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20 September 2008

So I think I decided what to be for Halloween. Here's the problem with sewing... People always expect you to have kickass halloween costumes. and you're usually too busy doing things for other people.[More:]

So I'm sitting here going "hm, what's easy? basic? something I can do in a couple weekends?" And then it hit me... Mrs Lovett.
I own like fifteen black corsets. I can whip out her victorian skirt in a day since it's ruffled, not bustled. The biggest pain will be the shirt. And, goth night's october theme is "tim burton's ball" so if I get it done a week early I'll get more use from it.

Now here's to hoping I don't hit some crazy problem along the way and have half a costume in a month.

what's everyone else doing?
I hear you, kelly.

Mrs. Lovett is a great idea!

We were looking at costumes again today for the kids. My youngest wants to be Indiana Jones. He and my sister were looking at Indy costumes online. She says to him, "Mommy can sew you that entire outfit and make it even better. You'll just need to buy a fedora and a gun... Hey, Lori, you better buy a kid's fedora now before they sell out."

Great. :-)

I want one of my kids to be Alien Abduction/Encounter. They say they don't want to. I'm going to make them, dammit. I'll force them! You'll be Alien Abduction and you'll like it!
posted by LoriFLA 20 September | 15:17
OMG, Lori, that Alien Abduction is the coolest costume I've ever seen. If I was handy, I'd try to make an adult version of that.
posted by BoringPostcards 20 September | 16:00
I'm buying myself a handy "slutty costume in a bag". I've thrown something clever and witty together using what I have for the past few years, but I'm tired of blank looks.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 September | 16:17
I'm always completely ass at pulling together costumes. I've just given up. (I don't really get out anyways, so it doesn't matter in the long run.)
posted by sperose 20 September | 17:22
Abduct other random children and take pictures!
It's too good not not be done for at least a picture.

i've been giving it a bare scrape of attention lately, shocked at some already halloweenied houses.

Once i saw this tiny chihuahua dressed in an intricate matador outfit coordinating with the owner as a bull. i'd like to think of something like that, since the Bees is so awfully good at the wearing of stuff. i looked at a cheap pair of puffy horns and crown at the pet store. Cute but not great.

Also i was thinking of Guy Fox (a weird fox spirit outfit with V cape and moustache, don't ask). V for Vendetta's been on a lot.

i really want to have fun this October and i'm willing to work for it.
i need a damn plan.
posted by ethylene 20 September | 17:46
Ethylene, isn't it "Guy Fawkes"?

I don't have a clue where I'll wear this, but I'm going to be be Sarah Palin. I've been often told I look like Tina Fey, so it'll be simple -- I have the hair and glasses and just need a thrift-store suit and heels.

I've also been toying with an evil twist like a blood-soaked skirt and bloody baby doll for "abortion Sarah Palin" but it depends on the company I'll be in...
posted by loiseau 20 September | 19:27
That's the joke, loiseau.
i doubt i'd do it.
i am uninspired.

i think there will me many Palins out.
It's this year's Amy Winehouse.
posted by ethylene 20 September | 19:41
We were throwing around the idea the other day of being Zombie Carrie Bradshaw and Zombie Mr. Big.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 September | 20:20
Mr Big was supposed to be a zombie in the original Bond flick...
posted by eekacat 20 September | 21:18
"Don't waste your time son, Peggy Sue just wants to screw" || Shakesville Explores Cultural Differences