'm sick, but I came in to work this morning to sign my timesheet. I think I'll leave at lunch, though - I'm not really doing anything productive.

I'm supposed to go to a music festival this weekend, but I'm probably too sick. Let's see what happens.
posted by muddgirl 26 September | 10:11
But if you've told everyone who the Secret Team of Assassins is, we're not Secret any more.
posted by essexjan 26 September | 10:20
shhh, jan, that's my 'endearingly dumb' move to get me the 'not-too-bright' vote.
posted by jonmc 26 September | 10:21
The Fella and I attend a big family wedding (his family) tomorrow. Given our recent engagement and the oversized fit of my dress, I fully expect to be waggishly asked a dozen times today whether we're expecting.

I'm all geared up to answer all nosy pregnancy questions with the cheerful, loud exclamation "Nope! I'm just fat!"

That ought to startle some people into silence.
posted by Elsa 26 September | 10:42
My husband is an economist, and we have had family and friends calling all week to ask him about what is going on in the economy and all this financial crisis shmisis nonsense. It's kinda funny. We call relatives who are lawyers and doctors all the time to ask for free advice. Now that the economy is in the crapper, those same lawyers and doctors are calling my man for advice and explanations about what the hell is going on. Never expected to see that day.
posted by msali 26 September | 11:02
Fine, President RUN JMC! I didn't even WANT to be in your stupid Cabinet! President STUPIDHEAD!

*runs away crying*
posted by Lipstick Thespian 26 September | 11:30
I just got emailed by American Airlines with my airmiles balance and I now have enough for a ticket to the States. Yaay! I will use it next spring, as I recently bought a ticket for my next visit in January.
posted by essexjan 26 September | 11:49
Dude, you're my ambassador. to Rio, baby!
posted by jonmc 26 September | 11:50
I have a shit-tonne* of stuff to do today in advance of starting my new job on Monday, it's 1pm, and I still haven't showered.

* A shit-tonne for me is, like, more than 3 things. But in this case it's six. SIX. Unless my bike tires are as flat as I think they are, in which case it's seven. SEVEN THINGS TO DO. [fans self]
posted by loiseau 26 September | 11:58
I stopped at McDonalds for a salad on the way home. I didn't want the Cesar dressing that came with the salad. I set it on the table, turned my back, and walked into another room. My dog evidently grabbed the dressing packet and put it under my feet because I stepped on it with my bright blue sprinkler. I heard a "POP". Cesar dressing went flying. All over my area rug, on the wall, on the printer and the printer stand, the window and blinds. Dammit, dog! If you weren't so cute I'd kill you.
posted by LoriFLA 26 September | 12:07
my cellphone has this adorable little 'feature' that caches the last txt msg I sent and holds it for 'next available use' or something like that if I don't remember to exit the SMS screen before I shut the flip.

somehow this morning this feature led me to txting 'indeed' from my pants pocket to a completely unrelated and random contact. I can only hope that the pure zen existentialism of 'indeed' is appreciated by my insurance broker...
posted by lonefrontranger 26 September | 12:35
I saw a moose today.
posted by C17H19NO3 26 September | 13:03
[morphine] was it wearing lipstick and glasses?
posted by lonefrontranger 26 September | 13:34

sadly, no. it did take a dump in the road.
posted by C17H19NO3 26 September | 13:56
I want to know whether (a) lfr had to look up the chemical composition of morphine, (b) lfr is an evil opiate supergenius, or (c) the chemical composition of morphine is something that *everyone* knows and I'm a dummy.
posted by occhiblu 26 September | 14:33
nahhh, we're all just high on morphine, maaaan
posted by jonmc 26 September | 14:37
True story:

I recently had an appendectomy and they gave me morphine to help with the pain of the appendicitis. It did nothing for the pain, but it felt like there was intense pressure on my head.
posted by C17H19NO3 26 September | 14:48
After I had my kidney stones removed two years ago, they prescribed me Vicodin for post-oprstive pain. That was niiiiicccee.
posted by jonmc 26 September | 14:54
Yeah, I had Vicodin after the dulled the pain, increased my sex drive, but made it impossible to orgasm.
posted by C17H19NO3 26 September | 14:58
Pethidine is pretty nice to float~~awaayyy~~~~ooonnnnn~~~~~~

It was a beautiful warm, sunny day here today, which is lucky because we had an away day - a picture scavenger hunt around the borough. We split the staff into teams, gave them a list of historical/ geographical questions (ex: In which pub was Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh employed as a cleaner in 1914?) and sent them off with cameras. Cash money and chocolate prizes, and dinner at a tapas bar afterwards. Good fun.
posted by goo 26 September | 15:50
jonmc/Hugh Janus in 2008.

I guess that makes me first lady.

(Does this mean I have to go on the View?)
posted by Pips 27 September | 05:32
(Yay, jan in january!)

*spins and spins and spins and falls down dizzy*
posted by Pips 27 September | 05:35
Secretary Of Geekery: Eideteker

I'm not the guy!

(Flattered, sir!)

Also, damn sexy choice in assassins.
posted by Eideteker 27 September | 11:36
I saw a kangaroo this morning, but it didn't take a dump in the road. In fact, it won't be taking a dump anywhere ever again. Come to think of it, maybe that's what it was doing when the truck hit it.
posted by dg 28 September | 15:30
Roos are scary when you're on the road. Same with Wombats. I hit a possum once, which makes me sad, but I didn't have time to stop or room to swerve.

My random news - had a screaming fight with my sister last night. Over her delivery of the words "I believe you".
posted by jonathanstrange 28 September | 18:50
Right Now, it's time to...KICKOUT THE JAMS, MOTHERF@*&ERS!!! || Sticky situation