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22 September 2008

Crap, my cassette player just broke! My stereo is in shambles.[More:]Cassette player dead. My turntable finally gave up the ghost a few months ago. My old CD player won't play CD-Rs. My loudspeakers were new in 1980. I think I need to go shopping.

Mostly I listen to music on the computer, and sometimes on the radio (though I need an HD FM receiver too). But I've got all this old analog music around that I'd like to be able to listen to now and then.

Do they even still sell component cassette players? *heads to amazon to see*
I sold all my components five years ago after I hadn't used them for five years before that. We just play music from the computer, ipod or handheld.
posted by octothorpe 22 September | 10:08
I may just be too sentimental to get rid of the old LPs and tapes. Or I may just be too cheap to replace it all with CDs or ITunes and too 'fraidy-cat to download it all. My computer speakers could use an upgrade too if it were to become my main music source.
posted by DarkForest 22 September | 10:34
My BetaMax is still going strong!

I'd be sad if I had to lose that - so many good tapes for it.
posted by jonathanstrange 22 September | 18:08
My crap JVC CD/DVD/VHS player is really failing. My SONY dual cassette deck from 1993 is going strong, though. And my Harman-Kardon amp is probably 30 years old now. I bought it for $100 at college. One of my smarter moves. My turntable, I got at a garage sale in Bernal Heights in 2000, a week after my other long-term turntable kicked.

I do have a Creative Zen Nomad Jukebox II (more names plz!) which I got in 2002. It's like a brick, and I wonder if it will ever die so I can get something more up-to-date.
posted by Riverine 23 September | 00:25
my Harman-Kardon amp is probably 30 years old

Heh, old stereo equipment. My old H-K receiver died after about 15 years (in the early 90s). A pity because I liked it. My cassette deck was an Aiwa, from the early 80s. Remember mechanical controls? My recently broken turntable, which I never particularly liked, was from the late 80s. It's so pathetic I remember all this old stuff from the past, and can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning. And I have no idea what's good in stereo equipment these days. IPod? Give me a break. I want real sound waves.
posted by DarkForest 23 September | 14:44
BetaMax, JS? Isn't that older than you are? What kind of tapes do you have for it?

I have an old G.E. VCR that I bought in '85. Only recently has it started having problems with the picture. I think we ran a dirty tape through it. (I mean physically dirty).
posted by DarkForest 23 September | 14:50
Meanwhile, sales of Maruchan Ramen noodles are up across the board. || Crafty folks! Need a decent fall-themed craft for kids.